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January 25, 2008



OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH! I like!!!! Would LOVE to see a peek at some stamps. Take care of yourself in your time of CHA madness!!!

Erin Glee

I'm glad to see you are still packaging in your "trademark" tin...they are so great for storage and fun to decorate! Stamps are next? Wa-Hoo!
Good luck in finding the perfect pre-school for Noah. I liked a Co-Op pre-school, because it was a good transition, and since you have work days you get to know the other kids and their parents better...but that takes more time and I was'nt running a huge business...you'll find the one that is right for your family!
Try to stay warm, Erin : )


I see school pages in my future with this set! LOL! Great sneaky peek! Take good care of yourself...hate the cold. Sometimes wonder why I live in Chicago (this question always pops in my head in the winter time - otherwise I love this city!)?! LOL!!

Valonda L.

Can't wait to see the stamps! I'm loving reading about Noah. I have a little Noah too. He is two years old. I noticed that Noah and Jonathan have Bible names. Are you Christians? We picked Bible names for our children too. My daughters' name is Hannah. The funniest thing is that Noah LOVES animals. How ironic is that?
Anyway, I love Maya Road, and am so excited to see all the new products coming out!
Valonda L. (valonda1@juno.com)


just empty my bank account now.....

tammy b

oooooo, i can't wait!

Tamara W

oh those sheers look fabulous

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