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July 08, 2008


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What a geat way to mark a special day!!!! Love all of them. Can't wait for my "ticket" for a Maya Rd.scrap-a-ganza!!!!


i love Maya Road!


i NEED those ticket sheers!! they're great!


Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh - I love the "A Day to Remember" set. Gorgeous stuff - you ladies never cease to amaze! I could gush on, but I'll save some for the next 5 days! Awesome work.

Anna M-W

I love those sheers! The price isn't bad either!


Those look like such fun! I love the sheers and I'm anxiously waiting for these to add to my collection! Thanks so much for sharing!



Love the calendars!

cindy rangel

These are really cute. I don't think I have ever worked with sheers. this will be something great to try. thanks for the opportunity


I can think of so many ways to use the tickets...I'm so excited for all of the new stuff!

Sue Feher

Quality and innovations are hallmarks of Maya Road. Thank you for the chance to win!


MUST have the tickets and calendars!!! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! : )


These look great! Can't wait for the chance to play with them!

Dana K

Those are so cool. Your samples have really inspired me to try using them. Great Job!!!

Cathy S

I LOVE the date sheers - I'm always looking for new and attractive ways to mark the dates on my pages.

Bobbi in KY


Keep up the great work guys!!

marjorie donovan

great stuff as always!!!

Jackie Hardy

A nice addition to any project!


love the printed sheers, another item to go on my must have list.


I love the new sheers - the tickets are so versatile! Great stuff!

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Oh I am such a sucker for anything calendar or date related!!!! LOVE those sheers!! Gorge-ee-oh-so!


Well SHEERLY (I mean surely) I must have some of these. Y'all are the best. Cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings...


oooohhhhhhhh you are making so hard to wait!!!!
love the tear off part on the tickets....I could do with the calenders now
luv your work!

Jen harrison

I love the calendar and a day to remember sets! And I have some of your sheer already and love them-so I know these will be just as great!


I love the calendar sheers. I hadn't thought about punching them and adding them standalone to a book. Cool!


LOVE all the calendar inspired goodies! woo hoo! can hardly wait!


Lovin' those calendars. You have so many cool ideas.

Connie Ralston

Wow!!! I have the sheers from last year and love, love, love them. They are so versatile.

Julia S

These look amazing! Can't wait for all the new Maya Road!! :-)


Oh, I think I need those. Especially love those sheers!
Great giveaway.



Love them all as usual!!!


The tickets are awesome. Great idea!


The tickets are awesome. Great idea!

Jackie Hyland

AMAZING. my big boy 30 rose his bike from Newport Beach, Ca. to Key West Fl. I was looking for something to use... This product Album would be perfect.

Raechelle Bellus

these are fantastic! My mind is already spinning! Can't wait to see more!


those tickets are so cool, I can't wait to use these. I love the idea with the calendar too. Thanks for the peeks!

Raechelle Bellus

these are fantastic! My mind is already spinning! Can't wait to see more!


These are very cool! I am constantly amazed by all of the new products that are coming out!


I just bought some sheers and love them!! Great new designs!!!

Michelle OKeefe

wow, I love the tickets. I especially love the ones with the calendars on them. The DT samples make me want to get these as soon as I can.

Jackie Hyland

I am going to try this again I can not find my post any place.... and I just woke up and I have major sleep in my eyes,,,,and my brain is fuzzy.... LOVE THEM... I am so confused. Good Morning World... and Maya


Wow. Great product and samples to boot! Keep up the wonderful work.

Lee Anne

Date sheers!!! So very cool.

Beth P

love them!

Cheryl Sue

Those sheers are to die for...i'm such a junkie. Thanks for all the inspiration - I *heart* Maya Road!!!

April Driggers

I don't know if it can really get any better than this!!! WOW!!!!!!

Kim Gust

I love the tickets! I can't wait to get them and use them on my layouts!

Renee Lecatsas

I really love the ticket, calendar sheers, and the calendar book! However, the last peek was the best since we really needed to look at it...rub ons, chipboard flowers and ric rac. Are you doing paper and bling???? Wow...this is great!! I love how this expands your already wonderful line!



Sheers and more sheers -- I love sheers so this is happy news indeed! =) Can't wait to see them out and start creating with them!


Love the tickets! And love how reasonably priced all your stuff always is.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sheers. All of them are just great. Can't wait to see what's next!

Jessica Turner

so cool! I love them.

Martha M

Great products and I love what you have done with them!!!

Bianca Gaspard

I just love the sheers. I have been looking for them down here but no one carrying maya road. I am hoping when I move to NE I will be able to find some there.


