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April 28, 2008



The new website looks great. Love the little inspiration photos at the beginning.

Stephanie Drummond

YES! So very excited!!! :)

Arleen Morales

I love the new website!! MR at my finger tips YES!!!!

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

My fave part: I can shop! I can shop! With up close photos!!! Thank you for making the photos big enough to really see the product... that is awesome!

And I love the templates - because I am a dork when it comes to tracing, and the creative corner!

Great job...


wow i love it! More features! Fantastic job


I just checked out the new site. It looks great! I love the fact that you have the templates on there so cutting paper or adding extra pages to an album is easy!

Lisa H

LOVE IT!! It looks great and is really user friendly. So many things to look at and the store is sooo easy to use.


great site!! i love it.

Cameron H

I LOVE the new site -- and the templates are WONDERFUL! Such time-savers!

Carol Z

LOVE the new site... templates... hoorah!!!


Deb, I love the new site!! So easy to navigate to different sections. Love the directions to some of the projects & the tips offered by the DT. Very helpful :0) Congratulations - you all did such a great job!

Erika M.

Love the new website - it is so user friendly. The features are fabulous. I'd expect nothing less from Maya Road.


Great job with the new site Deb....great pictures, very easy to get around...will definately be checking it out more.



The new website is fantastic, congrats to you!! All the hard work has certainly paid off!! Its great to be able to shop as well...very exciting! And the inspirational gallery is wonderful.
Thank you

Sarah M

Robyn W

congratulations on the site, looks great, grabbing a cuppa and off to check it out even more...thanks


Love it! Love it! Love it!

Esp. the creative corner, lots of ideas and inspiration! =D


I just love it-creative ideas, finally a place to where I can order any Maya Road I want-it rocks! Thank you so much.


I just love it-creative ideas, finally a place to where I can order any Maya Road I want-it rocks! Thank you so much.


I just love it-creative ideas, finally a place to where I can order any Maya Road I want-it rocks! Thank you so much.


Oh the new site is really nice! I love the navigation and how you have categorized - it makes sense and much easier to see and find your products. I had such a hard time before. I just tried your Store Locater and there are some error messages and didn't seem to find any stores w/in 100 miles of me (in Boston?). So not sure if it's working.

Kara B.

The new website is great!! It definitely gets the creative juices flowing!!


I've been waiting for this! Awesome new website. So much easier to get around and product display is much, much, much more user friendly! Thanks for this and all your hard work! LOVE IT!

Denise L.

Finally an easy way to see what's new and how to order as I do not have any scrapbook stores near me!


the new site is AWESOME! :) I love that I can get the products online easily now, instead of heading to the LSS and finding out they are already sold out! Fantastic job!

Erin Glee

That must have been a lot of work-GREAT JOB! (I wouldn't have a clue how to do that...) I was happy to see a store locator, but several of the stores listed are no longer in business....who should I tell....or will people just figure it out?

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