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July 09, 2008


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Well they say three is a charm and these new trinket blossoms and trims are precious. The colors are so soft. Pom Pom trim is FAB!!!!!

Cynthia (Citrus Tree Studio)

L.O.V.E. it all but I have to say my favorite from today's peek is everything-to-do with Pom Poms ~ Woo Hoo!!

connie melancon

WOW-how long do we have to wait til all these goodies reach our LSS? LOVE ALL OF IT!!!


But some of us don't have a LSS! I think I have to move to Texas-I'll clean the warehouse in exchange for some of these beauties.


OOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I love the pom pom trim! Can't wait to see the design teams work in it's full glory!



The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Couldn't help but notice the beaded(?) birds. Is this something else to look foward to at CHA-S? I'll keep watching and see you there.


LOVE the pom pom ribbons they are supper cute!!


I love to have different textures in my scrapbooking - and these products you've shown today are perfect to make scrap-works tactile!!!!!!!!!!!

I simply adore this blossoms and pom poms!!!!!!!!!!

Ami D.

Thos trims are to die for!


I thought I'd never buy felt flowers but these are georgous! I'm sure I'll need some of them :~)


Awwwwwwwwwww shucks ... are these posies to die for or WHAT? Would just love to have them in my little garden!


I love your flowers. I do CQ work and want to put them on those projects.

Dawn Malave

wow!! those are gorgeous. I can't wait to see these IRL.

Louise Dahlstrom

These blossoms are DEFINITELY WARM FUZZIES!!!!
They are sooooo rich and luxurious...thought the last release was fantastic but these are sensational! Drop dead gorgeous colours in both the Blossums and the Trims... Well Done Caroline and Co!!!... AKA Maya Road..LOL When can we expect these cuties in Aus???.. Cant wait!

Celeste B.

Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous - love the detail. And that pom pom trim -- I see lots of that making its way to my stash.


These are all just beautiful--can't wait to get some of them!!


Taking flower embellishments to a new level--I just love the dimension and detail on them! :) Gotta get me some....

Misty K in Ohio

Pretty flowers and pom poms how cute. LOVE IT!!


I want it all...........
such deep beautiful colours! I noticed the extra
peeks, Imagine the possibilities, mind is running 100 miles...........
I need, I want, now!!!


That Pom-Pom trim looks great -- just a perfect size for the Poms!
Do I see some interesting tag material (it looks "softer" than cardstock) and some sort of dimensional damask embellishment?


I love the new flowers and pom-poms thanks for offering them as a drawing!


Those flowers are absolutely beautiful! And, I adore pom pom trim. What about those little stick pins, are you gonna offer those?! Wow! Each day of previews is soooooo exciting!

Toni Slowgrove

All of the flowers are super but the pom pom trim is awesome. What about the chipboard birds in the picture, especially in the right upper corner? I sure would like to use a them & soon...thanks


I LOVE the flowers. Now you have to understand that I am not a flower person and very seldom use flowers, but those just beg to be used. I think I need those flowers.

Laura Sexton

Oh, so beautiful!! Can't wait to get one of each ( or two, or three ...)

Kota Venter

These trimmings would work realy well with vintage pages, do'nt you think?

Toni Slowgrove

Woops! I mean the upper LEFT...sorry


Oh my that is just gorgeous!!


Wow... love all this new stuff...


ohmydog!! i love maya road!!

Wendy G.

Love the beautiful colours and designs of the new trinket blossoms!...the running stitch detail on the petals...the "ribbon" felt flowers...*sigh*.

Wow - the pom pom trim is on my shopping list too!

Cameron H

Gorgeous!!! Especially love the pom-pom trim. Can't wait!

cindy rangel

Wow what great products and there are 4 more days left for more great stuff. I hope my wallet will handle it all.:0)


I love, love, love the flowers they are beautiful. The pom-pom trim is cute too.


I so love these flowers ...I am already thinking of things these will be cool on!

Peggy Forshee

Gotta have them all! Love the trinket flowers. So cute and sweet! The pom-poms are a for sure, how long to wait....I want them now!!!


Lovely! Everything is all so gorgeous! And the attention to detail - Fabulous! Can't wait to add a little (okay - probably a lot) of everything to my stash!

Dana K

Those flowers are so beautiful. I especially love the ones with the stitching along the edge. Can't wait to see what you preview tomorrow

Theresa Andrews

Pom poms are the coolest! They are so retro! I love the new feely flowers


OMG!!! i need it all...i love it


These new products are awesome!

Kimberly (pierides)

Those flowers are stunning! Love the colours!

Erica Hettwer

That pom-pom trim is so flippin' cute! Cute, I tell you! Cute! :D


Love the detail in the flowers, the stitched ones are beautiful! Looking forward to more great stuff from you!!


LOVE the flowers and the trim!

