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July 19, 2009


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LOVE the chipboard!!!!


More awesome goodies!

Shelley P.

I love the chipboard snowflakes and mittens, crocheted trims, and the robot sheers. What is there not to love?! All the embellishments make me drool!

Lana Eckel

I love the mittens and the snowflakes especially.

Oh and I love the new materials for the flowers -
fab as always ladies!

Dale Paulson

The crocheted trim is fabulous!! And of course I love all the chipboard. Can't wait to see more this week.

Jackie Hyland


Heather Hopkins

I love those ribbons. And the different flowers are all so lovely. I want me some of that chipboard. Actually all of it.

Michelle Salazar

Love the lace and what wonderful colors. As always your chipboard rocks but I so want to my hands on the stamp one.

Raechelle Bellus

I like it all! I love the colors and the fun new chipboard shapes!

Kristi B.

I'm in love with all the flowers! I will have to have them all. :)


My favorites are the mitten coasters! Too cute!

Willa de Freitas

This is so amazing, the lace is beautiful, the flowers is absolutely gorgeous. JUST LUV IT.

Anthea Peterson

loving the lace and flowers, but the chipboard bracket album is gorgeous too!!

Erica Hettwer

I love them all!!! Yumminess!


I am going to need those chandelier beads! Fantastic!!! ***Jenn***


Hmm...all of it...I love it ALL!!!

mandie segura

i love the little trinkets!


I totally love the chipboard snowflakes and the beautiful flowers!! Keep the great products . . . at affordable prices coming!!


Oooh, so much goodness! I love it all!!

jen shears

I love it ALL!!! Those new chipboard shapes are sooo fun- love what the dt did with them- so much inspiration!


I love your chipboard coasters and this range is especially beautiful. I can't wait to use the mittens for some cookie recipes!


Yummie i love it all! What a nice sneak peaks ful of inspiration. Thanks


Well I asked how you planned to top off day one's release and boy did you do it!! Those trims are exquisite - and I can certainly see possibilities for the postage stamp booklet!! Great stuff.

jeanie nieva

i love the flowers. :)

cindy vernon

Wow, I love everything, such fun embellishments and the new chipboard rocks!


Amazing.... those colors.. those flowers... I love it!
Wish it was all in the shops, I want to play with it!!!


oh those flowers and chipboard, yum yum :)

Rachel M

The crochet trim is gorgeous, what lovely colours!


so lovely!!! the albums are great!!! can't wait to seeing the chipboard in shops :P


Love the chipboard - great as always!

Mel Nunn

OOOH I love those pretty flowers! I want them all. How cute is the blue velvet one??


Postage stamps & snowflakes--such great designs! The crocheted trims are a wonderful addition too..


I love the chandelier beads and you really can't beat 70 pc for $5! I also adore the crocheted trim; gorgeous colors!

Beverley Cunningham

I love ALL the coasters esp the square scroll and the postage ones and the flowers are lovely

Abby V

I am really loving the velvet flowers and the new chipboard coasters (especially that scroll one)! I always say that you guys come out with really amazing new releases and you have another one again!

June Goh

I love love love the new flowers !!

Mrs Frizz

OMG ... I. AM. IN. LOVE. with those wee mittens ... too cute!!!

Amy M.

love it all! especially the flowers.


I just love the postage stamp coasters, what a great idea.


Love those trims! Yum! :)

Janet Zeppa

I especially love the scroll frame coasters! But really I love it all!!!


loads of fab n fun stuffs everyday, u makes me me forever drooling yay!

Cathy K.

More things to love! The crocheted trim is lovely Great patterned flowers and the chipboard, oh my! I can imagine a Christmas tree decorated with mittens and snowflakes!


It's all lovely - the trims are just such pretty colors! and that little kraft owl - oh my!


The new flowers are just beautiful. The design team did a great job. Makes me crave all of the new items!

Ali Dub

Loving those little cupcakes and the coasters ... oh the coasters ... hope they come to NZ!


How do you guys keep coming up with such unique items! I want everything!

laura j

Love all of the new products! My favs are the crocheted trim and the chipboard mittens!


what's not to love, I love it all!


Chipboard chipboard chipboard...Can't have too much of them lol!


Love the velvet flowers and the embossed chipboard. So beautiful.


WOW! Gorgeous stuff!

