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March 12, 2012


kimber mcgray

Thanks for sharing with us Caroline. You and your dad have been in my thoughts a LOT lately. My step-dad just got some more bad news last week and it's been hard.
Hugs my friend.

Shelley Haganman

Oh Caroline thank you for sharing this. I have had you all in my prayers and will continue to do so. I can't imagine how hard this is. Your family is so fortunate to have one another.

Megan Hoeppner

What a beautiful post, Caroline. I love that you're able to focus on the happy moments during this time. We tried our best to do that when my grandmother was sick, and it helped SO much. It made her life and ours better. I'm happy to see the same can be said for you. Your dad sounds like a wonderful person, and I know without a doubt that he's SO proud of you. You make his life better, and he's lucky to have a daughter like you to make even these harder challenges a bit easier. My heart is with you and your family right now!


Don't have much to say, only...it does feel nice to hear about your little stories from your everyday even in this situation. And. I wish there was a tradition for science fairs here in Norway too! Looks like a great way to encourage the natural curiousity kids inhabit.

Cim Allen

You and your family have been in thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. Congrats to Noah, awesome job !!!!

laura plunk davis

thank you so much for the update , I know how hard this must be for you...
I think of you often and am keeping you in my prayers.


emily pitts

you are awesome. your rutter runs very deep. congrats to noah.

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