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November 16, 2009



Katie this is so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I can not believe I forgot Friday nite! I probably would not have figured FACEBOOK out anyway LOL!


love this katie. i might have to make this with the townhouse and probably without glitter or noah will have it everwhere. LOL

silvia haynes

OMG! This is the CUTEST house!! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial!!!


So sweet, I love this project!!! Thanks for the tutorial :)




That's awesome! I usually don't have patience for really long explanations as I do my scrapbook blog hops, but that is really awesome!


This is so adorable! Thanks for the tutorial and the MR FB Crop was super fun !!

Patty Tanùz

wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow and more wowowowowow, I love this proyect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses from a Mexican Scrapper!


This is so pretty! I love this so much :D


love love! very very beautiful!
lola, Paris (France)

jules p

this is so SUPER-DE-DOUPER cute. I thought it would make a cute mailbox-since it is up on your little "stand"

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Oh god!!What a beautiful and cute house!!!Just a word to say...WOW!!!Thanks a lot for sharing!Looking forward for such wonderful and colorful houses!

Ajf 6

The hope of green fields, we yearn for the dream!

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You share really nice pictures. It was a really a colorful house.It needs talent and creativity for the making this type of house.You done a great job.

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You post such a great pictures of this house. It is best place for the spending holidays. I ma so glad to visit this blog.


I remember my old days when I was in school, I had made this type of many crafts in my schooling days. This is really awesome house snaps, i really appreciates your work.

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Fabulous house. You explain very well how I can make this beautiful house. Christmas is coming I will make it and increase my decoration of part.


I was in love with yr wonderful x-mas house. thanks so much for clear instructions. However can i know which paper collection you're using in this tutorial, that i'm looking for my other project for whole week, although i recognize they're are from one of Christmas Holiday Double Side paper collection, but it's hard to find them out without collection name. I love to know exactly what's it name. Would you please to reply me that. Appreciate that.

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