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July 16, 2009


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Lana Eckel

Ohmigosh, I love the calendars - love love love them.

Ric rac velvet ribbon is fab and oh gosh, I love it all who am i kidding lol

But my fav is the calendar sheers - they are great!

Patricia Hayrynen

Love the sheers. But the other things are also great. What's next? Can hardly wait.

Jenifer Cowles

Beautiful, another great peek for sure:)


Loving the calendar and animals sheers!

susan m

I am soo loving the new trim and the sheer products!

Jennifer Findlay

i am in love witht eh new stick pins!

Robin O

The new bunnies are adorable! But I also love everything else and want it all!!


I love, Love, Love !! the velvet rick rack and the pins.


I hardly know where to start! The shears are too cute, and the black pearl pins are awesome, but i cant wait to get my hands on that velvet ribbon!


These are awesome! I love the ric rac and oh that little lady bug sheer that I spy!!!

J. Harmon

I love the the new velvet, can't wait!


I love it all again especially the ribbon!


Congrats to your winners!
Love the calendars & that velevet ric rak is to die for!!

Brit S.

Love these! My favorites are the stick pins and the calendar sheers. Fabulous!


It never ceases to amaze me how creative y'all are to keep coming out with all this NEW stuff! Love the robots; I have a page in mind already!

Char Griffith

I love the animals and the calendars! I am enjoying all the peek's. Lots to buy soon I believe.


I'm loving it all...the calendars-pins-velvet ribbon..oh my!


I love the animal rag tag and the robots are so darn cute. Perfect for my little boy's page. I gotta have those pins too and the velvet ric rac of course.
Thanks for the chance to win.


I love your pins and sheers...gorgeous

Yaarit Grinbaum

I loved the yrs 2 card.
congrats to the winners!

Kristi B.

It all tickles my fancy! I will get MUCH use out of the calendar sheers & that velvet ric rac is GORGEOUS!


You had me at the calendars!! Hot hot hot!! <3


The sheers ... all of them!

Erika M

Well of course the sheers - I absolutely adore the sheers and these are adorable. I'm loving all the sneeks and can't wait until I can purchase them.


Love the Robots and the calendars!

Becky Poole (Rebekahboo)

That little Bear is darling!!! Yummy things posted here.

Brenda M

Love the black pearl pins and velvet ribbons! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

Donna R

OMG everything is so stinking cute! Must have!


Love the little robots!!


I love the flower . . . I'm assuming that you used the velvet ric rac to make it!! It is so beautiful!! I love the robot and animals tags as well! The pins are awesome too!!


Aaahhh Pins and ribbon, who needs more than that! And those cute guys in sheer, they are the best!

Wendy G.

*Definately* the sheer calendar - DD graduates in 2010, so there'll be alot of projects to make! Love your pins too!

Staci Garrison

Can't wait to use the sheer calendars and the velvet ric-rac. Love the xmas lo using these!


lovin' the rag animals, but the sheer ROBOTS are just way too cool!!


The pins and the ribbon are gorgeous! Love everything else as well!



I love the ribbons, the pins..ah heck..love it all!

Rita Timmons

love the robot sheers! Way cool.

Alisha P.

The sheers are adorable, particularly the Robots. I love them! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Lisa T.

All of it tickles my fancy...yup I cannot choose just one favorite, I love them all!


wow...tough to pick one...I would say the mini calendars and the ribbon....just fabulous!


Oh those robot sheers are darling! Wouold love to have those.

Cathy K.

Oh my - love those calendar sheers (and everything else truth be told)!

Pam Funk

at first I thought, those calendars on a Christmas card...it couldn't be beat. THEN I saw the velvet rick-rack.. . must haves for my mixed media projects..I CAN'T WAIT!!

Heather H.

Lots of yummy Maya Road goodness!!!!


OMG. Love everything. Those little animals are the cutest!!


got to get me some of the black pearl pins! Those are gorgeous! I also love the calendar sheers (great deal) and the cute little rag tag animals are adorable!!


