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January 12, 2009


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OMG I LOVE the dino album...I can't wait to see what other great goodies you guys (girls) came up with.


this is my second try at leaving a comment, the first one didn't work for some reason.

I LOVE the dino album...and can't wait to see all the other goodies you have come up with.

Erica Hettwer

I seriously have a deep and unending love for your chipboard albums. Thanks for starting off my week with a bang!!! :D

Lauri {Scrap Attack}

I am soooo excited about your CHA release!! Can't wait to see all the fun new things!


Love the binder album and the sakura one. I wonder if there'll be other flower-shaped albums?

Amy Smith

I love...love..love all of them! Maya Road ROCKS!!


WOW! What a deal for $6!! Love it.

I also love that Sakura flower, how cute would that be with some hip Japanese style paper! Can't wait until tomorrow to see more!


Soooooo excited about the CHA! I just can't wait to see it all!

Jennifer R

Very cool products! I really love the envelope album!!


What fun new albums! I love the quality and price and am excited to see what else you have in store for CHA! Very exciting!


Oh my goodness! Check out this fabulousness! I love love love that dino album! So cute!!

Teresa Abajo

That dinosaur album is soooo adorable!

Dana K

I NEED that album with the envelopes!!!! I love your products and they just get better and better.

mandie segura

Oh my! I love them ALL! Congrats on being so far ahead!


That album with the tabbed chipboard pages and envelopes is way too cool!


I hope it's not to late to enter! I would love to win some Maya Road. It would definitely be put to great use!

Donna Potter

I love the tabbed album and I know my boys would adore that dinosaur. I can't wait to see more sneak peeks.

ana roat

So totally CUTE...I can't wait to get my hands on these!

rebecca k

Love these albums--especially the dino! Can't wait to see the next peek!

Jo O'Malley

The Binder Album is amazing!!! I can't wait to start storing all of those bits and pieces that we collect from our holidays. They are the perfect travel album. I just hope I can find them down here in Australia.

Roxanne O

I want them ALL!!! I agree that first one would have to be my favourite too. so FUN!!!


That album is amazing!! Love the envelopes in it!

Shannon H.

I am in love with the baby dino!!! So cute!

Susan M.

I LOVE the binder with tabbed pages and envelopes! What a fantastic price point! Keep up the great products. I hope you have some new sheer ribbons in the works as well!

Linh C.

The albums are awesome and so are the low prices! Thank you!

Jamie Lindstrom

I absolutely love the dino album with the baby dino.

Becky T.

Holy Cow!! I'm in chipboard heaven!! I'll be in line when UPS delivers for sure! :-)


I love the binder album, I am always looking for ones with pockets and envelopes and the price is fantastic. Way to go.


Love Love the chipboard albums, can't wait to get my hands on them.
What great prices, can't wait. Pick me Pick Me!!!!!


Its all totally adorable, thanks for the cool designs and reasonable prices!!

Cindy Cain

sweet new produts!!

Cassi -- aka Mrs. T

soooo excited for new Maya Road!!! i have to say genius combo adding in the envelopes to the album!

Beth Warren

LOVE all the new releases!


Love all your albums, they are my favorite to work with and I'd be thrilled to win some new ones to play with!


absolutley fabulous...i cant wait to play with these...loving that binder with the envelopes...right up my alley...



I love the new albums, the dinosaur one is adorable, makes me wish I had a little boy.


I've always loved your binder albums and now I'm looking forward to the new ones! Love also the sakura album! :)

Debi Voris

I love the dinosaur. It is cute

Debbie O'Neal

Wow Ladies - You have really outdone yourselves yet again these new chipboard books. I can't decide if I like that tabbed binder with envelopes or the dinosaur the best....And THANK YOU for keeping your pricing on your albums so reasonable. It just means we can all buy more !!!

Debbie Phelps

All of the new albums are so cute!!! I am just going to give hybrid a try!!!


Those are the cutest albums-ever! The binder is my favorite, but I have to have a Dino for my grandson!

Heather H.

The albums are all fabulous!!!!!! My favorite is the dino one --- would be perfect for my little man!!!!! Thanks for the sneak peaks!!!!!

Jeni Calkins

I love the dino.


Love the chipboard album with the envelopes - so fabulous for kids momentos or for an album and then have my son write a letter to his grandparents in there - so cute!!


The dino album is so cute! My son would love it. The rest of the new goodies look great too.


There is only one word that describes these albums AWESOME

Jennifer Hansen

The dinosaur is my favorite!

dawn  horton

ooooooooh so cute! I have to have them.

Bobbi J

OMG I love the dino book. That is a definatly a must have.

Deb Lewis

That album with the envelopes is soooo cool! I love it! So perfect for a vacation mini!!

Jonel Groscost

I love the new albums with the envelopes and I love the price even more! Yahoo. Keep up the good work!


OHHHH....the Sakura album is biting me...the Asian theme is definitely my style. Let's see more!

Pearl Rigonan

i love the binder album! I also can't wait to see more ribbon, chipboard & sheer shapes :)


I love the binder album! Wow

scrap_hag (Casey Toney)

all of them are so fun...love the baby dino....even though I had boys and wouldn't have a CLUE about them....especially love the tab/envelope album and you are right...they DO look different dressed up....now having said that...I would love a shot at dressing up one of these little beauties.......thx for the opportunity to win one!!!!


