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January 14, 2009


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Jo O'Malley

I have been checking every 10 minutes to see the sneek peak for today, and I am so glad I waited. OMG Hurry up and get these to Australia

Cheryl McKinney

I just LOVE Maya Road chipboard. I'm working on two mini-albums as I type and can't wait to finish them and start another. The new trees and the gears will be prefect to add to my embellishments. I try to use mostly Maya Road chipboard as I believe it's the best!! Love these sneak peeks! Thanks so much!

miss h

Love the trees chipboard and the little gears.

Amy Smith

Maya road strikes again!! Love those minis!!

Beth Williams

These are absolutely perfect. I will be counting the days until they are available for purchase.

Jules De Lumen

OMG! I am in LOVE! How can you choose just one when they are all fabulous...yes, Australia is calling!!!Hurry, hurry, hurry...

Elaine Allen

I love the little bird, he is so sweet! And the trees, the gears, well . . . everything is just spectacular! Again, you've hit a home run.


Elaine Allen


Love the Trees and the Alphabet, Can't wait to play with them!

Erica Hettwer

Those are so stinkin' cute!!! :D


these are so cute!!

Heather H.

Awesome!!!! I'll take some of each thank you!!!!!! Can't wait to actually see these in the stores!!!!


Love those gears! They're just perfect for my little boy. And the new Maya mist colour - Gorgeous!


these are too cute! i love the gears and the trees and the bird...okay, I love them all!!!


Love them all. Great projects.


I love these! They are just adorable! And more Maya mists...yay...love that teal color. Can't wait!!!


so adorable! love the mini-trees!

Kim M

I am lovin those little trees and how awesome is that price for a package, woo hoo!!

mandie segura

Love all the minis!!!!


I love the size of the chipboard!!
The birds, the trees,mmmmmm, i love it all


OMG I love the new smaller size chippies, particularly the trees and the alphas. And is that a TEAL mist? What a fabulous colour, I have to get it.

Patti H

all of this is so fabulous!!!! so fabulous it's a little overwhelming...i want all of it!!!


How cute these are! Love the trees and the gears. Will we get any mini cupcakes too? They'll be great for dieters LOL.

Jeanie Nieva

i'm drooling!pick me please.:)

Christine C

OMG I love those little trees - I have a real thing for trees and branches at the moment.

Beverley Warwick

Mini is good ... very good! I can't wait for those mini letters to be on my page.


awwww yeh love this!!!! mini's
I can see I will use alot of them

Lynda aka alrlsmom

LOVE the mini!!!!!

Cindi T

Oh love the little trees and birdies. Can't wait to get them

Anthea Peterson

I am inlove! they are all gorgeous!!


baby bird in a tree
awesome.. it works for me!!

Julie O.

Yeeeeeeeees! Mini chipboard letters! I've been hoping to see some smaller letters coming out. AWESOME stuff!


LOVE your chipboard!!!! Love the gears one especially...heck I LOVE them all....Thanks for sharing!

Hajah Haryanie

i'm drooling all over the birds, trees and mini letters...hope i get it...really hoping...dreaming bout it tonight...


Oh my the Minis are awesome!


Love the gears, my DH is a car guy. Perfect for car layout and cards!

Jodi (mommyto4)

I love these mini chipboard pieces!

Stacy C.

Awesome I love these mini chipboards.... Can't wait to try some out....

Cindy L

love these cuties! would love to sample the possibilities!


Ooooh! They are ADORABLE! ...and I can just imagine how perfect they will be for cardmaking and altering and... YAY! :D


The new chipboard albums are PERFECT for holiday snaps, tickets & souvenirs...the tabs & envelopes are fantastic to scrap theme park days, beach visits & lots of Aussie Summer fun!!


Oh wow, these are fabulous. Perfect...!!!!

Lynn Cheryl

Can't wait until you start shipping all these goodies:) Love 'em!


It is all too yummy. Love the little trees and birds. I don't have boys so I think those little gears would make some funky looking flowers. Very, very nice.

Shannon Sawyer

Mini's are definitely in, no question. We have Inchies, Twinchies, mini houses, mini everything. So your mini chipboard is perfect for so many different projects! I absolutely love the gears. I have the Gear album but I've been waiting for you all to come out with a set of different sized chipboard gears. It just keeps getting better, can't wait for Day 4.


Awww, love the minibird..so cute!

Patti R.

LOve the trees and the mini letters.


Love the mini's.