Wow!! Great new products! Love the Day to Remember Set!!!


So fresh & creative! I love it most because it re-inspires me to get going!

Kimberly (pierides)

Love working with your sheers. Great to see that you are adding to the line. Love the Day to Remember -- can't wait to get my hands on those.

Christi Wright

I love the ticket ones@!!!! I love all of them!! Wonderful products!


I love the ticket sheers! I use tickets in a lot of projects. But, wait I need the day to remember sheers too. Oh, I need the claendar sheers to, they are to die for. What about the flower shapes on the calendar sheers.... Need some of those...............


Wow, totally love those sheers. They look so versatile to me. Not only to use at a page / LO, but also to create little albums with them.
Especially the Calendar cheers are so cute. Would be nice to use those with pictures of my almost to be born pea in the pod.

Michelle Gauthier

Love these new goodies! I can't wait for these releases to hit the stores!

Tracy D

I absolutely LOVE the sheer tickets...already thinking of ways to use them on my projects!!


I love the year to remember set! I haven't seen the sheers in real life yet.


Jennifer Findlay

I love these new sheers and the idea to make an album out of them is great!


WOOOO HOOOO!!! I am all about the calendar/date related embellishments!!! LOVE these sheers!!! You guys ROCK! :)


Love the calendar stuff

Trish Millard

LOVE it all! pick me!

Mary Eisen

Thoughs look like gears - my hubby is a tool & die guy - How Perfect! And the perf tickets - would be awsome for my daughter's birthday - I'm in trouble now!!!

Judith Novak

What wonderful elements you are creating! I can think of all kinds of uses both in my cardmaking and my scrapbooking projects. I love the sheer products that you've produced in the past and know the new ones will as awesome!

Thanks so much for making them available to win.



I want, I need, I must have!!! Hint Hint :) Loooove these sheers!

Katherine McKamey

I love your sheers and can't wait for the Calendar Sheer Album. Got my fingers crossed we will be able to order them on the internet when they come out 'cause there isn't a LSS in this area. : ) Sneak Peeks are such fun! Thanks!


The sheers are great!! These are definatly a must have for me!!


The best sheers yet. Just fantastic.


those ticket sheers are awesome and i love, love, love the calendar stuff!!!!

Irene Lenihan

I love those calendar page sheers. Those would be great fun to decorate

jan williams

I love these very much!!!

Erica Hettwer

I love that calendar album! Love, I tell you! :D


I love the sheers-so perfect!! Can't wait to get these!!! :)


Sheers are one of my favorite items from you, and these new ones, will be a must have, in my stash.
Loving these sneak peeks!


Great stuff - love all of it.

Cassandra Lewis

I love sheers!! Fun calendar ones and great tickets!!

Mandie Segura

THese are all SO MUCH fun!!!!

Dale Anne

I LOVE these - your new ideas are just FABULOUS!!!

Michelle V.

Love them!!! Awesome as usual. :)

Louise Dahlstrom

Hi MR.
Fantastic Range of New Sheers.....
We need them here in Aus right now for the Masters...LOL!!!
You can see your products already uploaded here in Aus....
Thanks sooooo much for the daily previews!!! Excellent...!!!!! and worth the wait...
Cheers Louise

michelle morrison

I love the way the sheers look. I can't wait to get my hands on some of them.


Wow, I love those sheers. What a fun way to put a mini book together or to use as accents. Thanks for the sneek peeks.


I'm totally in love with the sheers!! I can't wait to get some!!


I really like the limited edition calendars. Those would make some cute Christmas gifts!


yes! more sheers!


very cool fun stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauri Greene

OH WOWZER! I Love those sheers, could the be any cooler? YUM!

Theresa Grdina

I LOVE the sheers!! These are all wonderful, too! The calendar sheers are fabulous - what a great addition to a book! Can't wait to find these goodies!!

Judi Markel

I love all the new stuff you are showing. So many ways to use everything. Can't wait to get them.


Love it - love it - love it - I'm so excited about all the sneak peeks!!!!


Oh I so can't wait for these! They will be perfect for my pictures of my special adventure to Alaska this past spring! Can't wait!

Vicki J. Wade

I LOVE the calendar page sheers. There are so many ways to use these. I can see creating a sheer album of family members' birthdays and given them out to relatives at Christmas.

donna rahal

I am crazy for calendar things on my layouts....can't wait to get my hands on this!


I love all of these... very cute AND functional! As usual, Maya Road is the best!

Kim Sonksen

I am already hooked on the ticket stamp, which I just bought the other day - so the sheers are almost like the icing on the cake

Amber C

Those printed sheers are simply fabulous!!!

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