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July 16, 2009


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Heather Ippolito

The monkey business tags are simply darling. I would love to put some of those little notes in my daughter's lunch box next year!

Keri Pettit

What do you mean which do you like? I want to get my little mitts on All of them!! of course.

Cindi T

Oh love love love it! I am so excited.


ohh, those mini chipboards are cute!! and love the kraft tags and envelopes, I love kraft! :D can't wait to see this in the store's

jen shears

Those all look like soooo much fun! I am LOVING this peek! Today I'd pick the snowflakes, but my answer would probably be different tomorrow! That's what happens with so much goodness to choose from! :)


I love 'em all!! The minis are sooo cute!


Love the tags! But, swoon, that scallop envelope is divine!


Love love love the birdcages!!

Carla Grace, Middleburg, Florida

I love the new kraft tags and mini chipboards...can't wait for CHA to get here!


I love them all but the scallop envelope is so cute to use in minibooks.


Wow - love love love the kraft tags - can't wait to get them


The mini cupcakes are too cute - and the birds and cages are just adorable!

Patti R.

Love the kraft tags and envelopes and the mini chipboards are awesoem as well - will be great for cards or ATC's. I just love that lil monkey - he is adorable!


seriously? Lovin' them ALL...okay, but to pick just 1....the sweet bird & her tiny cage....adorable!

Pamela Bennett

I love the Kraft tags and Envelopes, what a great way to have a secret hiding place for journalling on your page or mini book. Loving the mini chipboards as well.


Love the kraft tags and the cupcakes! Mini cupcakes - too cute! :D


Wow. Love the craft tags and the little bird cages. They are so sweet.

Cathy S

I loved the big MR snowflakes, but I think I'll love these minis even more.

kimberly bishop

love the kraft tags and envelopes so many different ideas come to mind thanks for the sneak peeks

Pauline Solano

Love it all. Love the mini chipboard especially the tiny bird with the cage! Also the kraft tags and envelopes. The peeks are addicting!!!

birute p.

Okay, I thought it would be easy to pick just one item, but you know what?... I love it all! I can't wait to start playing with these!

Jennifer B

How cute! Lovin everything you guys are doin!


Oh for the love of kraft! Those tags are fab!!! I think I'm just going to send this blog post to my LSS and plead for all of it! Those mini snowflakes are totally going to be all over my tree this year! Thank you for feeding the addiction MR!


I like the mini snowflakes. However, the rest is just great.


Dana F.

Yeah!! I love all things kraft and those tags are funtastic!! And than the snowflakes, birdies and cupcakes... YUM! :-)

Cindy D

How cute are those!


Mini chipboard is adorable. Love the cupcakes!


Love the kraft tags and envelopes and absolutely must get me some of those bird cages. Great ideas!


OMG! I love the kraft journal spots! I must have them...ALL!

Amy Smith

Love the kraft cards and envelopes....I have some ideas rolling around my head for these guys...and always I love the mini chipboard....so sweet and perfect for cards!

Erika M

Absolutely fabulous - I'm loving the kraft tags and of course I love the mini chipboard.

Julie, momto7

I like those kraft tags, AND the mini chip board is SO CUTE!! Love this new stuff.

Grace M

I love the mini chipboards! They're so cute!


I love it all but I must have those tiny bird cages!!!


Oh my, everything is sooo cute...! Love it!

jeanie nieva

i love the kraft journaling cards. :)

Christine Hertel

Those are so stinkin' cute!!

Angela S

Ohhhhh my ... how often do I see a post where I want EVERYTHING?! Not that often but today I sure do. I love tags to use for journaling, and those envelopes are fantastic, and the little chipboards! SQUEEEEE

Erica Hettwer

Oh, I've been looking forward to your CHA sneaks! I love everything you guys do! :D


I have been looking for snowflakes and these are just perfect! As you know, these are hard to find in TX...wonder why???


oooh! I'm loving the mini envelopes!!!

Summer Braxton

I am wild about how tiny these chips are. And that bird cage.... don't get me started... there's not enough room to type my love for it.

Nancy B

Love these minis, all of the them! The bird & cage are so cute, already thinking about a project with that one!

Renee K

Love the kraft and the cute little chipboard pieces. Super cute!

Kimberly (pierides)

Love, love, love those Minis. They are too cute. The kraft line is excellent too.

Jenny M

The mini chipboards are adorable. And I saw a cute turtle in the kraft tags. Love it all.


I just love the monkey, it is the cutest thing, and perfect for one of my boys that love monkeys. Also, the small envelopes are so adorable. Love the minis!


The chipboard mini's are awesome! The kraft cards and envelopes have unlimited possibilities! Love it!


Those little cupcakes are CUTE!


i love the mini chipboards, esp that bird+cage set! and those kraft tags, how cute!!

i can't wait! i can't wait! i can't wait!

Jacqueline T

Wow... I love those teeny tiny chipboards! I can see them on cards and tags.... Wonderful!!!


Cute, cute, cute! Love the birds and birdcages as well as the envelopes!


I love all of them! Tags would be great on some of my scrapbook pages! Love the mini's! Way to go Maya Road!


