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July 20, 2009


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The 1" pigments will be perfect for taking to crops without having lots of estra weight from bigger products. LOVE the mists, of course, so they are all mine! What a great sneak


OH MY GOSH.... over the last few days there is so much to choose from in all the sneak peaks... I want it all... THE MUSLIN ROSES are to DIE for... the mists are a must have. I will be looking for the tutorial. thanks for sharing


LOVE the mists, can't wait to play with the new colors!
Robot stamp is soo cute!


The mists look amazing.


Seriously, the goodness just keeps coming!! I love it all!


I like it all but I'm really liking the look of your pigment inks on the Maya chipboard and what a great price. I'll be looking for those!

Jessica Griffin

I LOVE the Maya Misters on the chipboard letters!! I can't wait to get my hands on 'em!!

rebecca k

OOOOH new Maya Mists and robot stamps and pigment ink. Can I love it all!??!

Ashley M

wow! those glimmer mist colors are gorgeous!!!! and I love the little owl stamp!!!! adorable!!!!


I really like the white ink.

Jackie Hyland

cute yummy delicious

Cindi T

Oh i can't wait to get those new Maya Mist colors.


I think that I am going to need an entire set of the mists!! They are so fun and great on everything!!!


I just LOVE those metallic mists and the cute robot/bird stamps...!

Cynthia B.

metallic mists too?! COOL. And that set of school stamps w/ the owls - CUTE!

Carole Hepburn

It is overwhelming - thank you for sharing and showing fabulous samples ...have to have the sushi stamps !!!


The new stamps are adorable! I NEED that sushi stamp! LOL

June Goh

I want those stamps and the mist !! Colors are really cool.


Those spray colors and inks are awsome! Wow, that ink really gives a good finish.
Thank you so much for all the sneak peaks!

jen shears

those 1" inks look great & the metallic sprays- soooo fun!


lime and bubble gum mists? YES! and that white ink pad looks like a definite one to try. very cool!

Karen Peterson

The mists are very snazzy and I love the look of them on the chipboard letters, oh the possibilities!! Cute school stamp set too!

Anthea Peterson

oohhhh yumm!!!! loving the stamps and mists too!!

Kristine B

Wow, love how the mists look on the chipboard letters!!!


Oh my! I just love all these - mists, ink cubes, sushi stamps, mini chipboard letters. Can't wait to play

Elizabeth Williams

Incredible-how do you it year after year? Every peek today is out of this world-going to start turning the furniture over to collect all the loose change so I can buy big!

Dianne Yamada

The metalic colors are beautiful!! And Ilove the robot stamps and everything is so reasonably priced!! Hurry I want to buy it all already!

Erica Hettwer

I love those new mists!!


loving all the colours
and the mini's
and wow to the new ink cubes!!!!

Shelley P.

I live in a city that has so much sushi restaurants, and this sushi stamp is perfect! I can't wait to get some of the stamps and play!

Fay W.

OMG...totally loving the Maya Mists on the chipboard letters! can't wait to get these!

Lydia S

AWESOME! Liking the mist colors and the way the look on chipboard.


Love the Maya Mists. I use them tonnes on my pages. Can't wait for the new colours to hit the stores.


Can't wait to see the tutorial for the roses, they are so gorgeous!!!


i have contemplated on purchasing white inks but no idea how it would work out exactly, but now you have me convinced :) and the new stamps (omg, SUSHI?! yesss!!) oh more more, please!

Janet Ang

First of all, I love the idea of using alcohol inks to color the chandelier beads! Wow! I also love the metalic mists.... Fun stuff!

Rachel M

WOW! What a lot of lovely stuff. I really love the birdcage and bird stamp, it's so sweet.

Amy M.

i can't wait for the new maya mist to be in stores! :) love it!


A sushi stamp...who would've thought!!?? Love the birdcage stamp set too.


Mists!!! Oh! Can't wait to get my hands on them... and the white ink, stamps, chipboard... all of them! lol!


I love the new Mist colours and those stamps are just devine!!


oh lovely, sooo lovely! uhm... ADORABLE :)


it's all beautiful but those owl, bird and robot stamps.. I would kill for them :) to cute!!!


Lovelovelove the stamps - must have the bots! New mists colors are so pretty - can't wait for that white pigment ink!!!! And I will be here for the muslin rose tutorial - too cute!


Love those robot stamps. And the mists - such gorgeous colours!


love the owls.. tooo whit tooo whooo and good luck to all of you!!!

Linda van Vliet

I love the clear stamps! The little owl and robot are sooooo cute!!!

Avantica Nielsen

OH MY GOSH...The sneak peeks just keep getting better and better. I'm in LUUUUUURRRRRVVVV with the Maya Mists and the stamps as well as ALL the goodies from last week.
Congrats MR! You have definitely done an AWESOME job this time (as always)!

Patti R.

