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July 13, 2008


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I am so looking forward to September and getting to see all these cool products in person! Thanks for the sneak peek!!!! Love it all


I really love the mini books.


WOW - everything is so cute!!! Thank you for all the inspirations! Thank you for all those goodies!
I'm really looking forward to collecting them all :)


Love the MR Mists. The possibilites are endless. The chipboard sheets and dino stamps are terrific!!! What a week of surprises. Can't wait to start shopping & scrappin'. Thanks for your wonderful products!!!


Love the dinosaurs!


The wait is going to seem endless-you have got it all now. How much are your mists going to be? It is going to make everything so much easier being able to get all you need from one supplier. Got to say it-guys we love you!


MR Mists!!! Can't wait to see the colors in person. Best of luck with customs. I hear that can take months to clear. Thanks for all the sneak peaks. I'll be watching at my lss for these great new products.

Shelley Haganman

W-O-W!!!!! That's all I can say! I am so excited to see all this! Shelley

Kim Sonksen

You had me at the word glimmer.....how freakin cool are those colours??? Another Must-Have item


I love the staggered scalloped chipboard album! Can't wait for it!

But .. "proper spraying technique"??? Is this going to be like the infamous "special rub on technique" that, to public knowledge, only 4 people in Arizona were able to successfully complete?

Dale Anne

Everything is FAB!!!
Can't wait to see it in person at some local store this fall........

Wendy Antenucci

What wonderful products and inspiration! Loving everything.

Janet Zeppa

It all looks wonderful and can't wait to see it in real life! Congrats on all the new releases!


You keep outdoing yourselves and my jaw never really re-attaches before you make me drop it again...!! :D

Patti Rodgers

I love the chipboard and am very interested in the mists. Will you be offering classes at stores around the country? Can't wait to have it all!!!!

Kimberly (pierides)

Love the dinosaur stamps! Too cute! Love the idea of the mists.

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Yeah!!!!! Maya Mist! Too darn fun.. and those color combos are gonna keep us all very very busy!!!


I like the mist ideas. Very cool. Can't wait to try those out!


Just checking in on the sneak peeks for the first time today and I must say I'm overwhelmed!! You guys have such an amazing variety of fun products coming out. I can't wait to see them IRL and am just itching to play with them! Keep them comin'!

Pauline Solano

Maya mist!! Can't wait to buy the layered edge chipboard album with all the various scallops. Keep all the products coming!!!


I think the idea for the mini books and elements all sold together is great!! I will have to get one of those when they are available. Can't wait!

April :)

Tagnia Clark

I love it all!!!


Another amazing post! Love the new chipboard albums! The projects shown are so inspiring...I can't wait to get playing with these new goodies! Thanks for sparking my creativity! :)

Anna M-W

I can't stand all the teasing! I want it all now!

Pamela Bennett

Maya Mists how cool, can`t wait for them! great little mini books. We`re going to blow the bank account on these.

Annie A

Again, more fabulous sneak peeks. I can't wait until these are all available at my LSS. Loving it all.

Greta Cook

You hit new stratosphere's today with the new peeks. It's been awesome all week, but these are today's post is the best! So love the mini chipboard albums and the Maya Mist's. Love how they appear to cover the chip board with great colors so evenly. The metallics are to die for! The dino stamps are cool too, my 3 yr will want to take them from me and use them. Thanks for sharing all the peeks this week. Can't wait to buy all these new goodies!

June Goh

love the mist effects and my son would love the dino stamps.


Mist in many colours - can't wait to try them!


Wow wow wow
love it ....
question chipboard boys word
love that techinque but have I miss something how did you get the embossed look.... please tell or is it something new?

Helen J

i did 3 of the Maya Road classes in Brisbane so i got a sneak of some of this stuff..........totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


-First, I must say that the DT has done a fabulous job. All of their work is such a treat to look at. Of course after seeing the work and the products together, I will need every single piece that has been shown. I'm in so much trouble, love it all!

