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Love Card Close

Love Card Close

Step 1. Cut a piece of 4" x 5.25" white wash paper. Ink edges and mount to the front of the card.

Step 2. Cute a 5.25" x 2" piece of the chevron blue paper. Ink and mount 0.5" up from the bottom of the card.

Step 3. Cover the 4 chipboard banner pieces a shown. Two have the pink stripe paper and two the floral paper. Ink edges.

Step 4. Take the twine and form a banner string. Tie bows on both ends (you might need to move the bows a bit to make it fit). Tack onto the card and add the banner pieces as shown.

Step 5. Stamp the "love" in brown ink on a scrap of the blue paper. Cut out and mount on foam dots and glue to the banner piece as shown.