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July 12, 2009


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my guess is 7! So looking forward to the sneaks! Thanks!

Summer Braxton

I'm counting 8 possible MR products. I purchased one of the kits. While I waited for it to arrive, I was second guessing the amount of money I spent on supplies I haven't seen. Once it arrived, there was NO doubt that I got a great deal!!! Everything in there was AMAZING and so useable. I got the little bird beads... something I would never buy... but I love them now. I've even used them to make hair bows for my girl!

Erica Hettwer

I'm going to guess eight. I'm so looking forward to your sneak peaks!! I just love everything you do! :D


I guessing 8 as well


I will go with the family and say 8!


i count 8 items that i recognise. :D good luck to everyone! :D

christine :)

I guess 9!!! Oh, I hope I win!

BTW, what's the cute font you use on this blog?


Tami F

My guess is 9. Can't wait to see the new products!


I think its 7. Sure is CUTE!

Cindi T

9 is my guess.


I'm going to say 7! :) Can't wait to see the new stuff!!! :)

Maureen F

I guess 8 - I did get my warehouse box and really enjoyed going thru it over and over. My friend also got one and it was a totally different box, so it was fun to compare them !!!

jennifer l

8 is my guess


how about 7


9 is what I guess

Pauline Solano

My guess is 8. I enjoy reading the blogs. Lots of fun to get the sneak peeks!!! All the products at Maya Road are keepers. The classic Maya Road and the up and coming new and exciting Maya Road!!!

Irene Lenihan

My guess is 8.


Can't wait to see the sneak peaks :)
My guess is 8

Angela Nunley

Im guessing lucky number 7. Im looking forward to the CHA releases!

Ann in PA

I guess 8! Can't wait to see what new goodies are coming soon!

rebecca k

I'll guess 7! Cute stuff, of course ;)


7!!! Thanks for the peak and lovely documentation of the ultrasound pic!


My guess is 9. I am so looking forward to the new release reveals :)


My guess is 9.


I see 8 MR possibilities...fun game, thanks!


My guess is 7. Thanks for the chance to win - I'm really curious to see the peeks!

Jenn C.

I'm going with 6 :)

Have fun at CHA!

cheryl yelverton

8 is my guess. Can't wait for the full reveal. ms_cheryl_y@yahoo.com

jen shears

Crossing my fingers that it's 7! Thanks for the fun!


I'm gonna say 8! Can't wait to see all the new products!!!


I'll guess 6. :)


I'm guessing " ATE" items in the layout......it looks yummy!

Amber C

That is adorable! I guess 7 items. Can't wait to see what the right number is.


I reckon about 7.
Thanks for doing the giveaway.


My guess is nine. I see new stuff I want already in your game picture. Thank you for the chance to win.

Linda Bosher

I am guessing 9. A girlfriend & I each ordered a kit and we both loved what we received and even traded a few of the trinkets and embellies! it was like Christmas morning!


7 is my guess :0)

So excited to see what kinds of products you will reveal! THanks for a fun challenge!


My guess is 7.

Heidi Y

I'll say 9... Great giveaway!!


I think I see 8.


I think I can see 8 Maya Road items. Love your stuff and can't wait to see the new products.



I'll guess there are 9.


I'll guess there are 8.

Brit S.

I guess 7. Can't wait to see everything you have coming up for CHA! So excited. :)


I'm guessing 7! Can't wait for the peaks!


I'm guessing 9. Looking forward to the sneak peeks later this week.


I think I see 8! If so, I love the flowers. I cant wait to see the new products.


How fun! With fingers crossed, I'm going to guess 7.


Ok I am going with nine 9 items. Thanks for the contest and see you at CHA!


Cindy Vernon

I think 7!


I count 7 or 8, but will put down my guess as 8. :) Looking forward to your new CHA products.


Hm... 7?

I'm really looking forward to the coming sneak peaks...!

Denise Cook

I am gonna guess 7.