Oh my goodness . .. I love it all!! The kraft pieces are so cute and I'm thinking of all the things that I could do with them . . . the envelopes are great as well . . . the scalloped edge one is yummy .. . but those mini chipboards pieces have got to be my favorite!! They are to die for!! Great work!!

cindy b.

OMG!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the kraft stuff!! And those mini minis are SO cute!!


Ilove, love the tags! Also just ordered my first warehous e kit. Can't wait to see what's inside!

dawn h

oh I love ALL of it.....but especially the little scalloped envelope


Oh wow, exciting new stuff -- and all so cute!! I really like the mini chipboard pieces, especially the cupcakes and the birds with the cage. Can't wait to get those!

donna c

Very cute new products! I want everything!

Barbara Staradumsky

I am a MayaRoad junkie! I need those Craft Tags and Envelops!
Adore the Chipboard Cupcakes!
As usual...awesome job on starting trends!

Suzanne Daniels

How cute are those little envelopes, and the monkeys, and the bird cages, and the cupcakes. Did i mention the envelopes???

Carol M.

Love them all of course, especially the little birds and cages...oh, and the wings and heart too!



Dana K

I'm supposed to pick just one thing??? Impossible!!! I love the snowflakes, cupcakes and tages the best though. I'm amazed that you keep coming up with so many new products again and again. Thanks for the peek.


Oh, I def want those cute wings and heart! The craft tags are yummy too!

Tammy Cox

OMG the mini's are fantastic! The ability to color and embellish them to match pages makes them a must-have.

Heather H.

I'm in love with all of it already!!!! What a fabulous sneak peek!!!! Can't wait for it to be released so I can start using it!!!!

Jeanne K

I love those craft tags & especially the envelopes.


Aaarrgghhh! It's all too cute! Love it! Those monkey tags look awesome and I so love what the DT has created! What a great first day! How are you going to beat this????

Kristine B

Love those kraft tags!!!

Denise Costa

Way to cute!!! I NEED it all.


Love it all! The kraft is SO cool. Great job again, Maya Road!

Debbie M

OMG you guys outdid yourself again! Wonderful!

Jenn Allen

Ooooh! Pretty! I can't wait to get my hands on those snowflakes! I have several ideas they would be perfect for!!! ***Jenn***

Laurie Guidry

I love all the mini goodies. They will look wonderful on my scrap pages and projects :)


Oh My!! Those adorable little shapes, AND Kraft envelopes... AND tags... Oh, my!! I can't wait for these to be in stores!!


I MUST HAVE the Krafty Kats! How fun!


I loves the cupcakes and the birdie...too cute!!


Oh yes! Maya Road has done it again. Thank you!


Wow everything looks so cute!! Love the little chipboard cupcakes. Must have that! And the cute little cards with animal's DARLING!


The krafty mini and the monkeys and birds are so so freaking adorable. I look forward to purchasing them!

gail c

I LOVE the minis! I like all kraft things and I have some great ideas and ways in my head already to use those fun envelops and tags- once again, I gotta have it all!

Caryl Faith

OMG, I am in LOVE! in love with the tags and envelopes. Can't wait to get those... and the tiny bird and cage are so darn cute. LOVE, LOVE them all. MR rule!


Love those tags and envelopes! So fun, I cant' wait to see them for real!


Ooooh! Holy CUTENESS, Batman!!

Lori Gentile

I love everything!!! Yummy!


Baby cupcakes! I love them!! The little bird cages & birds are tooo cute! I see so many possibilities with the kraft tags--VERY clever idea & oh so adorable--but then again EVERYTHING you guys come up with is fabulous!


I love the little birds and cages! And the new journaling tags....and the snowflakes...ok, I admit, I want it all!!

V Reed

Okay, the tags rock. The envies are frankly awesome, but I am seriously jumping up and down over teeny chipboard snowflakes!!!!!!!

I need some. (firm nod)



Wow that's nice! ik love kraft and owls and i spotted one!!! :) ooohhh cupcakes they are lovely to!!! fantastic!


OMGoodness the minis rock. I am so in love. I want, Please please please, I was out of town and missed the other giveaways:(

tammy b

hooray! i AdORe kraft, so excited to get my hands on all that krafty loveliness! and those eensy weensy chipboards? oh mama, you had me when i saw the size. way to go MR!!

Mabel M

wowww love those little chipboards snowflakes, can't wait to the news!! =))


Those tags are so fun! I really love the little chipboard bird cage!


LOVE the new stuff! Always makes me want NOW! but have to practice patience, I know.

Pamela Young

Love love love the tags! Those are right up my alley. And of course the mini chipboard pieces are all fabulous too! :)

Mindy Horowitz

These by far are the CUTEST chipboard pieces I have seen! They will look absolutely adorable for so many different applications from scrapbooks to cards! Can not wait to see them in my LSS!


I am loving EVERYTHING I see here!!! Being a cardmaker, I envision ALL of these products being put to use on my cards!! Thank you for thinking of us card queens!!

renee lecatsas

I'm in love with the craft tags and envelopes, and they are so reasonably priced!! Can't wait to find these at our LSS!!



OOOoo!~!!! Love the new mini-chip shapes - can't wait to get my hands on those!

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