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July 20, 2009


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those are some SERIOUSLY cute stamps!!

audrey manzanares

Absolutely Stinkin' CUTE!!! I can't wait to buy!! Love the velvet looking flowers and the chipboard snowflake book and mittens!! You continue to amaze me with the creativity!!

Denise Bryant

The Maya Mists look amazing.... yummy colors. I love how they look on the chipboard letters.

Dana K

I love the ink cubes and new maya mist colors. THanks for the deep red and green colors.

Renee K

Love the new stamps! They are so cute!


LOVE the sushi stamps, just too cute. Also the new colors of the mists are great, the names are like sno-cones, yum!


aaaack, i love the new maya mists and the stamps..soooo cute


I love your stamps - the bird and cage... too cute!


love that white ink!!!!!

Alisha P.

I keep eyeing the Maya Mists and wanting to play with that on my chipboard. Cool stamps! Can't wait to play.


I think I just need one of everything!!! I am really excited about those stamps and the metallic mists! Oh the torture!


Oh I like that pigment white ink and those stamps...Also can't forget the mist colors either....Can't wait for all those goodies to hit the stores.


The mist are awesome! The color is so bright and beautiful! Excellent sneak peeks! Can't wait to get my hands on some of the new stamps!

Adrienne J

I love the lime mist and the little ink cubes, they are the perfect size.

Grace M

Can't wiat to have the Metallic Mists and cubies!


LOVE the vibrant colors of the ink cubes!! Great idea & fabulous price. Can't wait to use the new mist colors--they are beautiful. And the stamps--ADORABLE!! Love the yummy sushi. What an exciting week of sneak peeks. Love that I will be able to try so many of these great new products & it won't "break the bank"!!

Monica B

I love it ALL! The metallic Maya Mists are gorgeous... I love how they look on chipboard. Love the new inks. Can't wait to get my hands on some of those stamps!


Can't wait for the new mist colors - will need to have them all! Everything else is wonderful too!


Love how the mists look on the chipboard! Great coverage! Beautiful colors!

Alison Jones

More great goodies. I love the new mist colors and how they make the chipboard POP! Can't wait to see them in person.


I love the mist, ink, chipboard the stamps can't pick just one!

Elaine Allen

I hear my wallet cringing as I reach for it - LOL! What wonderful toys to play with - I love all of it!

Elaine Allen

Jodi Addy

I am so excited to try out the new Maya Mists!!


Love the stamps and the metallics for their versatility. Always good for my budget.

susan m

I am loving the new spray mists!! Keep them coming!!

Patricia Hayrynen

Gotta have those mists! All the samples are terrific. Would like to have everything (if only the pocketbook was as long as the wishlist).


I <3 that metalic maya mist and that adorable robot stamp...keep making those gorgeous products, I love them!!

tammy b

more maya mists!
more maya mists!
more maya mists!

Christine Hertel

I love those sushi stamps! I could just eat them! LOL!!! ;)


I love it all! Your stamps are such great quality, too, so I am very excited to see you coming out with more designs!


ohhh...metallic mists! and the ink cubes are a must have!


You have one of the best design teams. I love how their work inspires me!


wow, great colors!! love the mist on the chipboard!

Melinda Wilson

Love the stamps! I can't wait to play with them!

Maureen F

OOHHHH - I can't wait to ge tmy hands on some of these goodies !!!!!


Love the look of the mists and the pigment ink. That little robot stamp is too cute!

Carla Grace, Middleburg, Florida

I love the new stamps, can't resist the owl!

Michelle Salazar

It all rocks I just want to get started playing.

Jennifer B

I love the mists and the stamps!

Denise L.

I love it all but the robot stamps are just precious! My little guy will be a stamping fiend if I pick up a set of those for him!!


love everything, my fav is the white ink and the stamps


the bird cage stamp is really cute !


i use and abuse of mist... love those mist too
thanks for the chance


this new collection is amazing, love he robots and the mists


love to try this white ink, lot of possibilities with this ink
thanks for the chance

Jennifer Findlay

I am so excited for the new mist colros!!!

Susan M

Love the new stamps! They are too cute!

Ally White

Well i am loooving the Maya Mists so i'm excited to see new colors!

Tami F

Wow--I love the new maya mists. I have a few now and can't wait to find these new colors!

Rita Timmons

Every day it gets better and better... love, love, love the new colors. And those mini stamps - AWESOME!


Those mists look awesome on the chipboard letters! I can't wait to try them out! All the new products look exciting and unique.


I LOVE the mists! They will be great with the ink cubes. And best of all the bird stamp with the cage - the prefect thing for my love of birds!

Angela W

Um...I like it ALL!! I haven't used any of your mists, but they sure are pretty! I love stamps too!


The chipboard is amazing. I am intrigued by the mists as I have not used them but they are so pretty on the chipboard. The white pad is cool.

