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July 10, 2008


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Okay...I really need to empty out my bank account b/c I want one of every stamp that is coming out!!! The cupcakes look yummy and the animals are too cute!!! MAYA ROAD ROCKS!!! :)

Kim Gust

I can't get enough of clocks, so those stamps are a must-have! I also love the animal stamps -- perfect for scrapping my son's first trip to the zoo!


Oh boy, oh boy! I absolutely adore your new stuff! Thank you for reminding me why Maya Road is one of my favorite sb companies out there! I can't wait to play with all this... =)


Stamps! Clock. Calendar! Cupcakes! What do they have in common? They're calling my name ... I want them all!


Oh me, oh my. What next, MR? Your stuff is most definitely the best ever. The stamps and the Cherry Blossoms - wahoo! Thank you so much for these fantastic giveaways. I Heart You!


being a calendar nerd I need that calendar !! I love it ! the stamps too - tooo cute !!

Kota Venter

Wow, pure eye candy, my mouth is watering!

Kim Sottung #669

Love the bright colors and have to have the stamps! Too cute! Really nice job this year with the new product line!


Yikes!!!Love it all!!!I'll bake you my cupcakes for your stamps!!!


I'm more and more impressed with your products each day! These are sensational! Can't wait to get my hands on them and start creating!!


I'm more and more impressed with your products each day! These are sensational! Can't wait to get my hands on them and start creating!!


It just keeps getting better and better...Love the clocks! I'm totally talking to my LSS about their Maya Road order!!!


Loving the new stamp sets!! Everything looks fabulous!!!


I love time and date stamps -- so I think this is a good release!

Misty K in Ohio

OMG sparkle and stamps what could be better? Love it.

Dawn Malave

OK...I'm a little light headed...I love...all of this!!!! YUMMY!

Cynthia (Citrus Tree Studio)

FANTASTIC sneak peeks today - I love everything !


Oh my goodness - those cupcakes - I'm hyperventilating!

June Goh

OMG i want those stamps!!!


All new stamps are fabulous !

Delphine from France

Judi Markel

I am definitely loving all the new stuff. Can't wait til it comes out so I can get some. Espically love the clocks. I have lots of ideas for some of the new stuff.


Love Love Love it all! Can't wait


Just love the stamps. Hope my LSS will carry them. The cupcakes are to die for along with the clocks. Can't wait to see all of them.

Abby W.

I do believe that I'm going to need those animal stamp sets...and the cupcake one...and the clock one..okay, okay, okay I NEED THEM ALL!!!

Krista Lund

more must haves! i love, love, love the cupcake stamps!!

Dale Paulson

Oh I gotta have the bird chipbooard! I am a nut about anything with birds.
I also love the clock stamps and the Day to Remember one. Can't wait till they hit the stores.


Have credit card-will buy! To all of you out there who have no lss and order online-I got my first trinket beads this week. You cannot appreciated how gorgeous they are looking at them online. They just sparkle!

Rita Timmons

These stamps are awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on some...

Bobbi in KY


Loving everything Maya Road!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Another great day of sneaky peaks!!!! LOVE the cupcake stamps...and the one that has the calendar stuff.. Fun!


More must have, amazing stuff! Love the zoo animals and the coordinating chipboard! And the pins are awesome!


I have some of your stamps, and the quality is great, so I can't wait for the new ones to be available!!Love love love it!!!

Kim M

The clock stamps are my favs, those would get so much use. I love the beads too, my dd is into jewelry making, those would be fab!!

Raquel S

I love the calendar stamp and the beads are so yummy!!! It's all super!!!

Anne Marie Healey

All I can say is WOW! I just love it all! What an adorable bracelet!

terri davenport

Lovin' the stamps!


omgoodness! each day keeps getting better and better!!

mandie segura

These are all so awesome! I'm in love!!!!


The stamps are awesome. I want one of each. I love the zoo animal stamps on the zoo animal key chain. Too cute. Maya Road rocks!!!


Am loving all the stamps!!
but those zoo animals are too cute!

cindy rangel

I love the calendar and the zoo animals. What great products. Yay;)


I'm loving all of this stuff! The cupcakes are my favorite!


Oh my gosh, I totally love the stamps. I squealed when I saw the animals...so cute!


More great things to put on my shopping list. Thank you!


More great things to put on my shopping list. Thank you!


Calendar stamps.... i need those calendar stamps.

Becky Thompson

I can see all the days coming together now and I really MUST have it all!! Now I just need Ed McMann to bring me my millions and I'm set! LOL I can't wait to get a hold of everything. Thanks so much for sharing!!


