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January 16, 2009


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Lynda aka alrlsmom

Awesome peeks...love your new stuff!!!


Wow! More cute stuff! Especially lovin' the crowns and clocks!

Beth Warren

I LOVE the bingo cards, and the build-a-tree set, can't wait to get some!


Each new release is better than the last, I love the bingo cards and interchangeable tops!


Fabulous, each CHA, your new releases keep getting better & better. Love everything!

Hjh Haryanie Hj Bujang

its a sheer bliss to the naked eye dats for sure...tons of idea for layout using d lovely items....mmmm....


WOW... each day it just keeps getting better... can't wait to see more... and get my hands on them!!

Ember S.

I LOVE the mini trees with the little birdie. I also LOVE the sheer clock faces! I really am lovin' all of the new stuff, but these are probably my favorite!! Thanks for all of the awesome sneaks!!!


Love those new stamps! Just gorgeous!

Elaine Allen

WONDERFUL! I love everything - Maya Road is just super and I love all your stuff. The first time I saw your things I fell in love, I love containers so your products feed my other passion. And - your things are always reasonably priced - great for the pocketbook.


Elaine Allen


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these stamps! Keep it coming!


As always, I am blown away by all the fun new stuff to play with. I love the note stamps and can't wait to "meet" the chipboard that goes along with them! Thank you for the endless creativity!

Erica Hettwer

Those stamps are awesome! I think they are all going on my list of must haves! :D

Jules De Lumen

You've outdone yourselves. These stamps are so versatile and amazing. That build-a-tree stamp set is to die for. The possibilities are endless. I LOVE everything so far, and it's going to be so hard to stop at just one or two. Bring it on!!!


love it just love it all!

can't wait for peeks


BINGO'S WON ME!! also the double stitched velvet ribbon shown today and in the days before. just drooling, have a GREAT weekend and thanks for giving us all the chance to participate!

cheryl yelverton

I WANT IT ALL!!! Oh my goodness, it just keeps getting better and better. I have to have these stamps. My mind is in overdrive just thinking about ways to use them. thanks so much, ms.cheryl


Bingo stamps! LOVE IT! Great idea. That little tree is adorable as well.

Cindi T

Oh a bingo stamp... and i've been waiting to get the perfect crown stamp. Think I found what i'm looking for.

Alicia Sharp

I am so loving all the owl stuff! I cannot wait to see it in person! Thanks for the peeks!


Oh wow these new stamps are devine I think I will be tryimng to get me that bingo set.

Amy Smith

Awesome stamps!! Love all but I'm really liken that tree stamp with the owl and cute little bird!! Lookin forward to more!! Keep it comin!!

Anthea Peterson

WOW, WOW, WOW, totally gorgeous! well done


I am loving those stamps~!

Stacy C.

I am having heart palpitations over these... LOL!!! I love them all.. I hope my dh finds a job soon, I need to have these...LOL!!


What Great Stamps!!!!

Mrs Frizz

Wow your designers have rocked these ... awesome!!!!

Clocks and journalling blocks - wowser!!!

Brit S.

Wow! I love the new stamps. The build-a-tree one is definitely my favorite- that's going right on my wishlist!


love them! keep the sneak peeks acomming!!

Cheryl Smith

i love the tree stamps and the project using them....how special!

Liz Suarez

Those stamps are AMAZING!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Donna Potter

Love those stamps---especially the bingo set. Just added them to my wish list for the local scrap shop.


The stamps are a hit! I especially love the tree set and the bingo card! Can't wait to use them!

Mia C.

OMG! I MUST have those stamps! Seriously in love with the interchangeable Bingo stamp!


Love the crowns!


the peeks are great! keep them coming!

Mel Nunn

You girls have outdone yourselves thsi release! It is all fantastic!


OMG! I want them all. They are all sooooooo cute. I can't wait. This is torture.


They are so cute!!!

Jackie T

Wow... Gorgeous Stamps! Big stamps, little stamps, I love them all. Please pick me, pretty please...

Hermie J

My wif's a real stamp addict, and she would really love these. She will spend hours playing with these little beauties.


I'm speechless with surprise. Seriously! How do you DO it?! It's almost uncanny, how you're always so spot on - and I am in love with every single item. AGAIN!
Hmmm... Noodles ARE good for you... *trying to persuade myself*

Debbie O'Neal

WoweeeWowWow !!! those tree stamps and leaves with the owl are PERFECT !!! I can't wait to get some of those to add to CB ones.
I love all of these. Great job ! Where do you ladies get such inspiration from and thanks for keeping the prices so affordable!

Shemaine Smith

Ohhhhh beautiful releases! I've got to have the tree stamps for sure!!!!Have fun at CHA!!!!Wish I knew someone that could get me in! Maybe if I offer a taxi service there since I live next to LAX??? Hmmm maybe.

Cheryl McKinney

It's after midnight and I just got back from a Night Owl Crop. I worked on two Maya Road mini-albums but couldn't wait to get back to see the peeks!! I love the new stamps!