-thank you for answering those questions - I found it to be very helpful.

~ alli ~

Mists look way cool!

Beth Warren

LOVE the new Maya mists, can't wait to use them.

Laura Warren

The new products are beautiful as always, look forward to seeing them in person.

Becky Thompson

Again, I'm all over that chipboard. I'd like to try the mist since I usually just cover my blank board. Is it in a bottle so I don't need a brush and all that other mess?


Thanks for the idea cards, and, can't wait for the little minibooks!


Wow ... you guys just keep the stuff coming don't you. Amazing. Really looking forward to being able to purchase it :-) Those dino's look so cute and the mist looks fab :-)


Beautiful samples - your design team rocks!

Ruby Craft

Maya Mist looks fantastic. I love that you can layer it to get different effects!


Love it! I can't wait to get my hands on this. I love the sneek peaks and all of this is so inspiring me to go be creative!


Love the mists!


here's my comment - thanks for all the great products

Michelle V.

Oh my....Love them all!!

Bobbi in KY

Maya Road mists-how AWESOME!! How much will the retail price be??? I so hope to win/buy these!!

Erica Hettwer

This has been the best sneek yet! :D


Genius!!! Gorgeous mists that are permanent??? WOW! That shirt is too cute... I am definately making one for my son! Thanks!

audrey h.

Love the little chipboard book. the sample is gorgeous. I will definitely have to be getting those dino stamps. My son and I love dinosaurs :)

becky d.

maya mist -- i think i am going to need them all!! and i love the mini book from the sheet -- awesome concept!

Angie S

I'm just awed! The inspiration just does not stop! Your DT has done an outrageous job showcasing your products! OH MY and another MUST have those adorable dino stamps! Thank you for thinking of those that have boys!


too cool are those Maya mists and that altered project looks cool WITH the ball chain instead of the rings! Cannot wait for September!


Loving everything I see! Those little dino stamps are so cute!


Oh I love those dinosaurs!!! I just love all of it!!


Love all of it!!!

I love the idea of the mini books with all the elements sold together is great!!


The mini album sheets are a fantastic idea, what a great project to share with my kids, so affordable too. I really love the Maya Mist, the effects are beautiful :)

Laraine R

Can't wait til I get my hands on all this new stuff!!


I so can't wait for these! They'll make fabulous classes!


Really loving the albums and can't wait to try the Maya Mists!!
I will be on the lookout for the free project cards! :-)


i love that you're having your clear albums in all these wonderful shapes and at great prices too! and you're having a maya mist too!!! so much to look forward to! thanks!!!!

Maria Grosson

Just love all the new stuff that is coming out.



Awesome job! I love how you are mixing and matching. I think it is great that the edges don't all look the same on the books. I have the perfect picts for these cute dinos!

arlsmom aka lynda

Love that you are answering questions as well as peeks...so on the ball!!!
Love the new mini-album punchouts...
Will the mist come in sets or are they sold one by one? Can't wait to get my hands on them....they look yummy!


very yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love all the new goodies!

Bibi R.

I'm absolutely lovin' the chipboard sheets! The dino stamps are too cute, and I'm def. gonna have to try the Mists. Love all the examples! You guys are FABU!!


WHERE do y'all get your fantastic ideas? They are the best. Can't say there's anything I don't lust after. Thank you!


This stuff is great!


okay, okay, each day, I think this is tops, but next day you have another great one. Wow!! woo-hoo!!! those dina stamps, whole chipboard mini album,and then the Maya Mist; my fingers are anxious to get them on all your amazing new products.
Also you're right, "talented DT"; they make the products shine!!!


Love all the chipboard embelishments. Can't wait for the "recipe" cards.


love the mini books, and ohhh the dino stamps.... and... ohh my the crowns are beautiful too!!!


