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March 07, 2008


Bobbi in KY

Hey-how did you do the white print journaling on the green strips??? And I gotta get that pen!!

Amber Winward

Oh- I've been looking for a GOOD white pen. THanks for the tip. LO looks great btw! :)


LOVE the layout!


A good one white pen is on my list of things I keep looking for and never find. Can't wait to try this one out. Thanks for tip.


P.S. Have a favorite paper trimmer or mascara?
Those are other things on my list!

Shelley Haganman

I can't wait to get a hold of one. I always need a good white pen!


thanks for the review,C..will be on the look-out for this pen..;)


I also desperately need a beige pen, Hopefully someone will run with this idea...:)

Jen Harrison

I want that pen!! I need a real good white pen!

P.S. Did you get my address, I tried sending it a few times.

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