Rachel M

I guess at 7. I bought one of the warehouse sale kits, it was excellent value for money. Thanks for this chance to win another.

jeanie nieva

my guess is 7.:)


How cool is this. My guess is 7. Thanks

Amy M.

thanks for the giveaway! good luck to everyone!
my guess is 8. :)


My guess is also 7...thanks for the chance to win!

Patti R.

I will guess 8 - can't wait to see some more sneak peeks!

robin N (tqmnurse)

i think i see 7....awesome layout sneak

Pam Funk

I count 8..can't wait to see which classics you are bringing back...great idea for those of us who have discovered cool products in "old" magazines. Thanks

Jennifer B

I think 7. cute layout there by he way :)

Laura Bruynell

I will guess 8. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.


I see 8 . Can hardly wait to see the new goodies.

birute p.

Oh, I would love to win a kit!! My product guess is 8!

Angela S

My guess is 8. I love your stuff, it's so cute!


Maybe 8 MR products?

Dana F.

Mhm,.. my guess is 7! Thanks for a chance!! I'm sooo looking forward to the new releases :-)

Jennifer Peddicord

My guess is 7. Thanks for the opportunity to win more MR goodies.


Is there 8?

dawn h

I think 6!

Kristie Lippert

My guess is 8! Looking forward to some awesome new products!


I think 8 :)

Rhonnie Cary

I guess 7 :)

Lynn Judge

I guess 8 so looking forward to new releases!!


i'm going with 8, too!!! :)


I'm guessing 7 but it's way too early. Adorable sneak peak!

Allie H.

I'm guessing 7!

Pauline W

I guess they have 8 products.

Nancy B

Very cute! My guess is 9.

Michelle V.

I'm going to say 7. Can't wait to see what you have coming out for CHA!!

Kathleen D

Well your contest did the trick. . . it got me to go to your store and look through things. It's tricky but I'm guessing 7 because I think you used rub-ons to do the word "Weeks" on the tag. In all the years past I bought your Warehouse Sale and have loved it. Maya Rd is the product that I tend to hoarde. But with the economy as it is, I had to foregoe this year. I would love to win! Good luck at CHA!


I'm going to go with 8! Thanks for the chance!

Kim M

I love the peek, what a clever idea! I am gonna say 6 MR things in the layout.

Katy Young

I'd say 8!


wow those are great looking supplies and I am going to guess since it it my favorite number. But being born on 8/8 how could it miss lol.


lord I forgot to put my number 8 but reading my post you can probably guess lol. Trying to work and play makes me such a dork. off to work now.


My guess is 7. I loved my box of goodies too! Looking forward to the new CHA seek peeks.


I'll guess 7! What a fun thing to do, make us guess! Can't wait to see how many there really are!


I'm going on the lower end with a guess of 6... even though I think there might be up to 8. :D

Thanks for the chance! I was upset I didn't have the extra cash to purchase one of your warehouse sale kits! I'd love a chance to win one now!


I think I am seeing seven Maya Road products!

Lisa T.

My guess is 6!

Can't wait for the sneak peeks to begin..yay!

Stine H Maansen

My guess is 6... :-)

Diane Dowell

I'm guessing 7


I am going to say 9, this is an adorable layout too! I am so excited.

Wendy C

I'll guess nine. Can't wait for more sneaks.

Patricia Hayrynen

My guess is 8. Would love to have another package come with all the great Maya Road products. Thanks, Pat

B Bennett

I`m going to guess eight, I can`t wait till your sneak peeks come out but I think I`m going away for part of the week, darn.

Kristine Dyrda

Okay here is my guess:
1. Sheers - A year to remember.
2. Fa,ly Key Chain Set - Love
3. Jewel Flower
4. Bingo Card Rub-ons
5. Jonathan Alpha Rub-ons
6. Tags Mini chipboard
7. Maya Mist
Now what is throwing me off is the Flower Pin & the Record Keeping??

Robin O

My guess is 8 - Can't wait to see all the new goodies!

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