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July 14, 2008


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I'm in love with all this new stuff, and all the wonderful inspiration!

Sabrina Rauch

Ooohhh I am in love with these new lines coming out. Loving those bulk coasters and that scallop binder.

Michelle Gauthier

Love today's projects! And thank you for the tutorial on the correct spraying technique...the pictures are great in helping me see the difference. And you saved me from figuring this out with MY chipboard! LOL! :)


WOW this DT team is so creative. I have really been enjoying all the inspiring projects and loving all the new FUN stuff that is coming out. MAYA ROAD ROCKS!

Alecia Castro

WOW, oh WOW!!! Loving the inspiration here!!! Can't wait for more!!


These are beautiful projects. I like going down and trying to figure out who made what. I see a lot of styling in your projects! I'll be visiting Maya Road and hopfully placing my order for some of these yummies.


Your design team does do a fabulous job. The things they do with any house design just amazes me. I am definitely most excited about the new calendar items, the pom-pom ribbons, and the clear albums, oh, and the stamps. Ok, I guess I can't pick what I am most excited about because I love so much of it.

Patti Rodgers

The design team has clearly been hard at work -beautiful work. I cannot wait to get my hands on the new stuff and start creating!!!!!

Pamela Bennett

What a DT, such inspiration, thank you so much! I hope one day the DT will come up with a tutorial to show how to do some of these great techniques like painting the petals with graduating colours etc. I particularily love the scallop binder and wish I could see inside.LOL

Beth P

thanks for the how-to on the spray. how fun!

Kota Venter

Everything is fabulous, now I just have to wit till it gets in store! Torture!

Angelica Turner

This projects are amazing, thank you for all the inspiration.


Love the mini albums posted here.


love it all
DT rocks, can't wait for it!


Oh, this is just getting better and better... The products are fantastic! I seriously don´t think I can live without that scalloped binder now that I've seen it here, and the DT... WOW, you´re doing such a great job with this, showing us what can be done with all theese goodies!!! Thank you so much for all the inspiration!


Wow I love everything.


Again - I am soo impressed by all the new products Maya Road is coming out with. I have gone through the DT blog soo many times and got such GREAT ideas!! Thanks for all the great ideas and great products!!!!!!

Kimberly (pierides)

Your DT has done fabulous work! Very inspiring!


So, can I just have one of each? Beautiful stuff! I love it all!!


You do have a great DT that is for sure their work is outstanding!


I love the leaves and petals chipboards. All the samples you have used during the days of sneak peeks have been really beautiful. Not always my style, but still beautiful. Thank for the inspirations.


i am loving all the sneak peeks and the dt work...roll on the day that the products hit the shops.



Jen harrison

those are really beautiful projects.


Absolutely stunning work from your DT. Thanks for the info on your mist too. :-)

Erika M

The design team is fabulous. What awesome inspiration. Can't wait to get my hands on the new products!!!!

Raechelle Bellus

Incredible stuff here! Kudos to the stellar DT, you girls truly know how to rock the MR! I am looking forward to seeing more gorgeous work as the weeks go by! :)

Beth Warren

Thanks for the tutorial on using the new Mists - can't wait to try them. And the DT has done a FABULOUS job (that expression from High School Musical 'I need a little fabulous' - you guys fulfilled!

Laura Warren

The design team has done a wonderful job..I can't wait to get me some of those scalloped chipboard books - yummy! (and that cherry blossom set).

Dawn Malave

I want all of it. I love the DT examples! You guys rock!!!

Renee Lecatsas

I don't know where you found your design team, but they are beyond talented, and work well under preasure I might add. Thank you for taking the time to do all these projects. Please know that your works of art are the seeds from which countless art will bloom.



Gorgeous projects! How cute is the stitched cupcake?? Love it!

Stewart Warren

The design team has done a magnificent job - way to go. They definitely succeeded in making me want to buy the new products after seeing them in action.


W O W! Love the look that mist gives. The DT does stunning work. Thanks so much for sharing.


The Maya Mist looks like a good product but what qualities make it stand out from similar products offered by other companies?


Defintely a HUGE thank you to all your amazing design team!!! They have been showcasing the items so well!!

April :)

June Goh

thanks for the inspiration.


Wow, the dt examples are gorgeous. Will there be accompanying instructions and product lists?

Bobbi in KY

OK-that is all so AWESOME!! I just can't get over it all-do you have a "jumbo pack" I can order so I get one of everything?? LOVE Maya Road!!

Michelle Matyi

All the new stuff is so great and I love seeing the actual ways it can be used. The things the DT comes up with are always so creative it is a great way to get ideas for things to run with.


Thanks for the tips about the Mist!! I can't wait to see it live!



I agree the MR DT is one of the best ones out there!! I LOVE that they design the idea cards that my LSS has. They are SO beautiful!!

I can't wait to get my hands on those new bulk coasters!!YUM!

Dale Anne

FABULOUS Design Team samples!!!
And, THANKS for the mist tips.

Heidi Y

Great work from your DT team!! I can't wait to get my hands on these cool chipboards & acrylics! TFS...


I hope it won't take long for my LSS to receive your new products; I'm so anxious to get my hands on them. The scallop album and Maya Mists are definitely at the top of my list--and this is a very long list.

Stephanie Guerrero

Your DT rocks and I can't wait to get all of this and play!!!

Katherine McKamey

Wow! Such beautiful projects! I can't wait to see all of the new products irl!! Love the info on the mists - I think I am one of those that sprays the stuff too close and gets the puddling. Now I know and I can work on it. Thanks!!