Love everything, especially those pins.


I'm even more in LOVE !


Amazing! Love all the pins and the sheers are awesome!


I like the robot sheers those are so cute.

Regan Tomlin

I love the sheer animals and the robots...are you kidding me!?

Jennifer Hansen

Cute sheers!


Holy torpedos, Batman! They are simply irresistible! I LOVE the sheer calendars!!! ROCK ON, Maya Road!


I love all of them but the animals really tug at my heart. So cute!

Joanna Lee

I love the pins! They look awesome!!

elizabeth Williams

It's all just too fine-the Rag Tag sheers are jsut adorable, the pins and the ribbons are truly beautiful. You gouys have done it again!


Oooh! I love those black pearl pins!!! ***Jenn***

Grace M

I love the calendar and bunny sheers!

Julie O.

Love the sheers but I'm most excited about those gorgeous pins!


The possibilities with those calendar sheers! Adorable!

Brenda P

Love those sheer calendars and the ribbo is gorgeous.


Oh those rag tag sheers are so CUTE!!! And I love the sheer calendars too.

Stephanie Bennett

I love it all, can`t wait till it`s released.

Janet Zeppa

Love the velvet ribbon! Love it all to be honest!


Ohhh! I just need those sheer animals!


How about ALL of it tickles my fancy?? I love the idea of using Copics on the Sheers. And the possibilities with the calendars are endless.....


all of the sheers will find a place of honor on my cards and pages! love them!!!

laura j

Congrats to the winners! I love everything that you've revealed but my fav is the sheers!

Erin B

LOVE the calendar sheers! The pearl pins and ribbons are fab too!


i love everything !!! fabulous


love the animals and the robots
so fun


the pin pearls are so elegant... want it now


thanks for the chance
my fav is the pins and the ribbons


delight stuff... loving those beautiful sheers and the pins


pick me !!!
this new collection is fabulous... the black pearl pins are so so fantastic

Lori W

those calendars.....ahhh! so cute!! and the black pearl pins....swoon!


robot sheers are fab, so is velvet ric rac and the new pins! i'm behind on blogs and just saw the sneaks from earlier in the week -- the kraft line is fabulous -- doing a great job MR!

Sherry Fralic

The rag tag animal sheers are adorable. I love the suggestion of using Copic markers with them. Can't wait.....

Stine H Maansen

The robots are the cutest ever!

And I need all of the ribbons! :-)


OH MY!!! the velvet ric rac will be a hit for christmas layouts!!!!!! yummmmm


You guys managed to make bears look COOL!!! I love them, and the pins are fab. Gotta have em!


Those rag tag animals are the cutest thing ever!


ow i love the sheets!! great little pictures on it.. xx Tamara


The velvet ricrac is gorgeous, and I love those pins. Can't wait to get my hands on some.


Oh, I am so happy to see those little calendars. I was asking someone about little calendars the other day as I had no idea where to find them! I am so excited as I want to use them inside of Post It holders.

Susan Rapp

I am drooling over the sheers and the black pearl pins are scrumptious!


Such pretties! The sheer calendars and the black pearl pins are delicious.

Lynette G



The velvet ric-rac is awesome, I can't wait to play with it.


Love that velvet ric rac! and the pewter pearls are so stunning


Wow, love those new pins, can't wait to use them

ana roat

What an awesome design team you have. Your products are GREAT to begin with but they make using Maya Road look like so much fun and so easy. Thanks for your commitment to your fans. Maya Road really does ROCK in my book!


Lovin' those calendar sheers - I may get one made yet! Awesome stuff here - TFS!

Connie Melancon

congrats to the winners! I LOVE the calendars. I hope my LSS gets some.


The velvet ricrac is gorgeous and as always the calendars are wonderful.


Lovin the little robots...so cute

Dianne Yamada

I love your sheers!! The robots are so cute cute cute!

liz f

I love those black pearls!


It "sheer" is lovely to see such a fabulous new range of Sheers :-D

Susie Lang

Love the pins!

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