All the albums are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing more sneak peeks!

karen witte-elkins

I can see the indexed book decorated in a theatre motif and used for holding this years' ticket stubs. Love them all!

serena (aka scrapbooking fiend)

the sakura album is fabulous. chipboard is one of my fav scrapbooking products. can't wait to see more.

cheryl yelverton

I have just begun to embrace the "mini album". I have always favored the 12x12 album but i always feel behind because it takes so long to finish an album that size. The mini offers satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I love the quality of MR. Are there going to be more houses too? Can't wait to see it all. Thanks, ms.cheryl


Love all the sneek peeks!! The dinosaurs are way TOO CUTE!!!!! Can't wait to see what else is coming :)

Lynda aka alrlsmom

These are wonderful!!!


All of these new products are wonderful! I have 2 six year old boys in my life who would love the dinosaur, and the binders are just fantastic.


I'll take one of each please, lol... you folks are so original. I love it all and wish I had come up with this stuff! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeves!

karen timm

the albums are great. all the new line is really outstanding, can't wait to see more. hoping to get my hands on this prize.

Kim M

Those are the cutest albums, love the flower one!


Love the new binder album. Just finished a cupcake one and my daughter loves it. Can't wait for the new stuff as well as the sneak peaks

Monica K

These are amazing! I especially love the dino book - for my NIECE. She's 2 and can tell you the proper names of several dinosaurs. Nothing quite like a 2 yr old enunciating 'triceratops' and 'tyrannosaurus rex'! Thanks for the sneak peek :)


love the Dinosaur soooooo cute!


I love the new idea with the binder. The dino is very cute. I wish I had a son now to scrap for.


cute dinosaur album.. thanks for sending the email to elert us all of the giveaway.. i sure could use an album for the photos i have hanging around here.. regards..P


I like the long binding album. That's cool! can't wait to get it!

Beth W

The dinosaur is the cutest thing I've seen in years-absolutely adorable!

Natalie Matkin

I love everything!
I'm a MR Junkie! :)
Thanks for the examples!
I always need some inspiration!


Love it all, of course! lol But I NEED the dino! :-)
Im have barely started on the warehouse sale box.. and now more stuff I gotta have?


Love the album with the envelopes - awesome!

Denise M

As usual, you have out done yourself. Maya Road is always on my list of gotta haves.

Kathi Lemieux

OMG...I love it all. But the tabbed album with manilla envelopes!!! I have to have it. At the price point of $6.00, I will be buying probably 10 of them. LOVE IT>


Oh, I'm drooling! I can think of reasons to buy all of them--yes, the price is fantastic! But my fav is the binder with tabbed pages and envelopes--I can picture it all vintaged up.


OMG! I'm in love like how I'm in love with all MR products. And the prices are just great! Can't wait to see more.


Darling - love the dinosaur!


Love the shaped albums!!! Looking forward to all the new releases.

Dianne Yamada

Love it love it! The albums are amazing!! Can't wait to see all the fun new stuffs!!

shelly moniz

Wow.. Gotta love that Dinosaur Album.. My 2 year old great nephew just got Dinosaur jammies and is absolutely Loves them.. I am going to HAVE to get this album and make it for him!! ALl the other things so far are Awesome! Can't wait to see more...

Julie O.

Your DT has done an amazing job. Love that first album. Awesome!


love all the albums but especially the Dino. Have to find a use for that one! LOL. I have a daughter but maybe I can find some old pictures of a trip to the Natural History Museum.

Kate Cramer

I absolutely adore the folder it is such a great package, i always fall in love with your chipboard albums, i collect them. I do a lot of oriental stamping and papercraft and the Sakura leaf accordian is to die for,it already has my creative juices going: )


WOW, gorgeous albums, I love them all!!


Tabs and envelopes in one album that is "Over the Stars"! Thanks for the sneak preview!

Beverley Cunningham

Awesome albums - love the dino one the best


WOW!!! Very cool new stuff. Love the chipboard dinosaur album ;-)

amy christine

how cute are these albums!
i especially love that sakura accordion album... what a pretty shape. :]

Julie B

goodness gracious how do keep coming up with such fantabulous ideas!!?? the binder with the envelopes is awesome :o)

Shannon Sawyer

A person can never have too many chipboard albums to embellish, and who better than to get one from then the reigning Queen company of chipboard.......Maya Road. Love the chipboard album with the manila envelopes, but the little dino album is adorable too. Awesome products as usual. Congrats!!

Shani Kowalczyk

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your albums.....well to be totally honest I cant get enough of all your products. Thank you :-)


I love each of the albums. What fun I can have with the tabbed pages and envelopes....Great price. Would love to get my hands on one of them and play.


Oh. My. Goodness...!!

Tooo yummy for words!!

Judith Gowdy

Love the albums, love the low prices. Can't wait to see more!


OMG! How cute is that dinosaur album??!! I have to have one!! And I absolutely love what the girls have done with the new albums - straight into my CASE file they go!!


So adorable, I love the Dinosaur, and so many things you can do with it. I can't wait to see what is coming next.


LOVE all of this! Maya Road does it again!

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