Wonderful ! I love the Cupcakes Stamps !! And the Birds chipboards are amazing...

Andria B.

Holy, Moley! I believe you are my new favorite company!!!! I can hardly wait to play with all these goodies!!!

Create a beautiful day!!

Andria B.


i loooooooovvvvvveee alll of it gorgeous gorgeous !!!!


Golly Gee! I am beside myself, where will I start,
at the beginning AND I WILL HAVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!

Irene Lenihan

Oh Oh.... those stamps are great. And that bracelet..... what a clever idea. Maybe I should get a second job now so I can earn enough to buy it all when it comes out.


OMG what will you guys think of next I really, really would love to be successful in winning this blog candy, as I will have to get every thing so far revealed and that that would mean no eating for ages!!!


The sneak peeks keep getting better every day! What great designers you have, kudos to them.


Love the new stamps and the jewelled top pins are a fabulous addition to the MR wonders. M.R. ROCKS!!

jan williams

These are all a must have for me!!!!!

Andrea G

Loving the new stamps! Those cupcakes are ADORABLE!

marjorie donovan

great stamps and the storage conatiners are perfect too.


More great looking products--can't wait to play with these!

Robin O

Love the new eye candy, I must have those cupcake stamps !!!


Just love the stamps. So many ideas and just flying in my head.

Nancy K

Clocks and calendars what can get better? I love them can't wait to create with them.

Cindy King

These are all really cool. I love the bracelet and the clock stamps!


Absolutely wonderful stamps! I just love stamps & yours are MUST HAVES! I saw the bracelet yesterday on creative corner, gonna have to make one of those!!!


i love Maya Road!!


Can it get any better?? Love, love, love cupcake stamps! And everything else! LOL

Michelle Matyi

I'm not a big stamper, but these are just so cute. I will definitely be looking for these.

Jenn Allen

The animal stamps and chipboard are adorable! Perfect for scrapping babies or just a trip to the zoo! I CAN'T WAIT to make that bracelet! How cute is that?!?!


Love the birds & branches & date stamps! And the trinkets... well, all of it! LOL

Beth P

congrats on a great summer release. i love everything i've seen!


Wow! I am going to have to get a second job! I NEED all of these stamps! And I love that you guys are coming out with those jeweled topped pins. I love it all.


Seriously, I am in real need of those clock & cupcake stamps. Those are to die for. Hot Maya Road, Hot!

Michelle V.

So much yummy stuff. Love the Animal key chains and especially the stamps to go with them!!

Cindy Vernon

I have to have those cupcake stamps. They rock! Can't wait to see all the new product.

Stephanie Guerrero

I HAVE to have it ALL!!! LOL


Love the clock and date stamps.


Crazy, awesome stuff--I want it all!!!


Crazy, awesome stuff--I want it all!!!


Okay, wow....those stamps are to die for! I can't wait to get my hands on them to play with! Maya Road comes through with genius once again!


Okay, wow....those stamps are to die for! I can't wait to get my hands on them to play with! Maya Road comes through with genius once again!


I love the new stamps. What a cool bracelet, too!

Kim P.

LOVIN' the stamps!

Celeste B.

Great stamps. I love the scallop date one the best.

Vicki J. Wade

That bracelet is ADORABLE! I'm heading to the Creative area online to view those directions / more photos.


Love that the stamps fit the chipboard perfectly and that bracelet is gorgeous!

Bianca Gaspard

I want those clock stamps. I can't wait to find them in the stores. The product is just amazing that you are bringing out!!!

Erica Hettwer

Must...make...bracelet!!!! Adorable!!! :D


The glitter is so vintage..love it...but my fav has to be the time stamps!! Thanks again for sharing!


omg I love love love love love love love stamps!!!!!!:D


The clock stamps caught my eye right away! Awesome!


seriously killing me here with all this goodness!


LOVING the CUPCAKES!!! Could they be any more adorable????


oh i hope someone will stock those beads in the uk as thye are sooo cute and a must have

donna rahal

When will you start shipping these? I want, I want, I WANT!


Oh my!!! It really looks GREAT!!!!


Oh my!!! You've outdid yourselves from yesterday! Who doesn't need more stamps, they are great. PLEASE pick me! I would share them would all my scrappy friends, and those trinkets wowsers!


Love it all!!! Can't wait!!

Rachel D

Love the calendar and cupcake stamps! Can't wait to get my hands on them!

Jennifer Findlay

Those chip birds look great and I am loving that claendar stamp set! Love it all!


O my goodies, I absolutely love those stamps. Hope they will be sold here in the Netherlands as well.

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