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November 10, 2007


Jennifer L

We really need to get our boxes done this weekend. The three things I am thankful for: I have a God who loves me, protects me and disciplines me when needed. I have a loving husband and 5 cute and silly kids. I have a wonderful, supportive church family.


I am thankful for my two beautiful kids, my loving husband and my health. Plus, I'm also thankful for the safe country I live in.

Thanks for sharing your awesome designs.


I am thankful for my two beautiful kids, my loving husband and my health. Plus, I'm also thankful for the safe country I live in.

Thanks for sharing your awesome designs.


I am thankful for my family, my health, and the scrapbooking industry ;)

Love your blog and your work! Thank you for sharing.

Sandy B

I am thankful for my faith, love and happiness.

Kim Langston

I am thankful for:

1) a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy - papercrafting
2) my family - always there when you need them (and most times when you don't... smile!)
3) my pets - my family has been able to rescue many pets which warms my heart


I'm sure you will bring smiles to 24 children plus their families for your kindness. I'm thankful for our health and my lovely family. Lastly, I am reminded how truly blessed we are by you sharing with your blog readers that there are many families that are not as lucky as we are. You have inspired me to have my family create a box, and I will forward the link for Samaritan's Purse to my girl-friends as well.

Julie O.

I am thankful for forgiveness, for laughter, and for wonderful memories.


That's very nice of you :)
I am thankful for having a house, a family and a hobby I love. But actually, right now I feel like I've acted very unthankful lately so I am tryin to make up w/ doing some much needed deep-cleaning - organizing and cleaning the boxes that has been standing untouched in the basement for like 5+ months since we moved into this house!! :p Am just on a short break - soon back to cleaning-mode!


I'm thankful for my daughter, my mom & cold weather. (60 in Florida is cold!)


There're so much to be thankful for but since i've to list 3 then it would have to be 1)good health; 2)my mom-who still insists on cooking for me & 3)Nick-my dearest husband-for his unconditional love, patience & always giving in to me :)


I am thankful for 1) the love & support of friends and family 2)all the opportunities life gives us daily(having all the family sit down together at dinner, a beautiful day, a welcoming colourful carpet of leaves on the lawn - funny, my DH doesn't think that last one is joyful!) 3)for the many people and places that have touched and changed our lives for the better.


I love what you have done with that album.
3 things that I am thankful for:
1)Having a healthy son after losing 5 babies during pregnancy
2)That after almost 93 years, my Grandma is still healthy enough to participate in our family's festivities.
3)That no matter which decisions I make in my life, My parents have always been 100% supportive of me(even if they do not always agree with my decisions)
Happy Sunday!!!


That is so wonderful of you and your family to make those boxes! It will surely brighten someone's life! :)

I am thankful for 1. the love and support of my family, friends, & husband, 2. having a job that although frustrating at times, I truly love, and 3. being fortunate enough to have the time and resources to scrap and blog surf! :) Have a beautiful Sunday!

tammy b

i am thankful that both of my 4 year old twins (girls) are both fully potty trained.

i am thankful that now that they are both potty trained, they will both be going to school and i will have 6 glorious hours ALL ALONE!

i am thankful that my husband let me keep the poor little gray stray kitty that's been around since this summer because the weather is getting really crummy.

jill barrett

i am thankful for my family, all of our health and our amazing country filled with brave men and women who serve our military without hesitation!


I am thankful for my health, my husband, and my children. Without these things I would have nothing.
For Thanksgiving we now make hand turkeys before dinner...we are saving them so that we can look at how much the girls have grown from year to year. It is fun to pull them out and show off last years' creation!

Wonderful projects on your blog as usual!!! Thank you for your act of kindness....I am sure you will have at least 24 smiling faces from it!

Meg McKenzie

We too have donated a shoe box via my daughters school to be sent to a child in Asia who does not know what Christmas is.... so I am thankful that my daughter has been able to experience the gift of giving to someone who this Christmas will know what it is to receive a present, I am thankful for having a healthy and happy family and lastly, thankful for people such as yourself who through their own kind spirit remind us all gently that it is better to give sometimes than to receive - thank you for reminder :-)


I am thankful for:

1. Having such wonder husband
2. Being able to give birth to a healthy little girl last month
3. Being in a save country

Stephanie Baxter

I am thankful for:

my faith
my family
and the fact that I have everything I need to get by.

