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January 19, 2009


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Love those albums! And I'll be getting more Maya Mist -- I really like the coverage the product gives!

Hajah Haryanie

I love the Maya Mist...stunning colors very sparkly...i really,really,really love to get it...

Susan M.

I guess I will be out shopping for more Maya Mists! What effect did Lia use on the word "NEW" on her chipboard album?

Susan M.


So many exciting new products that it is hard not to want them all!


Love the mist colors and those albums are fantastic!

rebecca k

I cant wait to get my hands on those new mists and chipboard.


Love the title of the post - too funny. And the sneak peaks are great! Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl McKinney

Yes, I had a good weekend but I coudldn't wait to see the Day 6 Peek!! And, WOW, I just LOVE the new albums. I'm so into albums that I want more and more. You to, team!!


Anything gifted by the Maya Road co. must be fabulous :) This decorative edges in the chipboard albums are super cute!

Beth Warren

Oh my gosh, I love the new layered albums, I just got the layered one from the last CHA, can't wait to get the new one! (and how do they cover them with paper, with those holes?)

mandie segura

I LOVE those mists!!! Too cool!!!


Love all the sneaks, the new Maya mists look great, and love the new books!


Each day is better than the last! (and Jessica from DT - how do you cover the layered albums with patterned paper??)

Taryn Stothart

I LOVE those layered books! So pretty! Also can't wait to get my hands on those new metallic mists!

Judith Gowdy

Everything has been so great...I want it all! Love the mist.


LOVE the new products, all of 'em - gonna go broke!

Kim Gust

I've never tried the Maya Mists, but they look wonderful! I love the turquoise!


i am loving that album!!! I gotta have one! Thanks for all the sneak peeks!!! Im getting stoked about all the new goodies~!~!

Karen Stewart

The new colors and chipboard look great. I can't wait to see them in person. :-)


I love Maya Mists...I have all the your colors now. Can't wait to add more to my collection. That torquoise color is just beautiful!!!


LOVE all of the new products - especially the banner


more fabulous products!!!


Ooooh, I'm lovin' that turquoise mist!

Mary M.

Love the mists and cute albums!!


Love the ideas on the DT Blog. Wonderful products, I enjoy seeing the great examples as well.


I love everything! I can't wait to get my hands on it.


I never tried any of the mists, but would love to get a set of these! Beautiful colors!


I really like the layer book. Lots of possibilities there.


I am loving all the new products, especially the chipboard!

Erica Hettwer

I can not wait to get my hands on some Maya Road mist!!! :D


I really think the new MayaMist colors are Hot! That banner is sooo cool, too!


Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!

Lisa T.

Those albums are amazing!!! I have yet to try Maya Mist, but I bet it's even better in person!!


Lovin' all the new stuff!

Bobbi J

It just keeps getting better, I don't know what to get first.


Gotta love Maya Road. I look forward to their new product each show.


Love all your products! Can't wait to buy and try! I have so many of your products and my friends love to get them as gifts!

Stacy C.

Love the new Mist's... Can't wait to see them in person.... Love all the examples...

Shannon Sawyer

I'm a huige fan of the mists. They are great for using in just about every project you can think of. And you guys have such a great variety already of colors.


Wow! Lovely lovely lovely! Gotta get me more of those mists. I have the gold one and the red one right now. The albums are so cute too!

Heather Robertson

gorgeous albums - love how unique each one is - need to get some of that glimmer mist


Thanks for sharing with so many of us that can't make it to CHA.

Cheryl McKinney

OK, sorry, but I just have to correct my last post. The word is "couldn't" and I meant to say "You GO team"! Gee, and to think I'm a writer to boot! :o)


Oh, I love the mists! So excited to see some new colours!


Awesome stuff gals!

christine :)

Day 6 may be my favorite so far! And the metallic look of the Maya Mists make them totally irresistable now! Can't wait for all the new stuff to be available!


The mist colours and chipboard albums look great!!!


Love the chipboard book!

Janet Ang

Can't wait for the new Maya Mists to hit the LSS!

Samantha Sib

I tried the mist for the first time today and I am in love!! Can't wait to get some more. That turquise is to die for.


I'm in love with the turquoise spray! Can't wait to see it in stores!

Julie O.

