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January 15, 2009


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oooooooooooo i love it all!!!! i cant wait!!!! Thanks for all the great peeks! I'm having a blast checkin the blog every day!


I love all of the Maya Road's products! especially all the minis! I can't wait to get my hands on them. I love the great ideas you have here too.

bianca b

Can't get enough of Maya Road that's for sure! Love it all so far!!!

cheryl yelverton

i think i'm in love...
the song bird is calling my name. love all the new goodies. ms.cheryl


Great stuff, keep it coming!


Absolutely LOVING EVERYTHING!! The sheer owls & birds are too stinkin cute!! The chipboard books--what can I say--FABULOUS!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the masterpieces created by the DT!!

Beth W

I'm sorry I can't resist-It's all just too tweet!


the sheer tags are awesome! i love it all, but especially those!


OK, I NEED the cup album! LOL


Oh the owls are just so cute and funky!!!!!

And I want a coffee cup!!!

Kimberly (pierides)

Love the birds and the coffee cup album. Very cute!

mandie segura

Love those coffee mugs!!! So sweet!

Mrs Frizz

Those sheers are something else ... amazing ...


I don't know how much more I can take!!! Its all so cool!


You guys are killing me!!! I love the new sheers!!!


So much great new product!!!
I'm loving those sheer tags.


Soo completely awesome!!! I just got my first set of journaling sheers about a month ago and I just LOVE them.... these ones are even more fantastic!!

Erica Hettwer

I can't wait until after CHA!!! :D


I nearly wet my pants!!!!!
got have these!!! you have made my day


The owl sheers are too adorable!!!!


I am loving all those sheers! Way cute!

Kim M

OMG, those owls and birds are da bomb, I LOVE those!!! All the new sheers look just wonderful and I can't wait to get my hands on some IRL!

Cassi T. -- aka Mrs. T

Wow, each day is getting more and more exciting. I love the new sheers, the coffee cup & bird!!

Christine C

They are all so lovely, I also love the idea of Maya Mist over a doilie.


Those sheers are just gorgeous!! The sample work is just devine too!

Jacqueline T

What wonderful stuff..... Everything's so gorgeous!!! Can't wait for them to be available.


mmmmmm,just love this!

Lynda aka alrlsmom

So cute....love all the new things!!!


Sheers in brown and cream.....YES!!!! Clocks....YES!!!! Way to go Maya Road!!!!

Jeanie Nieva

i'm drooling...i really am...:)

Cheryl McKinney

Been gone all day, but just had to check out the new peeks before I hit the hay!! What fun, and what great product to work with!! Thanks for sharing!

Beverley Warwick

Owls AND birds .... I'm just a little excited by that prospect!

Cathy K.

Such cute little owls and birds. The chipboard shapes are amazing -can't decide which I like better.

Jodi (mommyto4)

These are great ~ I'm loving all these sneak peeks!


I love them all! I don't know which one is the cuteist, I especially love the tags and birdies.Thanks for sharing!


I'm gonna go flat broke - because I NEEEEED it all. LOVE what you've done - you guys rock! :D

Hajah Haryanie

Maya Road never failed to excites a persons day...always coming up with new things which never fails to attract the likes of a person...


How awesome are those sheers! I love the song bird too! Awesome, beautiful samples too. =)

Cindi T

This is so exciting. Love everything so far.

Jackie J

Whoa...... I NEED them all!!! These are super lovely. Can't wait, can't wait.

Janet Ang

Yummy! Day 3 mini chipboards were already making me drool, but day 4 sheers.... over the top!


Oh wow, I love those sheer owls. And the birds. And the chipboards...!

Beth Warren

I love those sheer owls & birds, can't wait to get me some! And Love the mini coffee cup album, it's adorable with those marshmellows.


Oooh, pick me, choose me, I need some of those sheer owls & birds!


I need some of those sheers, especially the owls & birds. I also love Lia's coffee cup album - how adorable is that??

Patti R.

I absolutely love the owls and the clocks. I can't wait to getthem. You are so creative!

Mel Nunn

Those sheer owls knocked my socks off!


Oh...I´m gonna be one poor woman this spring!!


I love the new sheers.

Anthea Peterson

WOW girls, totally stunning and inspiring!

Kate Cramer

Love them all sooooooooo much. i love owls and birds especially and those sheer are so inspiring, cant wait for more : )

colleen F

Can't wait to see the new stuff in the stores.


Love those clock sheers!

Lynn Judge

Love it all!!


OMG!!! I NEED that mug book! So cool and perfect! Love the new sheer clocks and other goodies too! But that mug just stole my heart (and money out of my wallet! LOL!!!)

teresa chapman

WOW - I'm in big trouble with my supply budget when these goodies are ready for purchase! I've been more of a card maker than scrapper for the last few years but you are inspiring me to dust off some of my scrapbooking projects and get creative again!



