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July 12, 2009


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Hi there! I'm guessing 6 :)

Shelley P.

I see 7 Maya Road embellishments. Thanks for the fun game!

tammy b

fun! i'm gonna go w/7.

Christie Weist

I think its 9! I am so excited to see CHA peeks.

Regina Jones

so fun..I can't wait to see all the new goodies. I see 8 MR possibilities. thanks for a chance.


My guess is 8. I'm looking forward to the reveal!

Kelly Feldman

Eeek love the peek!! I guess 9 as well!

Amy Smith

Oh I can't wait for the peaks!! My guess is 8.

Cathy S

I'll go with 7.


Cool giveaway....and I can't wait to see the sneak peaks that are coming up.

I guess......7.


Becs Attwood

Thanks for the chance to win. I'm counting 7 MR products in that project.

Lori W

I'm thinking 6 MR!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Debbie Kaste

My guess is NINE! Just LOVE Maya Road products:) Thanks for the chance to win some.
Debbie Kaste


I see 7 items! Thanks for the game and the fun items that you are offering. I'm a self admitted MR junkie. I have no intention of seeking help for this addiction! Enabling welcome.
Kathy S.

Vicki J. Wade

My guess is 9 (Nine)??


My guess is 9. Thanks for the chance to win. Can't wait to see the new products.

Tanya K,

I'm going with 8! Thanks for the chance to win!

Erika M

I'm thinking 7 but we'll see - thanks for the chance!

kimberly bishop

my guess is 7 i cant believe that cute little bingo card love it!!!!

Jenny M

My guess is 8 products. Thanks for a chance to win these fun products.

Laura Lee

I think I see 8
Thanks for the great deal on the kits. I was a little greedy and got 2 of them...Beautiful ribbon and LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute albums, the key is just so sweet! I see a Key's to my Heart album coming on!
Thanks again!!!! I can't wait to see what you are coming out with in CHA-S.


I can't wait to see all the fun, new releases. I guess 9. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

Yvette H

I'm going to guess eight.

Cathy K.

My guess is 7 - great giveaway!!

Ally White

I'm going with lucky #7 :)
I can't wait for all your new releases!!!!

Kathleen Kraft

I'm guessing 8....my love of all things Maya Road is very krafty...much like the krafty sort of finish of MR lovelies..


My "guess-a-Roadie" is 7! All adorable! Waiting for the new MR releases is driving me bonkers! I would say I am definately excited! YAY!


I think the count is 7... can't wait to find out for sure. I ordered one of the kits and LOVED everything I got, even the stuff I wouldn't normally buy. I was so glad I ordered the kit. Next time I'll be ordering two kits for sure.

Michelle in NJ

I'm going to guess 9 items...everything except the ultrasound pic...


I guess 8. Can't wait to see new stuff!!


i see the bingo stamp, the love key chain.the pin ,the jewel and the sheers

Patty O

my guess is 8 and it's very late and this giveaway is great and I cannot wait...for the new Maya Road release! Hugs from Southern CA!!


uhmmm... i'm guessing there's 8 MR items there... and can't wait to see all the new items!!!

jean s

I just loved my box of goodies, just wish I had ordered 2 of them. I'll guess 7

Candy Bonoan-Lagazon

I'd have to guess NINE! It looks like Maya Road is quite busy churning up new and gorgeous products! Can't wait to see them all!

laura j

Looking forward to your new releases! I'm guessing 9 Maya Road Products!


my guess is 8! thanks for giving us all a chance to win.. regards to all at MR

Elizabeth Williams

I'm thinking 8. Love the layout-wish I had thought way back when to scrap my ultrasounds! I had to pass on the warehouse sale this year so I sure hope I'm a winner.


I'm going to say 8. Can't wait to see the new product!


I counted 9 items. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Jay N

Take a guess, 8 it is!!!


I'm guessing 7!


I'm guessing 8.

Michelle Salazar

I am thinking 8 things there and some of them look very cool . ..


I <3 scrapbooking! I will guess 9!

Dana J

Ok, I think it's 7!


I am guessing 5. Although I am probably totally incorrect.


Ooh... 6? Thanks for the chance! x

Diana Fisher

I see 8, too. So excited for the new stuff!

Kim Holmes

I'm guessing eight too! I heard your warehouse sale was stupendous! I had to pass because of hte economy---but I would love to have one!


I'm guessing 7.

Renee K

I'm guessing 9.


I am going to guess 7! Thanks for the fun game and chance to win!