Awesome stuff! Mini books and Maya Road mists. . .definitely on my lists.


I love the dino stamps - so cute - and also the new mists for the chipboard. I am always trying to find the best way to cover these products! Thanks for the peeks!

Jackie Hyland

Very very fun...

Sara R.

I am thoroughly impressed with all this! Can't wait to work with the new acrylic and chipboard mini album sets. And that pigment looks PERFECT!


Thank you for filling us in on so much information and inspiration. Looks beautiful and cute.


Oh I need some of these mini books and elements for my 3 lil grandsons! Please??

Erika M

I can't wait until all this stuff is available. I'll probably go broke.


More cool ideas! Love the mini chipboards and the mist.


What an easy way to color chipboard!! And so many other things!!!


ahhh... mists... Love them and these look sparkly... Girl needs sparkles!!! Yes... It will be hard to wait for all these goodies until Sept/Oct.....


So many cool new products - I could spend a year happily wallowing in nothing but Maya Road! Thanks for providing such an awesome, versatile selection of products; who's Muse wouldn't be happy with all these to play with?


Cute dinos. Love it all.

Caryl Faith Briones

First, I love the mini album sheet. It's so cute and the price is very affordable for a budget conscious scrapper like me.
Second, the MR Mist is a must have product. I love that you came up with this coz I'm a DIY kind of scrapper and i can do a lot with this.
Thanks MR for coming up with great products.

Raechelle Bellus

LOVE the MR mists! These are going to be another must have! Amazing stuff I tell ya!

cindy rangel

i love the mist idea but I don't know how to use them. I think the idea cards are gonna be helpful. Hopefully you can guide us on how to use the mists and layering of color on the chipboard -it looks amazing.


The mini chipboard albums would be so quick and easy and inexpensive to work with. I can see them now with embossed metal on them!


This week has been FABULOUS!! :)Thanks so much!! Those dino stamps are adorable...love how illuminating it appears on the office sheer. The mini albums are great! Transforming the chipboard sheets into these cool albums look simple enough...plus having the chipboard accents to go with it makes the process even more fun and exciting.
My goodness, I really like the Maya Mist colours...I can't wait to use them. They look fade-resistant...the colours are bold and strong...they really make a striking point..."look at me!!" :) I think the prices are pretty incredible as well...thank you!! Thanks for the fantastic week of endless inspiration...I look forward to seeing MR products on store shelves. I feel like a kid in a candy store...there's so much to love...but only so much one can buy...and now with these prices...you've made it easier on all of us. :)You all SHINE in my eyes!! Thank you!!!


Love the Mist!! I can't wait to get my little hand on all the goodies:) So much fun to be had!!

Janey P

So I am going to get a second job so I can buy one of everything in September!


oh my!! The mist looks absolutely fabulous. Yum yum!


Cute Dinos!!! ;o)

Anna Sigga

I am loving all those cute stamps and albums!!!!

Andria B.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mini book sheets!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scalloped edge book as well as the Maya Mists. Very cool and easy to use on coloring chipboard!!! You guys rock!!!

Create a beautiful day!!

Andria B.


WOW, what some cool things. Like that masking on that shirt



Oh my, I am totally intrigued by the Maya Mist & cannot wait to see it. ok, have it!! I love the pretty colors & the glitter...wow!

Sarah Schwerin

VERY excited about Maya Mists!! Woohoo!


I don't have anything with dino stamps, but the chipboard looks very interesting! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies


Love the mini-book sheet idea and Maya Road mists and glitz too, what will you come up with next


I believe I am in overload, so many cool sneak peeks! Thanks for sharing!

Trish Millard

I love how the mists look on the chipboard.Can they be used on the sheers to add a color that won't rub off?
Thanks for all the sneek peeks:o)


Oh my goodness!! What a FANTASTIC idea with those sprays!! I really want those - I love finding new ways to colour my chipboard, and these look so easy and fun to use!

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