Denise Bryant

The crocheted trim and the beautiful flowers are my favorites. Love the samples you are showing!

Angie S

What a lovely pop of color! Loving the adorable mitten shaped chipboard!

Angela S

Such cute stuff! You're making me excited for ... winter!

Anna Sigga

These look so pretty!!!

Amy Smith

Sweet! I'm lovin the chipboard books....I can't seem to get enough!


Ooh, I like the flowers...the crystals...the chipboard...

Jennifer Peddicord

I love every single thing! But, my favorites are the flowers and the snowflake coasters.


I love it all!


Loving the chandelier pieces, flowers and chipboard. Thanks for all the sneak peaks.


oh wow, I love those little crystals and those flowers! Everything so far is so drool worthy!


I'm glad I'm going to be able to afford it all because there is no way I could pick one item. I do love me some crocheted trims though!


I love thehanging chandiler beads.



Wow, every year I say I must swear off more coaster albums, because I have every one of them MR ever put out, but now, I see several that I will HAVE TO HAVE. unbelievablE!!!

Jenn F.

Oh wow! I love the flowers!!


simply beautiful creations! Loving those little chipboard albums! WTG-Maya Road!!

chelsea miller

Those coaster books are AWESOME, I can't pick a favorite out of them... maybe the postage stamp one! Great stuff, can't wait until I can get my hands on it!

Diana Fisher

I can't wait to get my hands on some of these goodies! So many ideas run through my head seeing the new items, great job Maya Road!


Oh my gosh!! I love the mittens!!!


Geesh...you're killing my wallet! I love the chandelier crystals...beautiful! And the lovely flowers...and the cute, cute mini books. Lots of great inspiration to create!

Summer Braxton

Well, everyone knows you have the best trims. I am crazy about the new chip books... especially postage stamp and the square scroll frame. BUT I think I will certainly die if those chandelier beads are not in my hands by Sept. (my BDay).

Tami M.

Oh my heck, those flowers are fabulous and I love the chipboard mittens and snowflakes!


Oh, I love it all! But I think my favourites are the chandiler beads and the trim. And the square scroll frame coaster, and the flowers... :)


I do love all the chipboard! Good stuff... And the flowers are amazing.

Wendy G.

You had me at the chandalier drops! Love the DT creations - lots of inspiration!


Sad to say (sad for my wallet that is) that I LOVE THEM ALL! My very favourites would be the snowflake coasters, flowers and Chandalier gems though!
Just gorgeous!

Mabel M

Ohmy!!! the new Christmas goodies are absolutely fabulous, can't wait!!!

Stacy Milford

My faves are the flowers & the chipboard coasters too! Love the album examples shown!

Nancy B

Love the new chipboard! The mittens are a must have!

Theresa Grdina

What don't I like??? LOL! I am a BIG fan of bling...so the chandelier drops are my favorite...however, I loved everything you posted today! I can't wait to get my hands on it!!

Wendy C

I always love the flowers and trim. I can't get enough of them. Thanks for making more:)


I love the trim and the flowers...holy gorgeous!!

Helen Marshall

I love it all...... chipboard and the glitz!


I love everything - really like the trims!


I can't help it, I want it all!


Those trims are amazing and I am so in love with the chandelier beads! The minis are way fun, too!

V Reed

Pretty! I love the coasters and the flowers. My favorite is the snowflake and the stamp coasters, though.

Cyndi B

LO......VE the trims!!!

Erika M

The chipboard coasters are awesome! I really love the trims in the bright colors as well!!


i absolutely love those crocheted ribbons. Truly lovely and very unique

Patricia Hayrynen

You have me with the flowers and the chipboard coasters. Will have to have all of it.


I love them all! My favorites are the postage stamp and mittens. So CUTE!!


I love it all. The flowers and trim are so pretty. The chipboard will make wonderful mini books. I want all of it!


I am in love with the crocheted trim! How pretty.

Tanya :)


How can we pick just one!? I love the ribbon and the chipboard albums.


The crocheted trim and chandlier pieces are awesome! As usual, the chipboard is fabulous, love those mittens!

Kim M

I just love the coasters, all of them, they would be perfect for mini albums!


I love the flowers...they look so rich and luxurious. Also, the chandelier beads are fabulous! What great embellishments!

Monica B

I love it ALL! I think my favorites are the bright trim & the square scroll frame coaster.

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