Dianne Yamada

All I can say is WOW! WOW! You have out done yourselves with these cute stamps! Love the bingo


Beautiful stamps!!!


I am loving all these sneak peeks; some gorgeous stuff there!

Beverley Cunningham

Wow what awesome stamps love them all


Wow, love this stamps!!!


WOW!!!! I love these stamps! Especially the small sets went to my wishlist straight away! Looking forward to the rest of the peeks!


Ohlala.... I love them... especially the days of the week and the clock stamps...

Christine C

Can it get any better, I love these stamps especially the days of the week and the build a tree set.
Great work follks


Oh wow - everything is just gorgeous - those samples are just amazing, well done girls!!

Cathy K.

I love these stamps. Love that each one has so many options - the clocks and the bingo cards - oh my! Just perfect for gift albums, my albums - a must have in my book, but each set is going on my wish list!!

Patti R.

I love the build a tree stamps and the bingo set. Everything is fantastic.

Beverley Warwick

I'm liking all of those ... so much potential. The build a tree idea is fabulous as is the bingo card with different headers.

laura j

I was waiting to see the new stamp sets and wow!!!! you didn't disapoint. I love them all! So many of the stamps that I buy just sit on my shelf but these are stamps that I know I will use! Can't wait!!


Oh, that build-a-tree is to die for! So cute!

Teresa Abajo

Beauteeeeeeful! I can see all of these on my desk. Yes indeed, they would be right at home!


The peeks are wonderful. I wish I was here yesterday, the sheer clocks need to come live in my scraproom. I love those! These new stamps are to die for, that bingo card is a must have, along with that tree. OMG!


Oh my gosh!!! I've got to get the bingo stamp set ASAP!!!


Love, love, love all of these! I can't wait to do some shopping!

Lynn Cheryl

This is a release worth waiting for! I've always liked Maya Road but all this new stuf is exceptional-love it! :)


Oh my gosh! Everything is just so beautiful! Love the DT's layouts and projects by the way. Live that Bingo stamp with interchangeable header! Brilliant! And love that cute little owl! =)



You always create such cute items for me to buy. I'm going to need another parttime job to keep up.

Kimberly (pierides)

Those stamps are fabulous! Love the tickets and the tree with the birds.


The Bingo stamps and crowns are awesome!!!!!


Glad to see these stamps!

Jodi Addy

I am SO glad you've created the bingo set stamp!

Lorraine C

CLOCK stamps! oh my! L O V I N G it! waited forever for a nice clock stamp set THANK YOU. and the tree build a set - so cute! The NOTE set AND the Bingo set too! may all have to come my way!

Is this new too or have i missed it before? the embossed circle with a heart cut-out - ooh this soooo caught my eye.

thanks for more goodies Maya Road!


Love the stamps. So many cool things

Kathleen Difato

Thanks for making a bingo card. I will buy that in a heartbeat!

Lynn Judge

Again these are all amazing and cant wait to find them in the store!!

Wendy G.

Too cute! Too many sweet sets to choose from!

Pamela Bennett

Great stamps, all the wonderful things I`m thinking I can do with these stamps if only I can win hmmmmmmmmmm

Lisa Wood

These stamps are just FABULOUS!

Dale Paulson

Oh my, I am a sponge for stamps!! Just love them. My favorites from this peek are the note stamps and the build a tree. Can't wait!!!

Kim M

OMG!!!! I am in love. The bingo cards, the days of the weeks, the clocks, I want them all!!!!!!


I love me some stamps!!!!

Theresa Grdina

These new stamps are WONDERFUL! Can't wait to "ink 'em"!!!

ana manzana

I just LOVE them!!!!!


I'm loving all the new sheer stamps!!! You gals come up with the best stuff.

CJ Johnson

Love, love, love those stamps. The build a tree looks super. Love how you can shake it up by season!


Love the new items...can't wait for their release.

Tina Mayo

I sooooooo love your tree stamps, and that bingo card, Thanks for coming up with such great ideas!!

mandie segura

That tree is SO cute!!! Love it all!

Kendra in St. Joseph, MO

I am thrilled beyond belief to see the Bingo card stamps!!! I have been looking for one for a while and you are coming to my rescue!!!


All of these stamp sets are so adorable!


Cute! Love the stamps! Can't wait for you to return from CHA!


I am just getting into stamping! These are fabulous! I can picture them on my layouts now! LOVE LOVE LOVE the ticket looking ones! How fun! Fabulous job Maya Road!

Rita Timmons

AWESOME STAMPS! I love them!

Cassandra Lewis

Great new stamps!!!!

Cindy L

Love all your stamps! Thank you for consistently providing unique, top-of-the-line products and inspiration! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Gian de la Rama

the stamps are lovely! :)

jeanie nieva

i am drooling! :)


Oooooohw! These stamps are great too! Would LOVE to win them!

Lisa T.

Oh my I love all the new stamps!!! I think the Bingo card ones are my favorite though!!!


Wow! Not only are your products amazing looking but the talent on your design team is astounding! Love, love, love it all!


great!!!!!!!! extremely cute!!!!!!!!! I have to have them ;)

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