Janet Zeppa

Oh I am excited about the white ink and the mists!!!


Ok, loving the metallic colors on the chipboard! That is so awesome. The little stamp pads are great because you feel like you can have every color and not feel guilty! Great peeks!!


Love Maya Mists.... so new colours are fun, fun, fun!!! :-)


I am being sucked in by the mists...may have to add some to my collection. the color cubes are already on the shopping list!


it's all yummy!


Really love everything featured!! Can't wait to see how to do the muslin roses! Thanks for the giveaway!


I am mostly excited about Maya Mist new colors. They look beautiful


Kathleen Stark

The mist colors are beautiful - also love the bird in the cage!!!

Nancy Brewer

I loved how the mists looked on the chipboard letters! They looked like they were made that color. Sweet! I also really liked how well the ink covered the chipboard. And what a bonus to have it so affordable. Yup, it's . . . Sweet!


YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing all this great stuff with us :)


The coverage of those inks is amazing. And I love the robot stamps. Very cute.

Lisa T.

YAY for more Maya Mist colors!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on more!


I've just bought my first bottles of Maya Mist and just love it...the colors are gorgeous! I can't wait to see the new colors.


I'm loving the ink blocks and the die-cut shaped tag and coaster album in that last picture. I'm anxious to see what other colors the ink will be available in.

Cathy S

The stamps look adorable.

Jenny McGee

I love the new colors of the Maya Mist. They look great on the chipboard. And the stamp sets are so cute. Thanks for a chance to win.

Kim M

I am in LOVE with the mists, I want one in every color!!!


i'm gaga for the new stamps! i love the mist too -- super exciting!

silvia haynes

I LOVE the stamps!!! Especially the bus and ADORABLE owls!!!

Angie S

The stamps are on my MUST have list! Loving the owl and robots!

Dawn M

WOWZA! I love everything! Especially the Maya Mists. And the ink cubes are awesome. So much easier to tote to a crop.


The mists look gorgeous! I love all the possibilities...


Great new colors of Maya Mist! And those stamps are way cute!

Dana F.

Hee... all these are great. I love the cute new stamps!! Also, I cannot wait until the cream-colored Maya Mist hits my LSS... please, don't make me wait too long ;-)


I love the pigment ink cubes! Great size!


Wow. The new Maya Mist colors are lookin good!!


I'm in love with everything you have shown!! I think I need to start saving up so I can get everything!!! I really can't wait to get my hands on the new mist colors.

Robin O

Yummy - all that goodness I can't wait!


ink and stamps, count me in! so much new fun, thanks for sharing.


It's too hard to say what I like because I love it all. I can't wait to shop and start stocking up, especially on the chipboard, inks and mists! Guess I do have some favorites after all!

Pamela Bennett

I just love the new Maya Mists in the Metallic and the new Pigment Inks look wonderful


Those Mist colors are just beautiful! I can't wait to get to spray some letters with them!

Stacy Caddy

OOHHH!!! I want all the new colors of mists and all the inks and stamps and.....
I just want it all...


What do I like??? What DON'T I LOVE!!!
They're all FABULOUS! I can't get enough of the Maya mists, and that Cream one is making me drool! I love the blue,....well all of them. Your mists are BY FAR the BEST on the market! The inks are absolutely incredible when I see them on the chipboard and the coverage they give...just like your mists! I saw a flat back pearl there on the pink orange and black chipboard flower...is that a hidden sneak?
The bird and birdcage stamp is ADORABLE>...oh my, I'm in so much trouble!!

Julie Gastelum

Love the new colors of Maya Mist, they look great on Chipboard....and the stamps are adorable....Can't wait to play with all the new stuff....

Debbie O'Neal

WOW - loving the 1" pigment ink...sounds like they will be easier to store for traveling and space saving too at home:)

And those new metallic mist will be MUST HAVES for me ! So excited about the MR Summer release ...thanks for the great jobs ladies!

Caroline Vollmann

I love the new colors of the Maya Mists awsome. Bring on the chipboard and stamps you have done another great job. Congratulations


Absolutely love the mists and on the chipboard pieces just beautiful


The mist are really pretty.

Becs Attwood

Gorgeous colors in the mists & ink cubes. And those stamps are sooooooo cute!

Tobey Shepherd

wow wow wow!! I am loving all the new stuff, chipboard chipboard chipboard!!!!!!! ink, misters.......someone pick me up off the floor please!!!!

jeanie nieva

love the mists and the stamps! :)

gian de la rama

love the stamps. :)


So lovin your new stamps!! Too cute. And I love the idea of using my stamp pads to colour. Awesome!!


Do I have to choose? I love them all, especially the stamps & the Maya Mist.

Vicki H.

One word sums it all up: Everything! I like everything and can't wait to get me some to play with! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

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