Missed out on yesterday, but those dinosaurs are too cute and I love the metalic mists - very fun! Everything just looks fabulous!

Cathy S

Inspired again, and looking forward to trying out the mists. The coverage looks airier than the acrylic paint and neater than the I often use now to color my chipboard.


Thanks for all the great ideas!


I really like the chipboard and the scallop binder. Can't wait to see in person. Looking forward to playing with the mist.


What a wonderful & creative DT! Can't wait to get the Mist.


can NOT wait for those mist bottles!


Your DT has to be THE most creative & innovative I've seen - thanks to you all :)


Amazing projects, as always! I want it all, every new thing you're carrying!

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Gorgeous work!
I love the 'I do' album!!!

Here is an idea: I would love to see in your posts which designer made which product, right with the photo... I think it would be an additional 'thank you' to them!


Your DT ROCKS! These projects are fantastic and the products are the BEST in the industry. Thank you!


After seeing all the DT altered items, I think I am FINALLY ready to do a sheer project! Love the house! Good idea to show us the 3 comparisons of the mist sprays!


So happy that you gave the deets on the spray mist!

Misty K in Ohio

Is it time to win yet? I want to win some of that yummy goodness.

Misty K in Ohio

Is it time to win yet? I want to win some of that yummy goodness.

Janey P

Thanks for the spraying instructions. I can't wait to buy the mists and all your other GREAT stuff!!!


Amazing projects, products an talent! Your design team is fantastic!!!


Love your scallop binder the most!

Keely Yowler

OH...these projects are fabulous! Thank you to the wonderful design team for such inspiration!

Andria B.

Beautiful work DT!!!! I am very inspired to play and create today. thanks!

And thanks for the many opportunities to win...I can't wait to see who wins.

Create a beautiful day-

Andria B.


Awesome work by the DT, I know it takes me hours and hours to make a mini album,and it isn't easy to think of all this stuff to put on...and...and..and, but we sure love to see them great ideas!!!!

Anna M-W

I am so so so in love with all the new things! I can't wait to buy it all!

Have a great time at CHA!

Kim W

I love the albums! Can't wait to make use them.


I love everything I see! Such a talented DT you have! and, they're sooooo lucky, 'cause they get to play with all your fabulous products!!!! I want it all!!!!!


Such amazing inspiration from the DT girls, thank you for sharing your gorgeous projects. I can't wait to start creating with these wonderful new goodies too :)


How awesome, with examples like that! It all looks gooooood!! :D

Irene Lenihan

I love the DT inspiration items. It gives me ideas I would not have thought of to use on my items. Thanks.

Wendy Antenucci

You have a wonderful inspiring DT, thanks for all the peaks and wonderful projects!


These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Cameron H

This is all so gorgeous. And I thought I'd be able to curb my scrapbook spending the fall...

Kim Sonksen

Wow wow and wow again - the DT projects are simply divine! Can't wait to get mu hands on the new stuff


Great tips on spraying the mist! I checked out your design team page and here's my question.... Okay I love Wendy (I know that's not a question) - I visit her blog every day to see what that raschal has been up to... (now here's the question) do any of your other design team members have blogs to visit??? I would visit them and give them some love (comments) personally!!!!

So designers - I don't know who did what - I have LOVED all the samples show and the variety! And however dod the I Do album for this post - You ROCK!!!!


The DT has done a stunning job w/ their projects high-lighting these yummy products!!


(clapping hands) Thank you all so much for the wonderful ways you've put together these yummy new Maya Road goodies! I've seen so many different ideas I'd like to try in the last few days, it's hard to know just where to begin; I'll definitely be back time and again to savour it more fully. My Muse is positively giddy with anticipation!

tammy b

dear store that i buy maya road stuff from: please set aside 1 of each new thing ASAP!


You have an amazing design team, their projects are rockin!! Of course, they have rockin products to work with!


Great tips for the Maya mist.
Stitching over a stamped image is a GREAT idea. How cool!

Dana K

As always the DT samples are just fabulous. In the first picture, how did you get the orange flower with the button in the middle to be darker on the edges? I could tell if you used inks or Maya Mists. Thanks!

Emily Barklage

That scallop album is such a must-have. WOW!!


Oh my I can't believe all the wonderful stuff coming out!!


I love everything you are releasing, can't wait till my local store gets them.


Love it all thanks for sharing them all!




LOVE all the wonderful projects!


I am in love with these new lines coming out. Loving that scallop binder.

DT has done an awesome job!!!


Very, very beautiful projects! We visit Santa Cruz all the time, so I really enjoy that little album. Thanks for all the great inspiration!!

Cassandra Lewis

Lots of fun stuff!! Great projects!!

Ruby Craft

Oh how I would love to win some of these MR goodies! They are so sweet! These albums are fantastic and I love the embroidery!
As much as I love all of the great works of art by your DT I also am enjoying reading the answers to questions that have been posted. I have one to. Someone asked about punching holes in your acrylics. I know the crop-a-dile will punch holes in cd's and other acrylics. Will it work on yours? Just curious.

becky d.

i just want it all! is there a way to just buy one of everything??

Caryl Faith C. Briones

Your DT has done an amazing job in showcasing your new products. It is very inspiring and very, very beautiful creations. Hope you will keep on inspiring scrappers from around the world and you will keep on coming up with new and exciting products that will fuel our creativity and encourage us to preserve our memories. Way to go Maya Road.

Sandra L.

I love the scallop binder. Thanks to the DT for all the beautiful projects. Such wonderful inspiration!


The MR DT has really inspired me. I love that you have shared the details, on creating the projects.

Debbie Fisher

Love the felt hearts!!


love the ideas

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