Stephanie Guerrero

OMG!!! You guys have ROCKED it again for sure. I have to have it ALL!!!


Love these gorgeous flowers and trim. So lovely!


The trinket blossoms are amazing!!


The trinket blossoms are amazing!!


The trinket blossoms are amazing!!

Michelle V.

Absolutely LOVE the pom-pom trim!!! So much yummyness!

Pauline Solano

Beautiful array of flowers!! The trinket blossoms immediately catch my eye. Love the jewels in the center, beads in the center. All the various shades of pink!! And the fun pom pom trim. Can't wait

Cathy K.

Beautiful flowers and trim, I am looking forward to picking up some of each!!


Oh my! That trim! Wow.

Nancy L

Oh my. Can we say lush and yummy!


I love the soft look of the new flowers...and great colors!


STOP! you are KILLING me!!!!!

Tracy D

Lovin' the flowers...I don't think I could pick a fave.

Joan Fowler

I want those stitched felt flowers, oh, and the beaded ones too and those pom-pom borders. Okay, I'll take it all. Thanks,



ok those are gorgeous!!!!!!! i would love those so many idea already swirling !!

Jen (Sigmagirl)

Drooollll... Seriously, can it get much yummier??? I am in love with the flowers! Really gorgeous!

Kim M

Those flowers are gorgeous!!! The velvet ones are so beautiful, momma likes!!!!!!


I absolutely LOVE the trinket blossoms... And I agree with those who want the calendar to be released as a "regular" item... I want it too !! :-)

Beth P

those flowers are fabulous!

Raechelle Bellus

oh my goodness!!! These are just gorgeous!!!


Once again, GORGEOUS!! I am just blown away with the beautiful stuff you guys are showing us! And to think, it's only day 3!!


Adorable flowers, very soft and sweet.

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Gorgeous!! Such beautiful, exquisite yummy things...


could these flowers be any more delicious!!!! *droool*


Oh, that pom pom trim...those flowers.. to die for!!!!!


LOVE all those beautiful flowers!

Cathy S

Mmmmmm, yummy. I want to touch those flowers.

Krista Lund


Dale Anne

If only I'd live close to a scrapbook store.......2 hours is the closest. THESE are all LOVELY accessories!!!


okay .. i seriously am in NEED of those pom pom ribbons and those yummy flowers ... move aside prima .. maya road here i come


You guys have got to stop!! They are just getting better and better!!! Looking forward to tomorrow!!

Erika M

Keep the sneak peeks coming -these are absolutely gorgeous. I love what your design team has done with your new items - they are so talented!


WoW!!!! I am loooving all this new stuff. It is so gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands on some of this beautiful new stuff.

Andria B.

Those flowers are absolutely beautiful! WOW!!! I am excited to have some in my stash.

Create a beautiful day -

Andria B.


Oh my, those flowers are sooo pretty! And the trim is great, too. Keep up the great work!

Adora Concepcion

Okay, this is getting better and better, I'm so loving everything!!!! thanks for the peek!

Jennifer Peddicord

These are fabulous! I absolutely love the pom poms! I can't wait to get my hands on that trim.


WOW! What gorgeous flowers and trims! Can't wait for my LSS to get them. I know she'll be buying a lot of your new items.

Michelle OKeefe

yay! I really love the new trims and the flowers are really pretty with the bling centers.

Jennifer Findlay

Those flowers are to die for! Love them!


What cute flowers!!!

aubree greenspun

Love the new flowers...especially those with the stitched edges!!


gorgeous flowers. I especially love the ones in the third picture. Love the stitching on the edge. More and more great stuff!


Gorgeous and sweetly old fashioned. Can't wait to put them to use. Thanks.


Oh my, everything is just beautiful! The colors of everything is stunning and I love the pom-pom trim!

Beverley Todd

Love ALL the new flowers - have seen li'l pom pom trims on some projects but can't get it anywhere - sooooo glad you are doing it ... colours are FAB!!
Really hope the li'l butterfly stick pins are a new release too - they are to die for! & that interesting tag, just in the corner (looks like the work of Lisa Pace to me) - they would be cool ... & is that a new size of chipboard bird???
Luuuurve yesterday's sheers as well - but couldn't get online to tell you so!
OK - think I've finished! LOVE IT ALL!!!


I want it all, love love the blossoms.

Cassandra Lewis

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those flowers!! I have to get some of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it all, but especially the pom-pom trim!


awsome!!!! I love the flowers!!


Nicole P.

my absolute favorites so far!!

Tonja Trump

Those are really cute! I love me some Maya Road!

Mascha van Dijk Zimmerman

Love it need it want it!
Bye Mascha, Netherlands


gorgeous trim and flowers!!!!

Trish Millard

i love the trims! oh what the heck i love it ALL. lol

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