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October 22, 2007


Mel Nunn

I always love down to earth teachers who make you comfortable and laugh. Fun games are cool too...


Ok, the scrapclass teacher I like is named Betty from one of my LSS. She is very friendly, more like your cropping friend, rather than a teacher.



Sasha Farina

lovin that album you made! How i wish I could be there! And I love teachers who don't act like one LOL :) Just pure fun without the 'air' of teaching :)*hugs* D, you'll do great for sure!

Gigi Dacanay

Basically just teahers who are down to earth and like to give away FREE stuff :) Love the album!

Dale Anne

I enjoy classes that show new ways to use products, tips and maybe a technique that is new to me.......tho I LOVE classes that get me out and with other scrappers!!!


I think it's great if the teacher has a sense of humor, but I appreciate it more when the class is slow paced for those of us (like me!) that don't work real fast and I have to process the instructions in my head before my fingers start to work! And I love free stuff, too!
Sue in Alexandria VA

Theresa Grdina

I always appreciate a teacher who has made a connection with me...she may ask about the pictures I am using or plan on using...she may just take a minute, while we are creating, to sit down by me and talk about what we are creating. I appreciate a teacher who cares about me, as a person. I know that they won't really KNOW me, but the fact that they are happy I am there and taking the class is usually an added bonus!

I am a teacher. I know that the kids who learn best are the kids who "buy into" my classroom or me. They are the ones who feel connected to me and what I am doing in my room. And for me, it is the same thing in a scrap class.

I wish you could come to my LSS and teach a class. I would be there in a heartbeat. Your stuff is great. Thanks for sharing. I really like the bird book...mine is "on order" as we speak! Thanks again.

cortney in sf

the best teachers make a connection with each person in their class. they let everyone introduce themselves at the beginning & make them feel valid as artists and crafters. and giving a little charm or snippet of scrap or tag doesn't ever hurt! have a great time at Suzy's!


I LOVE that book!!! Amazing!

I think one of my favorite things about the good scrappy teachers is their sense of humor and their ability to roam a room. I like when they can crack a joke or two to make the room feel at ease and when they roam around to take a look at what you're doing or to see if you need help or want to ask a question or anything.

Suzy is a great person! Have fun at the class! :)


i enjoy working with plain chipboard books of all shapes. wish there were more ideas on how to use them! maya road rocks!!!


love the book! I love it when my teacher at our LSS is totally into what we are making and into helping us - she lets us work at our own pace. we will miss them when they close in Jan...thanks for offering up the RAK! diana

jill barrett

i like the classes that show me how to use the stuff i already have, but used differently

Kelle Thomas

I love a class that is challenging,with several tecghniques, love interactive items and love the teacher to be excited about her talent and excited about teaching her students.

Shelley Haganman

I like teachers who have fun in class and one you can tell they LOVE doing what they do! Shelley

sheetal patel

i like teachers who appreciate and encourage people to make projects their own rather than following the sample one exactly! i like options and being able to go off on a bit of a tangent :)

Anita Hiltz

I enjoy teachers who are really down to earth and are very patient with everyone. I also like it when they include a photo of the product with the instructions. That is helpful to look at while you are working in the class and sit towards the back.

Anita Hiltz

I enjoy teachers who are really down to earth and are very patient with everyone. I also like it when they include a photo of the product with the instructions. That is helpful to look at while you are working in the class and sit towards the back.

Robyn W

for me, a little laugh during class always breaks the ice, most teachers are just as nervous as the students kits with cool product and the cool techniques to use them in a different way are some of the best things i find.


I love your album. I wish you could teach at an lss in Southern Cali. I really like it when teachers give extra stuff in their kits so you can do even more pages or include an extra project to do with the leftover supplies.

Stephanie Baxter

I love it when a teacher leaves room for the individual's own creative scope...for example recognising the fact that they could be using their own stash, rather than a step-by-step instruction of how to use a particular product. All the best for you!


What a wonderful project! Have a great time at the Big Event teaching it! From the classes I had, the thing I really appreciated was having the instructions said more than once, especially as the project moved along. Also, if there is a visual step-by-step instruction sheet, that helped out a ton!! Then that way I wasn't always asking my neighbor, what do we do next? ;)


The best teachers are those that recognize everyone in the class, not just those in the front row.

Lori Borntreger

The best teachers are the ones that like to have fun with the class!!! Not a true "teacher" per say!!

Leslie A.

Make it personable and fun! Fun! Fun! Put a spin with giveaways (a prize to the one with the most kids? recent b-day? furthest drive to the store? etc). I once took a class where the instuctor made us all get up and sing/perform "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" halfway through class. Sounds silly but it was unexpected, funny and lightened everyone's mood. Bottom line is... as long as you, the instructor, projects a very easy going, fun and personable environment then your audiences are bound to enjoy themselves. You certainly don't have to worry about the content of that class... your album is beautiful! Pleas come to Chicago and teach it to us!!! :)

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