Teresa Abajo

These are beautiful! Just what I wanted.


Perfect, mini chipboard for mini albums...thanks, i just love them all!!!

Cathy K.

The new chipboard is fabulous. I ljust love the trees, they are perfect. The gears are very cool - love to use gears on boy themed layouts, and now I'll have chipboard ones to use!

pam allen

once again you have outdone yourselves love love love it.

Mia C.

How stinking cute are those mini chipboards! Totally can't wait to get my hands on these! Really loving the alphas & the trees & birds!

Kimberly (pierides)

Those are so cute! Love that they are mini. I can see a lot of ways to use them.

andrea p.

oh my! i MUST have those little trees. yay!


Oh my gosh! These are just gorgeous! Love the trees! And oooh, is that a turquoise Maya Mist?? Gorgeous! =)

Terri K

Love the baby birds!!!

teresa chapman

I'm loving these mini pieces. I have so many uses for them already!



I'm so glad you've come out with the little chipboard alphabet! Also, love that tiny bird! Great stuff!!


Lynn Judge

I have loved everything you have posted - cant wait til they hit the stores!! Thanks

Dawn M

Those trees are adorable!!! And that teeny birdie....love it!

Anna Sigga

OMG - these little beauties are too darn cute!!!!


So cool! Love these mini products! And great price! I can't wait for these to be released so I can do some shopping!


Love Love Love them all, but having over a 100 trees here, trees are my favorite, thanks for sneak peeks!


Those are adorable-I can use them everywhere!

aubree greenspun

Love all the new mini chipboards.....love the trees and the gears....can think of so so many uses!!

Janine Berlin

Way too cute. I love the minis. Can't wait to get started.

laura j

I love Maya road!!!! I've got to have the little trees! Can't wait until your next sneak peek!

Kathleen Difato

absolutely adorable!

Theresa Grdina

I love the chipboard! Those little trees and the bird are too cute!! The gears would work well for me too!!!


These are SO stinkin' cute!!! LOVE them!! :)


I gotta get those gears.
love them



Just one word: "YUMMY"

Bianca Gaspard

I think I need those mini trees. They will be on the top of my list.


Love the minis -- I think they will go well with the ATC spinners! Looking forward to picking some up!

Cassi T. -- aka Mrs. T

the mini-chipboard is fabulous -- totally love it! horray for card makers :)

Denise M

I have every tree and bird chipboard you've ever sold, now there's more fun to have!!! Thanks for always coming up with items I have to have.


Love them all but the gears are speaking to me!!


I have a love hate relationship with your sneak peeks. I love to see all the new stuff but I hate I can't get it right now:) Seriously, keep them coming it's so exciting.


Brilliant! My favourite alphabet in a mini - not to mention those cute little trees. Can't hardly wait to play.


These mini chipboard pieces are so cute! They are the perfect size for mini albums!


those are great!!!!! Cant wait to see them in person!

Liz in MO

Oh my gosh, I love love love love love love the trees and the little itty bitty birdie!!!!! Keep going! Liz


I can't wait to get a hold to these beauties. The trees are the best.

Kim Gust

I love it all! Especially the little trees and the mini gears. I can't wait!


I love those little letters!

Debi C

I can't wait for these to be in the stores.


I love everything! Can't wait to use the new products!

Abby V

Sweet! Just the perfect size for cards and mini albums!


*drool* MR chipboard is to die for - and mini's??!?!?! I can hardly contain myself. Gears, trees, letters? Add those to my list!!!!!


This is one of the best ideas to come down the pike in a long time. Thanks for gearing things down for the people who do not do 12 X 12's. This is an awesome product. Hope to see more similar products.

Michelle Early

I love the small sizes - perfect for cards and smaller projects. Love the pins too!

Jennifer Hansen

Loving those little trees!

Dawn H

oh how darling, I can't wait until these are available.

Karin A

oooh i am so excited for the mini chipboard, i love them in full size i am sure i will live the little ones even more!!

Lisa T.

Oh my those are all so cute!! I love the shapes, and the mini size is fantastic!!

Amber C

Oooo those trees and bird are absolutely adorable!!! Love them and can't wait to get some!!


Oh my gosh I love all of these mini chipboard designs. I want them all! When do they hit the shelves for purchase? Great stuff keep up the great work!


I lovelovelove those little baby trees!!!

Melissa (MilliD)

Everything looks so awesome - can't wait!!


The letters and tags are going on my list.

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