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July 16, 2008


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Beverley Todd

Ohhhh! I'll look forward to the virtual tour - I hate that I can't be there IRL

Patti Rodgers

Wow - you truly have outdone yourselves. The sheer ribbon with clocks is gorgeous and the ones in black and white. Thanks for the catalogue - I printed it out - now I can circle my wish list and make sure my LSS gets in all the items I love. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Have a Chicago hot dog for me...lol.


Tout est si beau ! Maya road est vraiment LA marque de scrapbooking a ne pas rater !
tout m'inspire ! merci !

Alecia Castro

SO COOL, would love a virtual tour of the booth!! Good luck and have fun ladies!!!


That would be so cool. Hope it works.


Can't wait to see all the FUN everyone is having at the CHA!


Can't wait....


Ohhh, have fun!! I can't wait to see all this stuff in the stores. So, make sure lots of stores in AZ order a bunch!!

April :)

Michelle Gauthier

Thanks for the catalog! Off to make my wish list. :)

Have fun at the show!


Have fun and try not to work too hard. The catalog looks great!!! Don't forget to eat deep dish pizza!!!


Thanks so much for the catalogue. Hope you have fun at CHA-S :)


Good luck with the show! The new stuff is amazing!

Christi Wright

Oh My Gosh I love the catalog! Thank you...I checked out the dt while I was over there and low and behold I saw Sandy Wiley whom I met in Seattle a couple of years ago and i had no idea where she went....Hi Sandy( waving Hello).

Donna Coughlin

OMG have fun at CHA - wish I could go! Love the new products, FANTASTIC!

Cheryl Sue

I so wish I could go to CHA. Enjoy your trip and best of luck showcasing all your yummy goodies. Looking forward to some video footage.


Have fun!!!

Laura Plunk

My head is spinning with all the great ideas ......

I will wait patiently for it to arrive in S Oregon....

Laura P


want it all.....

ca longhorn

Have a great time and safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return!

Erin Glee

Wow! Your catalog is so cool and it just keeps getting bigger and better every year!
Have a great show and good luck making a video for us at home~I'd love to get a tour of the Maya Road booth~thanks!

Bianca B.

Love it all over again!

Renee Lecatsas

This is great Now I have the entire product list!! Thank you so very much!!


Renee Lecatsas

This is great Now I have the entire product list!! Thank you so very much!!


Nancy L

Thank you for giving us a look at the catalog. I will be making a long shopping list!


thank you for this whole week full of fun, knowledge and inspiration!


great inspirations and so much to look forward to, i can't wait!! safe travels to you & your crew :)


great inspirations and so much to look forward to, i can't wait!! safe travels to you & your crew :)


MR has had ALL of my fav sneak-peeks! I am making a list now of my MUST-HAVES.
Have a blast in Chicago. You will blow 'em all away!

Carolyn Mcavoy

Have loads of fun....


Don't know which is my favorite, but anything to do with birds is always fun. Thanks for the sneak peak and the wonderful samples from your fabulous DT!

Helen J

Look out credit card!!!!!


I am new to this company and it is overwhelming, but very exciting!
Do the chip boards hold up well--rings vs bound? Not sure which to buy. Any suggestions of what to use for old recipe cards of moms. Will be fun to experiment with all this.

Carol A.

Have a wonderful CHA....I am green with envy to anyone able to be there. Thanks for the wonderful week of awesome peeks! MR rocks!


wow everything looks fantastic and i love all the samples!!


wonder sneaks through all these walks. hope you guys have fun at CHA :)

Sasha Farina

have fun! tons of fun! :D

cindy rangel

Can't wait to see how you set up your CHA booth!


So Pretty! I can't decide what NOT to put on my wish list. The whole catalogue!


I've already made my shopping list and am planning projects! I hope you all have a great time!


Love the bling! And all the rest is fabulous new things. The sheer owl ribbon is too cute! Very clever!! Can't wait to order some!


just too much for me but I do LOVE the boy & girl chipboard shapes and the clear acrylics and more with the keychains...awesome!

Michelle H-G

My wish list is growing!

Jodi Addy

I am in love! Have fun at the show!


Thank you for all of the wonderful peeks! I especially loved seeing all of the ideas on ways to use these wonderful products!

Andria B.

Thanks for sharing the catalog!!! Whoo hooo!!! You are an amazing company!!!

Andria B.


Love seeing all these new products! Just awesome!
Santa will be getting quite a list this year!


Wow, I have just discovered your blog via a link on another blog. It's awesome, I have been a fan of your products for quite some time but did not realise your range was so huge. can't wait until all the new stuff is here in Australia.


OMG...I want it all! Hope you are having fun at CHA. Can't wait to see all your products in our stores.

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