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July 12, 2008


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Mel Nunn

Oh my gosh!! Clear albums... I am in love! And that cupcake ribbon is so damn cute!

Wendy West

I am in love with those clear ribbons!!!

Michelle V.

WOW! I think these are my favourite of your releases so far. I really need to have these babies.


i love the clear ribbons especially the owls and the cupcakes

Pamela Bennett

Ohhh, those clear albums are to die for, must get them all! I love,love,love the sheer snowflake ribbon and the owls are very cute. I think the clear ribbons are going to be a hit! Will you also have a clear Christmas ribbon maybe a holly or santa ribbon and maybe a numerical countdown for the New Year? That would be so cool.


I adore the acrylic albums and the clear ribbon and ... well actually I adore everything I've seen during your sneak peek week!!

Mia C.

Oh my word! Those albums are so cool. And the ribbons are just too precious. Love the cupcake one.


Wow, I love the new products, especially the snowflake ribbon. But most of all I love that you are making them affordable for everyone. Now I don't have to cut back on my art! Thank you!!!


Sheer snowflake ribbon...WOW! I can feel another snow season album coming on...& the cupcake one is perfect for b'day cards!

Kriss Cramer

More great stuff! Thanks! I especially like the clear ribbon with owls. Super idea.


The silver snowflake ribbon?.....WOW!!!!


I can see I am going to be seriously broke. Love the clear albums :-) And those sheer ribbons!!! Very cute owls :-)


WOW - I was glad to see the sheer scalloped album and then when I saw the sheer ribbon I was thinking how much better can it get? Love the OWL. Your designers are the BEST. Keep it coming :)


Love those clear ribbons. :D


Love that clear ribbon! Wow and clear albums. What grear prices on the stamps! I WANT IT ALL!!!!!


WOW! Loving both the clear albums and the ribbons.

Mary Walker

I just love the clear ribbon and rub ons.Its hard to find nice quialty and beautiful things to decorate the clear alumbs. But you did it.Great Job again .Mary


Not my thing today.

Kerry Kiff

Wow! More great stuff every day- it just keeps on getting better and better! Those sheer ribbons are excellent!

Laura Warren

GORGEOUS, love the sheer albums, cupcake & owl ribbons...my wallet is going to be so empty once all this arrives.

Beth Warren

I love the clear albums and new ribbons, they are so pretty!

Celeste B.

Great price on the mini acrylic album. And love the cupcake and owl sheer ribbon. How cute.


Well there can't be too many clearalbums!! :D


ooooh those clear albums are so cute... I hope we can get them here in the UK too!!

Greta Cook

I'm gonna have to ask the boss for a raise to get all these new goodies! Can't believe the great price on the arcylic albums. The rubons and the sheer ribbons are must haves, especially the snow flake sheer!

Janet Zeppa

It is "sheer" ectstasy!!!

Barb Satter

Those ribbons are adorable - love, love, love the snowflakes and the cupcakes! WOW!

kimberly b

ok sheer cupcake ribbons now i think i am in scrap heaven boy i cant wait to try all of these goodies keep up the amazing ideas thanks

Becky Thompson

I haven't tried a clear album yet but I really like the idea of the sheer ribbons to match. I may have to step outside my box and try some. LOVE the snowflake ribbon!!!


I love the idea of the thicker acrylic albums...I'm now looking forward to those too!!!!

Alison Woodstock

Love all your products, just wish I had the money to purchase many many more, but I can sit at my computer and look at all the wonderful ideas, and dream!!!! Keep up the good work!

Beth P

i've been so pleasantly surprised on all the pricing you've mentioned. i love the clear ribbons - silver is cool!


I have been loving all the peeks. I'm super excited about this one - I would love to make mini-albums!

Kimberly (pierides)

Love, love the clear albums!

Kim Sonksen

You guys are seriously killing me with all the cupcake goodness

Bobbi in KY

OK-I think my whole scrapbooking budget will be going to Maya Road this time!!! this stuff is so AWESOME!! I don't know how you guys come up with it all, but I'm glad that you do-WOOHOO


The first day I would say that there was nothing more surprising and beautiful to show to us. I WAS TERRIBLY WRONG!!!!!!!
These clear albums, these ribbons - they are AWESOME!


OMG!!! These are Beautiful and I just love them!


I love the clear albums and what a better way to accent them than with the clear ribbon! Can't wait to create with them!


My favorite peeks yet! Love that new accordian album and the new sheer ribbons! I'm so excited for all of these new releases. I'll be stalking my LSS. :)

Shawn Wenrich

I have never made an acrylic album before but the coaster example is very inspiring! Luv the sheer ribbons too. Since you do read the comments my two cents worth, I absolutely luv project kits that I can purchase. Kits are always nice but lacking time a kit with a project and instructions just makes the process so much easier.


Can't wait to try out a new clear album!!


Can't wait to try out a new clear album!!

Annie A

I absolutely adore the clear albums and I just love the cupcakes and owls on the sheer ribbon. Loving it all-just keep it coming!!!

Shauna Miller

OMGosh!! I am going to be soo broke after all these new goodies come out! Everything is so fabulous!


I can clearly see why I LOVE Maya Road products. They are clearly wonderful! Thank you again for the sneek peek.

Linh Chin-Lai

I love those clear ribbons!


Oh my...the ribbon is fab-u.

Anna Sigga

Ohh my love love love these albums and the rub-ons!

Dale Anne

Oh my Oh MY.......the albums are adorable, the ribbons are gorgeous, and the rubons are FAB!!!


WOW - love it all and especially the cupcake ribbons!


