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September 25, 2008


Mel Nunn

Well... after having a look at the Calendar, I am going to guess the 12th of February. I can't wait to find out if the peanut is a boy or a girl either!

Kim Holmes

February 2nd! That's my guess! Have fun cleaning the garage!

Robyn W

how bout a lil love too ....on valentines Day the 14th Feb
will be waiting to hear which it is


What a good motivation to clean the garage! My guess is 2/15 !

Julie Mitchell from Montreal, Canada

Congrats on the addition to the family!
My guess is Feb. 28th 2009.
Julie from Montreal, Canada

Stephanie Drummond

Hmmmmmm I'm going to guess that your bundle of joy will be born on Feb 22nd. Not sure why but it sounds like a good date! :)


I have no clue, but I want to join in the fun so I'll say Jan. 7 (because that is my birthday..). Congratulations!


How about Feb. 13th?
What a wonderful motivation for cleaning out the garage. Too bad there are no babies in my future plans. My garage could use a good


How exciting for you and your family :-) Sounds funny you clearing the garage to make room for your baby LOL :-) I quess Feb 18th. Hope you are feeling better now.


January 4th. It may be a little earlier than everyone else is guessing but its the first thing that came to my mind.

Heather Hopkins

January 31st.

Congrats, Johnathan. You'll be a wonderful big brother!


Well I'm going to guess February 5th and I hope I'm right. Harriet


im guessing Feb 23rd because thats my grandmothers bday!


i want to change my guess and say january 27th (im thinking the 25th, but ill say the 27th of January!

aimee c.

my guess is january 17. good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy

lori Reustle

How about Feb 1! Good luck to you and your family:)


I wanted to guess Feb 18th because that's my husband's birthday. But it's been taken so I'll go with Feb 20.
I can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl.

V Reed

Man! This is like one of those math word problems we got in school! Okay, take the date of Jonathan's post, plus past the first trimester, minus the earliest they'll tell you the baby's gender and mulitply that by...

Oh heck! :D

I'm guessing February 21st.


Kris B. in Rochester, NY

I'm going to guess Feb. 2 because it is Ground Hog day...I LOVE Ground Hog day plus having a birthday on 2/2 would be fun...for 56 years I've had my birthday on 5/5 and it is the BEST!

Marti C.

I'm going to guess January 30th! Good luck on cleaning out the rest of the garage! And congratulations!!

Erika M

I'm going to guess February 10 which is my birthday!

Laura Vigliarolo

Hummmm, I'm thinking March 5th. I hope you are feeling better.

Shari Stratton

My daughter was born on February 9th, so that's my guess.


Katie - Fiskateer #4052

Lots of good guesses so far....I'm going with February 22nd because that's my son's birthday!

Susan M

Congratulations! Having a baby around CHA! Hats off to you! I guess it is better to have one around the Winter CHA vs the Summer CHA.

I am going to say February 15.

Many blessings to you and your family!
Susan M.
Mesa, AZ

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