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July 11, 2008


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Kriss Cramer

Does it get any better than this? Every day something new, something great, something amazing. You guys keep out-doing yourselves with each post. I'm so glad there is Maya Roads. You're products are trendy, fun, and overall incredible. Great job!

Rene Mewes

I love these chopboard designs. There are so many ways to emblelish them I love the glazed letters. And those flower gems - WOW!

Rene' Mewes


Can't go a day without my Maya Road. I can hardly wait to see what's next. How much better can it get?


Laura Warren

Oh my gosh! I love the flowers, the chipboard sheets - and that cherry blossom set is *awesome*. (so is that album using it). I've got so much on my list to buy from MR, I won't have any $$ to spend anywhere else!

Jen harrison

Those are really awesome chipboard pieces. I want one of each!! I esp. love the butterflys and cupcakes! Can't wait till their in store!


an extra prize pack and so many goodies! you all are great!!


this chipboard is so cool! i LOVE it!

Beth Warren

I think this may be my favorite sneak peek yet! I love the bling, especially that orange colored flower. (prefer the colors). Love the Cherry Blossom set. Those butterflies are gorgeous. And love that you are doing another prize pack - WoohooooO!

wendy vecchi

TO DIE FOR COOL flower jewels!!!!!
I'm thrilled with these!!...and the sheets...and the Cherry blossom set........
SWEET stuff!

Beth P

oh my gosh i love the jewels and the new chipboard!


I just love all the new chipboard. Can't wait to buy, buy, buy...

pam dean

I can't wait to get my hands on this. I love the sneek peaks you are inspiring me to go be creative! Love it!


These designs are incredible! Such gorgeous shapes and to then show us the finished projects -- wow!! Really getting excited for these to be released!

Alecia Castro

Wow, wow, WOW!!! So much fun chipboard here and the jewels... OMG!!


WOW! Everything is so cool! Loving the bling.


Loving the bling. Everything is so cool!

Michelle Gauthier

Love these new chipboard choices! The birds look gorgeous done with the glitter! I'm dying to do a little MR shopping!

Chriss J

Here is what I think...the chip board pieces and jewels are awesome! Great for collage elements too! Wonderful! Good luck with your new products. Thanks
for a chance to win!

Chriss J

Here is what I think...the chip board pieces and jewels are awesome! Great for collage elements too! Wonderful! Good luck with your new products. Thanks
for a chance to win!


Love the bling and everything else!

Courtney C

I love the butterflies and jewels! Very nice.

Kim F.

This is awesome! Love everything you guys have done!! I can't wait to get my hands on these...keep up the good work!!


Great new chipboard designs. I love them.

I also would love additional inspiration from your design team!


Jewels, butterflies, birds.....everthing is a must to have...love them!

Heather V

Ooooh! I just love it all! The cherry blossoms are my fav. set! I can't wait to get my hands on all the new pretties!!!

Laura Huffman

Wow!!! love the shapes of the chipboard, and those glass flowers. great job putting out such awesome new product.


How can it be possible that each day is better than the day before? The products are amazing and the creative team is brilliant. Yes, please share more projects to get our creative juices flowing!!


I must say, I love the new chipboard. I need some of those especialy the butterflies


I love the butterfly chipboards (great tip about the stenciling), and the bling. Thanks for offering the prize packs. The samples look great.

Michelle Welch

Love it all! And the samples are just yummy. Do we want another chance on Monday? Of course we do!


More chipboard...I love chipboard!!! Can't wait to see it and buy it.

Dana K

I need to start a shopping list! I love the celebrate chipboard shapes. Definitely have a day 8. I love seeing the ideas the design team comes up with. Thanks for sharing.

Dale Paulson

OMG!!! The jewels are gorgeous. Just when we thought the industry was in a slump you guys come up with some great stuff!.
Thank you, can't wait to get my hands on it.


Wow looks yummy.

Shawn Wenrich

Butterflies are my favs right now but everything you're showing me is on my wishlist. Awesome!


Oh my all that chipboard.I think the butterflies are my fav....thanks for sharing wiht us.


Holy cow! Those chipboard designs are stunning! I want them all!

Kim P.

I am a BIG fan of your chipboard and am so pleased to see that you are releasing more! Can't wait to get those cupcakes and well everything else - how can I possibly limt myself???