More great stuff! Thanks for the peaks!


Oh my gosh. That album is so darn cute!!! Yippee for new acrylics!


Clear albums?!?! I can't wait to get my hands on a few of those!

adora concepcion

wow!!! i love it more and more everyday!


I love the clear ribbon and of course the clear albums!



Acrylic? Zowwwwie! Can't wait to get my hands on these albums. Thank you soooo much!

Andria B.

I love that you are making clear albums - it is a great addition to your line of products. The ribbons ARE so beautiful. I LOVE the picks - just hate having to wait to buy everything!! Thanks for the fun week!

Create a beautiful day!

Andria B.


I love the albums, and the ribbon, OMG the price, I am loving it as most clear albums are out of my budget ! Thanks for the sneaks been loving them!

Laraine R

Love them all!! Especially the snowflake ribbon!!!

Kim M

I love the size of that smallest album, sooo cute and that owl ribbon is to die for!!!

Laraine R

Love them all!! Especially the snowflake ribbon!!!


Love all of the clear stuff especially the ribbons!


Love the stuff but the owl ribbon is awesome.

Beverley Todd

Every day I think it can't get any better ... & every day it does! I love the new acrylic albums - fab price & I love that they are thick!! & the new sheer ribbons - just too cute!!
& a promise of new rub ons too???? Fabulous!

Judi Markel

I can't wait for all the new stuff to come out. The rubons are great and more sheer ribbons coming too. I had just bought some of the sheer ribbons and love them. I am gonna have to win the lottery just so I can buy everything. Thanks for all the sneak peaks of the new goodies.

April Jaehn

Gasp, those clear ribbons are so cute!! What a great idea!!
: )april

Michelle Matyi

OMG! I think these are my favorite so far. The albums are adorable, and the ribbons are just gorgous. Sheer ribbon, what a great idea!


Yep, gotta have those albums and the owl and snowflake ribbon!!! Just adorable!


I like some of the ribbons,


This has been such a fun week! There has been something new in each sneak peek that will be a "must have" for me. Today it is the acrylic albums! Love them!! Mini albums really are just the best! I can't wait to get started!!! Happy weekend!!


LOVE the snowflake clear ribbon - very classy. All of your mini albums are great. Looking forward to finding all your new releases in stores. :)

Denise in Michigan

Love the thickness on your accordion album. Now to learn how to "use" them...at CE08 ;)


I thought everything looked great but then when I saw the clear ribbon...I just fell over. Nice job MR.


More yummy new products. The selections just keep getting better and better. Love all these clear goodies. The clear ribbons look fantastic.


I thought everything looked great but then when I saw the clear ribbon...I just fell over. Nice job MR.


OMG! I am already in love with clear albums, and these look so fun! And now clear ribbon??!! Be still my heart! :) I so need some of that, it would go perfectly in the clear albums -- or on anything else, for that matter!!


I think it's wonderful you can do those albums for that price - it's brilliant! I absolutely love the owl ribbon - it's adorable.


more owl stuff, love owls, love owls, love owls, thankyou thankyou thankyou
this is all too damn cute,
love the snowflake ribbon

Karen White

I want to try those albums and the price is great!
Matter of fact I really like all of these products especially the chipboards.

Karen (Nana) in OK

Sherry Letchford

Saw these clear albums done on our IPBS they are so pretty I can't wait to get one and your ribbon...let's just say I heard it calling my name.


Oh I can see using one of those scallop album, with one of those new chipboard cupcakes on the front of it, and tie it up with some of that clear cupcake ribbon. I am truly loving these sneak peeks!

Laura Plunk

Ohhhhh I am breaking out in a sweat just looking at this stuff........
How long before it hits the stores???
Laura P


WOW! The sheer stuff is BEAUTIFUL! Hoping i'm a winner! Sheer ribbon is to die for!


WOW! The sheer stuff is BEAUTIFUL! Hoping i'm a winner! Sheer ribbon is to die for!


WOW! The sheer stuff is BEAUTIFUL! Hoping i'm a winner! Sheer ribbon is to die for!


I'm trying to decide if I can go back to a constant menu of boxed macaroni and cheese and frozen mini pot pies, like when I was a broke, married college student eons ago, so that I can spend ALL of my money on these great Maya Road products. Your prices are fantastic, but I WANT IT ALL and I WANT ALL OF IT NOW!!! I can only imagine how much fun it was for you this past year developing these great new products.


Totally love it all. The clear albums look so fun & I especially love the sheer owl ribbon :)


I cannot WAIT until this stuff hits the shores in Australia.. I am going to be waiting dockside!!!

Carrie K

eeeekkkk....OWLS!! love that ribbon!!!

thanks for making the acrylic albums affordable!!!


The clear ribbons are my fave!

Patti Rodgers

I heart the clear ribbons. And affordable acrylic albums - amazing. Will they come in bigger sizes, ie. 8in. or larger? Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.


OMG, sheer ribbon to match! That is so unique. I love all of it.

Rita Timmons

I love the clear albums... very cool. THanks for the sneak peek.

June Goh

I'm keeping my eye out for the clear ribbons especially the owls and the cupcakes


I LOVE clear albums! Those sheer ribbons are just beautiful! I love them!


I love all that's shown today. The clear albums .hmmm... the sheer ribbons, esp the cupcakes and owls!

Erika M

I absolutely love the clear albums. Can't wait-can't wait

Raquel S

I love your mini albums and now that they're available in acrylic I'll be drooling til I get my hands on one of them!!

Lori H.

Clear acrylic for albums...who would have thought! The jewels, love those! Scroll rub-ons are fab!

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