My guess is 9. can't wait for the new releases! :)

Tammy Moore

Here's hoping my lucky number is SEVEN!! :) Love the goodies!


I guess 7, it's my lucky number! What a sweet sneak peak it is!


I'm gonna guess 7! I am really looking forward to seeing all your new products. Thank you for ANOTHER shot at winning some great MR stuff--MAYBE after the 100th time I've tried, I will get lucky this time!!!


I'm guessing 8! Thanks for the giveaway!

Kelly Malacko

My guess is 7. Thanks for the chance!


Lucky 7 products, I hope :)

Gracie Ann

I think I see 7 different MR goodies. Woe I hope I win. I didn't get to order during the Warehouse sale. :(


I'm guessing there's 8 products. Would love a kit! You're products are fabulous!

Heather Ippolito

I see 7 products in the picture. Thanks for the chance to win a kit-- I'd love to have some fun playing with your products!

Lydia S

My guess is going to be 6! I also like the others cant wait to see the sneek peaks!!!!


Going with 8 items...

Charlene Williams

I absolutely can't wait for the new release :) I'm going to guess eight.


I'm a big fan of your products...I was happy with my box of goodies and im hopeing that you will draw my name:
gramiemac a.k.a Carolyn

Ruth Philps

Oh what fun...I can't wait for yourr new products to be released!!
I am guessing 7........with my fingers crossed!!


my guess is 9, this is sooooo much fun!!!!


I'm going to go with 8. I hope I win!!!! :)


I'm thinking it 8 as well . . . love the sneak peeks so far!! Way to go!! Can't wait to see more . . .

Melinda Wilson

I guess 9 MR items. Thanks for the fun!!


i've been anxious to see your new collection (oh, please tell me there's MORE chipboard albums?! i hoard them all :)) and my guess would definitely be 8 -- thanks for the chance to win!

Holly Hanks

I'm going to guess 8 MR products. What a great giveaway! Thanks. :0)

Debbie O'Neal

My guess is 8 great MR possibilities. I counted a few I already own and hoped for a few that are may be coming out Summer CHA ! LOL Thanks for the chance to win, I missed out on the warehouse sale this time around but LOVED my warehouse box of stuff I bought at the last sale!!

Now you will have an awesome CHA Summer ordering frenzie !

Janet M.

I have to go with 9. I`m pretty sure two products were used on one, so that should count as two right?

sophie macdonald

i am going with my lucky number 7

jill kauffeldt

i am going with my favourite number in the whole world 8


I think there are 9 MR products!!!! Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff!

Lana Eckel

I am another one guessing 7! And I love the sneak peeks - it's the best way to spend my summer - thanks MR!

Pamela Bennett

I`m going to say 9 MR products as I think you have fooled us with a few new products from CHA

Dawn M

I'm going to say 7. What a cute LO, too. I still have ultrasound pics from both kids to scrap.


I think I see 7 products. It's a cute way to display an ultrasound, thanks for the peek

J. J. Clark

I think that there are 9 MR products in the sample. I love the peek ath the new products, can't wait to see them all.

catherine s.

Love the post! My guess is...9 MR products. How fun!


well I'm throwing in 8.... I see the classics and am sooo excited to see some possible new elements to add to my fave company!
WTG Maya Road!


I'm going to guess 9 MR products. I really look forward to your CHA reveals twice a year.

Theresa Grdina

My guess is 7. I really really hope I win. All of my friends got the "kit"/sale box....By the time I got on it, they were gone! Then you found a few more and I got all excited! By the time I got on-line to get one, they were all gone! MAYBE, oh maybe, this time I will have some luck!

Sharlene Piscitelli

Can't wait to see what's new. My guess is 7.

Rachael Wood

I am guessing 7. Are we going to start getting MR paper???

Denise T

I am guessing 9 products.

Jennifer Findlay

hmmmm, I see 8 MR products here. Thanks for the chance to win.

Vicki H.

8? :) Can't wait to see what great stuff you guys come out with at CHA! Thanks for the opportunity!

Nancy Jones

I say 9. LOOKS AWESOMEEEE! SO exciting and yummmy looking!!!

Laura Stewart

cute page - seVen


I'm thinking eight because I'm hoping the love from the key chain set was covered in some kind of maya mist. If not down to eight! LOL! I can't wait to see all the CHA releases!

Cathy Phillips

I am guessing 8. Cant wait for the new product! I love Maya Road!!!!!

Amy M.

I am guessing 7. Thanks for the sneeks!


I am guessing 8... because I am a gambler.... Hmm wonder what additional goodies you might throw in???


I'm counting 8!

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