Pamela Bennett

WOW! I love chipboard especially the butterflies,embossing them,crackle paint,glitter, I can`t wait to get them, they are so neat and the cupcakes as well.


oh. What can I say but. Yum. :D


First of all, thank you for all the sneak peeks...I LOVE everything! The chipboard sets and the flower jewels will be so much fun to work with. The cupcakes are my favourite. I love the fact that we can now purchase individual chipboard sheets...the possibilities are endless. What's the perfect tool to use in creating certain shapes? I doubt a regular scissor would suffice, right? :)I must say that Maya Road is exceptionally unique with its product...it's unlike anything out there...definitely #1 in my eyes. Thanks for showing some of the finished projects using the products...they are amazingly beautiful and they overwhelm me with oodles of ideas...something to make anyone's day. :) Have a fantastic time at CHA and I look forward to purchasing your product in the near future....thanks again!


Again, another great day of peeks. Love the chipboard sheets and have to have the tin of cupcakes. Love the party hats too. Best week ever!!

Georgia Guadiana

Amazing! I can't wait to get my hand into all of this!


The cherry blossom chipboard is georgous! I'm loving the cupcake and butterflies too. Great job Maya Road!

Angelica Turner

Wow, it just keeps getting better, love it and want it all.

gail c

I am so glad I found this site! I am loving all these sneaks and I cannot wait to get my handson some ofhtis stuff- waht a way to get my creative juices flowing! I want to scrap NOW but I am heading into work!! uggh,...this leaves me wanting to see more...keep up the good work and your DT is awesome!

Julie G

creativity abounds here! i relly like that you show examples....and what great inspiration it is!


I am loving the sneak peeks!! That cupcake set is fabulous...I already have ideas spinning around in my head. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

aubree greenspun

can't wait to see all of the new chipboard in person!!


Wow love the chipboard and the flower jewels are fantastic! Love the butterflies, birds and lovin all the inpspiration! Thanks for the additional peek on Monday!


Wow love the chipboard and the flower jewels are fantastic! Love the butterflies, birds and lovin all the inpspiration! Thanks for the additional peek on Monday!

Robin O

Can't wait for the cupcake chipboard love it :) Also really liking the butterflies and what the design team did with them.


Wow love the chipboard and the flower jewels are fantastic! Love the butterflies, birds and lovin all the inpspiration! Thanks for the additional peek on Monday!

Janet Zeppa

So much eye candy! You have really outdone yourselves!! Bravo!


Cupcakes (with no calories!!!), butterflies and bling. This is total scrappy perfection. Love love love this. You seem to have endless ideas for new things.

Sarah Schwerin

Gorgeous! The butterflies look amazing! Totally loving the blog as well! Maya Road - YOU ROCK!


The butterflies are lovely, as are everything else. Can't wait for them to hit the shelves.


Wow that is all I have to say!!!!


Oh, love it!!! I want all of it.


You're KILLING me with all these adorable CUPCAKES!!! Totally loving the new chipboard set. You people are GENIUSES I tell you!! How you continue to come up with fabulous idea after fabulous idea I will never know. YOU ROCK!

Krista Lund

oh my! love the sparkles and the cupcake coaster!

cindy rangel

Thanks for bringing in some Asian accents . I love to purchase asian items as we adopted our daughter from China and would love more products like lanterns and cherry blossoms. YES YES YES to the additional goodies as prizes -how kind you are to let us win these great goodies.

Judi Markel

Holy cow! A whole lot more fun things to buy and decorate. I espically love the flower gems. Can't wait to see what is next.

Karen White

I really love the shapes of these chipboards! I will have to get everyone of them and I think the bling will be another item to purchase.
Seeing what the Design Team does will inspire me, too!

Karen (Nana) in OK

terri davenport

These are wonderful! Lovin' the bling!

Abby W.

Those butterflies are amazing!! I want some!!!

Katherine McKamey

Oooooh! I love the birds and branches!! I can hardly wait to see these irl! The bling flowers are a super deal and so pretty too. But the Cupcake coasters and the Butterfly sheets are AWESOME!! So much fun anticipating this new launch. I would love to see what the MR DT comes up with!Thanks for all the fun opportunities!!


