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January 26, 2011



Absolutely gorgeous. I love the zipper trims and the colours in the book really zing!


love this so unique!!


cute as a button!!!




Fun ideas!

Kim M

I love this mini album! The zippers are a fun addition and the bright colors really make the album "pop!"

Shelley Haganman

Jen I knew this was yours the minute I saw it!! Incredible!! You are one creative woman!!!


of course this had to be yours, jen :) one of my most fave featured project, WOW!!

Jean Marmo

So cute!~


Can you really machine stitch on the chipboard?? Don't want to break my machine but it really looks neat. Answers????

B. Poteraj

I absolutely love it!!!!!

Sharon Gullikson

That is so darned cute!!!!!

natasha G.P.

Wow, that must have taken forever---but it's worth it!


Very cool!!!

Vanessa W

Well done, Jennifer! Thanks for explaining the process too! Very Cool! Very unique! I can't wait to buy these trims so I can Play! :D
~Vanessa W

Lisa Dorsey

WOW that absolutely amazing!!!

Theresa Martinez

Love this book and the way she worked with the zippers to add a more
unique look. looove this.

Morag Cutts

OMG That album is so darn cute! I love the way Jennifer added the zippers around the letters. Just LOVE it!

Donna C

Seriously, that is zipper-tastic!


I adore the "Play" album. So fun and colorful and playful!


this is fabulous! thanks for sharing your "how-to"


Very clever with the zippers!! Niice!

Kate Blue

totally awesome and so way outta my league...but I can babysit cute kids!!! He is adorable!!!!


Absolutely original. I used to sew a lot when my kids were young. I will make some project with this wonderfull ideal... it will represent the sewing I made for them plus it will be original. Wow!! The little boy is gorgeous.


wow, its amazing... i like it... zip and button, this is a creative idea... would you make one for me in future?? that boy also cute..=)

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