Yikes - I want everything. I already love the mists - new colors look great. And the small ink pads - fantastic. I want a monkey stamp!!! - Please.

Cathy K.

The metallic mists are beautiful. I love how they work on chipboard and can't wait to get my hands on the new colors! The pigment stamp pads are sure to become a favorite!


Loving all the new items, thanks for answering questions. Can't wait to buy some of the items after CHA.

laura j

Love, just LOVE the new sushi stamps!! You don't know how long I have been looking for sushi images!!! The Maya Road ladies are geniuses!!!! ( I love all of the new stuff!)


Oooh..love it ALL..thanks for the chance :)

Jennifer Peddicord

I love the mini bird cage and bird stamps, and the mini cubes of color are perfect for the chipboard!

Beverley Cunningham

Love it all!! but especially those stamps they are soooo cute. Gorgeous coloured mists too.


Ahhh the new stamps are adorable! I'm super excited for the white ink and other colors. And the metallic inks looks sooo pretty! A lot of new fun stuff!!

Karen F

Am loving the new memists. Will definitely be getting those. The 1" pigment ink cubes are really great to take to crops with.

birute p.

I can't wait to try out those new mists! Love the new colours!!


Can I just send you this week's paycheck and get 1 of everything? It'd be so much easier that way! LOL! Loving the new inks and can't wait to try and make those flowers!


I love all the little stamp sets and the mists are incredible!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Laura Bruynell

Love all the new stamps!

Kathleen D

Love the mists!!! Must try them.

Sue Fissette

I love the colors of the mist and how amazing they look on the chipboard. I am so fascinated by all the creativity. Thanks for making and showing how to use all of this to ramp up our pages and cards.

Amy Smith

Wow...the colors of the mist look awesome. And the stamps are soooo sweet! Can't wait for some of these to hit the retail shelves!

Linda H.

You can just never have too many inks! and those colors look great. Very crisp and clear colors. Looking forward to playing with some of those.

~ alli ~

I think I need some of those Maya Mists!


I love the mist and can't wait to use them on my chipboard also love the stamps!!

Summer Braxton

The metallic mists on the chipboard is as shiny as glitter. So yummy!

Bianca Gaspard

Everything is making me drool again. I would have to say my favorite is the clear stamps. I just love the cute sushi and owls.


so so so very excited about all the new stamps, they are so so so extremely adorable!!!!!


ok i officially need that robot stamp set

Naomi Chokr

I really really like your new clear stamps!! especially the little cat and rabbit I think it is. Soo cute!!!

Jenn F.

Can't wait to get my hands on the new mists and I love the stamps, too cute :)


I can't wait to get some of the new mist colors...love the metallic shine!!


OMGoodness....everything is absolutely delish....your new stamps are stinkin' a-dorable!!!


I think I'm in love. I love the colors of the mists. The metallics are amazing!! Drool.


I love it all!

Raechelle Bellus

I am SO excited about the new ink and mist colors!!! The stamps are pretty cute, too!

Erika M

Love it all but of course your stamps are my fav!

Wendy G.

The mists are *awesome*! ...and I would love me some sushi too!

Candy Bonoan-Lagazon

Metallic mists too! Ooooh! Can't wait to get those!

Dana B

Anxious to try the new mist colors!

Lynn Judge

wow is all i can sa!!


Love the new mist colors, they are awesome! So great on your chipboard!

Nancy B

So many new things, love them all. The new stamps are so cute, the new chipboard is a must have and the ink, OMG!

Michelle V.

Oh wow. I love the new mist colours...and that ink? WOW. Great coverage. Those stamps are mighty cute too. ;)


Everything is just too cute! Love it all!! :)


More MUST HAVES.....

Theresa Grdina

I love all of these: the mists, the stamps, the ink cubes!! I think my favorite has to be the little bird and birdcage stamp. TOO CUTE!


love the maya mist and pigment inks especially on chipboard. Those were some bright colors.

V Reed

EEEEeeee! That's me squealing in delight over totally cute robot stamps to go with the totally cute robot sheers!


Oh my, the school bus stamp would be perfect for a scrap album of my daughters first year of school! Not to mention the scrumptious misters and the white pigment ink on the chipboard! I have a list to make.

Tanya from Nepean


Those stamps are too cute. I can imagine using them constantly :)

Pauline Solano

The Maya Mists are great! Love the lime green and bright orange and blue raspberry metallics. Spectacular bright orange and fuschia inks!!

Jennifer B.

Love the mists of course...did you say the chipboard letters are called Bethany? That's my 4th month old daughters name! =)


love all the new mist colors....those are fantastic!


I love the mists...can't wait to get my hands on some!!!

Sherri P eh

the mists, and the sushi stamps! among a million other things of course!!

wendi r

ohh the new stamps are sooo adorble and that mist!!! gotta get some of that.. fun stuff


Love those stamps! So Cute!

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