I love the blossoms, I love the cupcakes, I love the clocks, I love the butterflies, I love, love, love everything I've seen this week. Gollee!!!!


Wow, wow, wow! Love the cupcake chipboard. I definitely need that for my twins first birthday party in August....I may have to be patient and wait until my local store get them in, though!


Loving all the chipboard!!
Great shapes, can't wait to see them here in Oz :)
Thanks for the sneek peeks.

~ alli ~

Those chipboard WORDS are too cool! You guys are the best!


Beautiful new products! I cannot wait to get my hands on some of them!!

donna rahal

Okay, I am breathing easier today, nice stuff but I liked days 1-3 better. I needed a break from holding my breath!


Simply love the cupcake/calorie free chipboard set. I'll have to have some friends over and have a scrap party when I buy these. You've done it again. Love the sneek peeks!!


I love the chipboard words. Those are going to look great on layouts and on cards!

audrey h.

I am loving all these sneak peeks you are sharing. These chipboard pieces are awesome. Love those cupcakes. Really love all the past days peeks. I almost fell over when I saw the cog/gear book. I love cogs/gears. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful exciting stuff and the projects from the dt are so inpiring :)

Mary Rowe

So much fun from one company! Love the chipboard sets... the variety will get a lot of scrapping time at my house.

Cynthia (Citrus Tree Studio)

WOW, each day just keeps getting better and better - so exciting !

Pauline Solano

Summer is here! Flower jewels, butterfly chipboard and I imagine a layout with both celebrating summer.The Cupcakes chipboard set for all our family summer birthdays!! Maya Road delivers!!!

Kim Gust

I love the butterflies and the flower jewels!!! I can't wait!


I love it all! The project with the glittered chipboard birds is gorgeous!


They all look awesome. I especially love the chipboard birds and boughs


LOve your products, keep them coming!!


Love it all! I am in cupcake & bling heaven here, and cannot wait until they are available.
As for Monday, I have made sure my calendar is clear to spend time at the Maya Road blog, it would be a pleasure to see more work from the DT and of course another giveaway would be like cherry on a cupcake.


I love the butterflies, oh yeah and the cupcake chipboard, so cute:)

Bobbi in KY

I"M LOVING those sheets of chipboard!!!! I've already got WAY TOO MANY of your tins that I can't bear to part with!! everything maya road is AWESOME!! thanks for the chance to win!!


It really doesn't get any better - I want it all! And another chance to win a prize pack? I'll take that too!

shari walker

Love the new chipboard, can't wait to use them..


I am in love, I really don't know what my favourite is! the possibilities are endless!
MAYA ROAD YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita Timmons

WOW! These are awesome. I can't wait to get my hands on all of this new stuff! THANKS!


WOW! Again! Tell me again how soon I can get my hands on your new goodies?!?!

Michelle OKeefe

All of my favorites - birds, party, butterflies. The jewels are so pretty!

Erika M

My goodness - it just keeps getting better and better - love it love it love it.


Love all the shapes! Those gems are super cute!


Oh My. Butterfly Butterfly, up so high, please come and land on my studio table. Oh yeah - and bring your lunch tin and all the chipboard pieces with you. Thank you Maya Road - you're the best ... HONEST!

Dee M.

every day keeps getting better and the topper is an extra day - thank you for being wonderful!


I love all of the sneek peeks this week! I can't wait till their in stores.My faves are the key album, singleton stamps w/date circle, cupcake stamp set, sheer tickets/ a day to remember sets, birds, cherry blossoms & branches chipboard set, as well as the butterfly set. I just wanted to tell you the birds & branches sign from yesterday and the key album from today are fantastic!!!! Great design work. Keep up the great work can't wait to see what else you come up with.


I just love the sheers, and the jeweled flowers and the animal stamps and the chipboard.... So much candy! and so little time to scrap! I need to escape to a little corner, just me, my Maya Road candy and creativity!


OMG.....I just love the new chipboard sets, stamps and jewels. My favs are the butterfly chipboards, the new jewel line and the cute cupcake stamps. Are they back yet????? Can wait to purchase.


Everything is gorgeous and I'd love to see more projects from the DT. Monday sounds like a fab idea.

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