Gorgeous layered albums and I what fun banners! Love them!

Michelle Salazar

Love the mist. . . and so many new products I just don't l know where to start.

Cindi T

I love Maya mist. Love how pigmented they are.

amy christine

i'm absolutely loving all of the mini albums!
i can already tell they are going to be a lot of fun to work with. :]


I'm so happy and excited about all the new products.I have a huge smile on my face.


Wow. Beautiful stuff!! Your DT is sure TALENTED!! :D


love the mists colours, so much nice new
product to play with!!!!!

Mascha van DijkZimmerman

The glimmermist is amazing what a treath, love the little banners as well!
Thanks Mascha

Bibiana Tie

Gorgeous albums! I love glimmer mist - it's changed my life! So much easier to glimmer mist EVERYTHING than it is to paint them, AND you get that lovely shiny look too :)


Oh my goodness, I love it all!!!

Fulltime Mom

Ohhhh, everything looks so good.

Tami B.

I love how sparkly the mist looks and the chipboard is cut so beautifully. Lovely sneak peeks.

Ashley M

love love love the butterflies and chipboard board!!!! sooooo cute!!!!

Vicki Enyart

that chipboard mini album is too cute!! gorgeous metallic sprays!

Cassi T. -- aka Mrs. T

These chipboard alubms are gorgeous!

Jackie J

Wow... Love the album and banner. The mists look incredible too. Can't wait to see the whole shebang -- it just gets better and better.

CJ Johnson

Love it!

Account Deleted

LOVE, LOVE every single thing you post! Love that bronze Maya Mist and the chipboard banner set! How cute is that! As always, the DT never cease to amaze me. =)


Jacqueline T

The turquoise mist is dazzling! Must get some of that....

Herminio Juan

My wife loves playing with chipboards, paints and mists.... I am sure she will love these mists.


Ohh, I LOVE your new producs, ass well as your old! And the DT-members are sooo great, they give me sooo much inspiration!!

Mia C.

Oh my more mists! I just my hands on some and can't wait to try them out! Giddy with excitement to see the new colors!


How will we decide what to buy with our budget??? We would love to have all of it in our little shop :) When can we order???


I'm going to go crazy waiting to get my hands on the chipboard banner.

Jeanie Nieva

love all the ideas. have a feeling i will be broke big time. :)


lots of inspirations, chipboard galore! thanks for the sneaks!

ana manzana

I want them ALL!!!!!! Love them!!

Jennifer law

Love the colors of the mist and the cute little chipboard album and banner.

Lindsay G

I love those new chipboard albums! I can think of so many projects to do with those! I am loving the mists too - it would be fun to try!

Lindsay G

That new layer book is by far my most favorite new product you have come out with! I would love to lay with that! THanks for the chance.


Wonderful fun new items!


I adore the turqoise mist-- it's spectacular! Also, just love the chipboard album-- great job!


the layered books are great.


Your chipboard is always the best!! Thanks for posting the photos using the Maya Mist as I've never seen this product before...


oooohhh the album is great!

Cathy K.

Beautiful colors for the Mists - The bronze is lovely. Love the chipboard - great price point.

Patti R.

I already love the mists and the new metallic colors are great. Love the layered chipboard albums - the examples are absolutely beautiful.

Linh C.

Wow! Those are awesome!

Kathleen D

So adorable! I love the scalloped heart used on the album.

Alecia Castro

Cute, cute, cute, and who DOESN'T love a good glitter spray!! Fun stuff!!


I suddenly feel an urge to own all the mists and a whole bunch of those wonderful albums...!!! How am I going to convince the rest of the family this is what we all need? ;-) I really love those albums!

Lynn Cheryl

Just when you think it can't get any better.....wow! I'm inspired:)


i love the banner!! so many great ideas popping into my head for that one!

Theresa Grdina

Okay..I love the mist but I am really loving the chipboard book! *sigh* How great it is!!!!


I love it all!

laura j

The new mist colors look great! Love the new albums! I can't waitto see the new products in my lss!!

Dawn M

Those albums are too cute!

Lynn Judge

I love the chipboard covered with the mist - off to play!!

Becky T.

I really want to try the mist. I LOVE all the chipboard and the mist looks so neat. :-)

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