Becky T.

I just love the cup! So adorable and I have ideas swimming in my head. Might need to stash some cash for this shopping spree!! :-)

Jennifer R

AWESOME!! Love the new sheers


There is NO WAY I can choose a favourite from all of those!! I love all of the sheers, especially the journalling spots, owls and clocks. I love the coffee cup and the song bird... I love it all!


The sheers are magnificent! Can't wait till they hit the stores here in Australia.

Amy Smith

Love the sheers and the tweetie bird ...I can't wait for CHA to be over so I can order these goodies!!


These are great!! Love 'em!


Oh boy, there wasn't anything this peek that I didn't think I needed! I can see the sheer owl/bird with the trees from yesterday already!!

Kathleen Difato

There are so many things on today's post which I really like: of course the owls and bird sheers, the luggage tags, and really like the sheer clocks. I will definitely be buying those. I also think the bird and coffee cup chipboard are adorable. I don't really get how to use these smaller chipboard albums except to give them as gifts. I would like to see more pics of the inside of these so that I could have a better idea. Thanks for sharing and many blessings for a prosperous year for your company!


LOVE the sheers!!!!!

Raechelle Bellus

WOW! Those new cb book shapes are fabulous, as are the sheers! Looking forward to playing with these!


Looking forward to picking up some of those fab sheers. Thanks for the great inspiration for using them, too!


I *love* the new sheers!!! Especially the clocks and tags.

Theresa Grdina

EEK!!! AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! LOL! I LOVE the sheers! One is better than the next! I would use ALL of these - repeatedly!!! I LOVE 'em! Gotta get 'em when they come out!!!! Your samples are lovely...I am diggin' the chipboard albums...especially the coffee cup! CUTE!

Cindy L

Everything is amazing, unique, original and I can't wait to BUY!! I am IN LOVE with the owls and birds!! Thanks for offering these sneak peaks . . it's been fun! A quick question: when/where will you announce the names of the winners?

Bianca Gaspard

The birds and owls are one of my favorite things. I really hope I can find them around here.

aubree greenspun

how stinkin' cute is that coffee cup chipboard album???!!!


Love all these products!!!!!!!!!! Especially the tags and clocks!!


Elaine Allen

You guys are killing me - I'm going to the poor house! :o) I love everything, what great designs and items. But my favorites are the little bird chipbook, the clock,owl and bird sheers. Oh Heck, I love them all!

Thanks for wonderful products.

Elaine Allen


Ohhhhhhhhh, the owls and the birds and the clock faces ... cannot WAIT until these hit the stores! Trust me, I'll be at the register with them! GREAT products, y'all ... keep it coming!

Melissa (MilliD)

Ooooooh!! Can I have some, can I, can I??? :-)

Terri K

Those clocks... what can I say? Those clocks are absolutely TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!

Dale Paulson

The cup album has to be my favorite for today!!! Lots of ideas flowing through my mind already.


Love it! If I had to choose I would choose those beautiful clock faces!

Tagnia Clark

The sheer birds and animals and that chipboard coffee cup...I am in love!!!

Katie Burdett

Your products are second to none! Love the sheers and the minis--so fun. Can't wait to see them in person.


You guys truly have outdone yourselves with this release!!

Angela Scaletta

Cute birdies and owls! I love them!

Karin A

oooh i love all of the new sheers I can't wait to get my hands on them!!!


Those owls and birds are gorgeous.


So much fabulousness in this post that I don't even know where to start! Love it all!!


I like the clocks, the memories tags, and the coffee cup chipboard! Having fun checking all of these out!

Shemaine Smith

Ok I am SOOOOO Birdie for Birds!!! I hope I win!!!


I love the bird and I especially love the clear labels! Keep up the great work!

Kim Gust

I love the sheer birds and everything else, too!


OMG....those are fabulous!!!!!

Love the sheers!!!

Dana K

I really like those sheer luggage tags and the clocks too. Thank you for including the pictures of the finished projects. Its fun to see the new things in use. Can't wait for the next peek!


Totally in love with the mug...also the sheers. Thanks for the peeks.

Lauri {Scrap Attack}

Oh my!! These are awesome!! Can't wait to get some of those sheers!

Alecia Castro

OH MY!!! Must haves FO SHO!! Loving them all!!

Beth W

You are absolutely killing me! How do you keep getting better and better. Big tax refund here I come!


OMGoodness! Those are some yummy new items and beautiful creations!


These sheers look awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on them!!!

Adrienne J.

I love all those sheers! and the little tiny bird, how cute!


Oh my!! A must have for sure!!
Thanks for sharing these with us :D

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