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March 25, 2009



Love them all. Thanks for the inspiration!


This is super cool, definitely going to try this out. The stamp used on the largest Maya Mist flower looks like the Bingo stamp, I couldn't tell which stamp it was from the "Sealed with A Kiss set" would you let me know? Thanks

Debbie Harmer

Beautiful examples, Wendy. Love them all! The layering is just awesome.

Carmen O.

Very cool! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.


Cassi, That is the calendar stamp - you can find a photo of it here: http://www.mayaroad.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_36&products_id=172375



Shelley Haganman

Great tutorial Wendy! I always love your ideas and colors!!


Awesome is all I can say.

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It is cute, It is perfect for adding decoration in a home made gift. I'm gonna try it also , hmmm.. seems so exciting.


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That is definitely awesome,Thanks for sharing this very clear and productive tutorial.



Very pretty.


Way cool! Now I really need some mist!

sandy w.

these are so cool! love the flowers with the mini velvet on top. great mix of color and stamps!


These are great! Hope we do some on the cruise!!

Michelle Salazar

Thank you so much for sharing ideas I had never thought about doing. . .


Fabulous tutorial, love the look that all these different techniques give! Thanks for all the inspiration!!


well I totally luv your flowers! Now if I could only find that darn mist! NO ONE HERE carries it! ty for sharing your great ideas all the time...cher




Thank you so much for sharing ideas

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Interesting views, I'm so impressed!such a Great design! I like your content, i wish i could try it. thanks for the tips and some ideas how to do that, keep posting!


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I have been wandering online since the past couple of hours and accidentally came to your blog post..Just admiring the way you conclude your post:*********** 1. Mist all 3 flowers with turquoise. Allow to dry, then using archival ink, stamp the largest flower with sealed with a kiss. Stamp the medium size with the metric ruler stamp and the smallest with a background stamp...

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I'm getting married and I was looking for some ideas for winter wedding flowers. My colors are light pink and espresso brown. THANKS FOR THE IDEAS!

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All I can say is wow. That is a lot of information. I wonder how long it took to come with an article that long and how long you have been pondering on the ideas express here. Thanks.

Paula M


You are so generous! I just love finding beautiful and artistic freebies like this. They really brighten up my day, thank you!


Many Greetings. Just a nice blog!

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These flowers are so fun!

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