And a forth...I'm thankful for Maya Road of course!


Congrats on the win! adorable album! thankful for family (most of the time - LOL!), friends, and health.


i love yr products veri much :)
I am thankful for
1. my family... being always there.
2. my friends ... being ever supportive and accepting for who I am.
3. for my faith.

Pearl R.

This year, I am thankful for:
1) the chance to be independent and discover that I can do everything (chores, budjeting, commuting and all) by myself, even if it means missing my family and friends back home
2) family and friends that I have.. without them, I wouldn't be as happy and positive as I am now..
3) for choosing Singapore as my country of destination for work - coz I'll get to meet you this November! Yay! :)

Dale Anne

I am THANKFUL for my health, my family and the roof over my head!!!

Ginger C

3 things I am thankful for are(1)my two beautiful kids (1 and 2 1/2 yrs old) that brightens my day when I come home from work especially during a stressful day (2) my wonderful husband who understand my craving for scrapbooking products (of course, love maya road products) and (3) having a job that pays my scrapbooking addict.

anyway, love your blog! found your blog through Scrapbook Oasis (thanks wendy).


Thankful thoughts for a meaningful Thanksgiving...Great idea to share with nice people around..
For me, I'm thankful for (1) A happy family(my parents and 2 elder sisters) moulding me into who am I today. (2) A supportive and doting boyfriend always there when I need people to pour my woes to. (3)Picking up scrapbooking as a hobby even though it has burnt a big hole in my pocket :p

Sindy Wong

I am thankful for:
1. the love around me
2. the memories deep in my heart
3. the fulfilment I got from my camera and scrapbooking, which put my love and memories together in print.

Jessica Turner

I am thankful for my faith, family and friends!

Jessica Turner

I am thankful for my faith, family and friends!

Amy v

I am thankful for a healthy daughter despite her very early birth. I am thankful for my sight which I lost and slowly regained when my DD was born. I am thankful for my family - without them I would not be who I am today.

Jennifer A

I am thankful for the insulin pump - it has made my 4year old son's life better. I am thankful for my wonderful family. I am thankful for my faith and my God.


I am thankful for:

1) having met and married the most loving, indulgent and understanding man any woman could wish for (yes he funds my sbing!!);
2) having so much food to eat that I _must_ diet; and
3) being blessed with such abundance in life that I know what contentment is.

Nancy L in Vancouver

I am thankful for my husband, my father who made it to the emergency ward in time, and for my health. Of course, these are the things that home this weekend as my father is in the hospital.


I am thankful for faith in God, my wonderful husband and my two adorable boys.

Nikki M

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and days spent just relaxing.

sheetal patel

since my husband is working on thanksgiving for the 2nd year in a row, that is our new tradition :p and my cooking thanksgiving dinner for just the 2 of us (with ALL of the sides and a choice of desserts, of course!)

Anita Hiltz

Wow, three things I am thankful for?! There are so many, but what comes to mind is: my wonderful family, that we are all healthy and that we live in a free country! These are things that so many people take for granted, but not me! We need to live and love each day we are here and not take it for granted! :-)


My faith, family and friends. All keep me gounded. All co-exist. They are all that matters to me.

Errin Glee

I am thankful for SO much, but I'd have to say the top three are my Family, our Good Health, and our abundant life, full of love, shelter, food, clothing, and all the "goodies" that I often assume will always be there, but that I really should be more aware of and thankful for.

If I could pick a fourth, it would be my most favorite hobby in the Universe: Scrapbooking!....Thank you for your Blog and Company that makes products I get so much pleasure from, and at such a value for the cost! Love, Erin


I'm grateful for my wonderful family, the freedom to do and say whatever I want whenever I want and the good health of all of my loved ones.


I'm thankful for
- my family
- health and harmony
- scrapbooking as a hobby and that gave me a chance to be in a Creative Team in my LSS


I am thankful for my kids, my family, and the power of prayer (my sick kitty pulled through).


I'm thankful for my wonderful family.irreplaceable friends and our health.

Theresa Brown

I am thankful for my overall heath. My 3 wounderful kids, and my best friend.


I am Thankful for my family, my friends and my love of scrapping which has brought such joy to my life and the lives of my friends and online buddies. I am truly blessed to have them all in my life.

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