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September 13, 2007



YUM! hope that you feel better soon and good luck with the run!


hope you feel better soon!! Don't worry - you're going to do awesome on the run and you WILL finish! :)

Laura Vigliarolo

You'll do great, just have fun with it.

Sasha Farina

that sneakie is just awesome!!! i hope you get well C! and i just know that you will finish the half marathon... *hugs*

Heather Moll

Oooh! That peek looks great!
Hope the run goes well - ENJOY it as much as you can!


I hope you feel better by the time I post this. Its not good to push the body though if you are not feeling good. Not to be mean or discourgaing or anything but I have seen and live the consequences. But hope you are feeling much better by the time the run is. And that is you go that it all goes well and as planned:) I'll cross my fingers.


I am a scrapbooker, runner, and mom that loves your blog. You will rock at the half-marathon! You rock just for training and doing it. I did two marathons before I had my DD (who is almost four now) and finally did a 10k this summer and had my best time yet. I am so awed that you have trained for a half marathon with all the other things on your plate. I know you can do it!


Good luck on Sunday, Caroline!!! I'm sure you will do great!!!


good luck with the half marathon today!!

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