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July 21, 2009


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Gotta have the tree and the calendar stand. Love the peeks, thank you.


ooooh i want the calendar stand too, and the christmas tree, and the lady bug, and... lots of fun this with so many new things!


Awesome products! I just love the mini stand - so cute!

Amy M.

love your chipboard albums!

rebecca k

The calendar stand is so cool, the ladybug is so cute and the tree seems like a design that anyone could make beautiful--well done!

jen shears

WOW!! That was an AWESOME peak!! Those albums are too cool- we've been ladybug crazy around my house for a few years! :) All that goodness = lotsa fun!

Willa de Freitas

Once again awesome products, can't wait for it to arrive in South Africa and play with it.

Theresa Grdina

WOW! Those albums are great!!! I really love the tree album....I will be getting some of those chandeliers and trying to "dye" them with my alcohol inks. Too great!!!

Cynthia B.

alive and kicking here...and excited about all these products!! The ladybug is darling, and I love the stand - so practical. And I'm always always hunting for more alphas - thanks Maya Road!


Wow, that tree album would make a great gift to give!! And the other ones, well I am just imagining all the possiblities. Thanks for sharing!!


Love the calendar stand, and the scalloped banner album. Thx for the sneak!

wendi r

ohh that tree album looks like TONS of fun!!! how cool... and the chipboard fonts look fun too.

Elaine Allen

How do you ladies keep coming up with such wonderful things! And how the DT keep up with you is beyond me, but they do. What fabulous things they have created. I love the Tree Album.

Elaine Allen


Boy, I can't wait to get my hands on these...they are all so cute!!


gotta get me some of those chandalier beads!

The new tree album is really cute!

Bianca Gaspard

Another awesome peek! The Christmas tree and the triangle banner I think are my favorites this day, but I would love it all.

Jill in Frisco, Tx

Can't wait to get my hands on all of it!!

Erica Hettwer

I love the new banner album!

Cathy K.

Love the tree and the banner and can't wait to pick them up. The mini alphabets are just perfect, will be getting them and some maya mists to jazz up many projects!!

Robyn W

my favourite would be the new alphas, but love the new albums too and the way they have been used in this post, yay CHA


My grandmother has always called me Ladybug! I can't wait to make an album of us in the ladbug chipboard!! Too cute!!! ***Jenn***


Those projects are beautiful!! I love the mini calendar

kate blue

am lovin' sooo much-ladybug cute!coasters cute! calendar stand cute! Love all the textures and colors too.


the tree album, mini calendar stand and bethany letters are totally cool. I could not really see what the caroline letters are like from the pic, but a script sounds neat.

Heather Ippolito

Must have the calendar stand and tree album-- they are too cute ! Thanks for the previews and the chance to win.

Shelley P.

These projects are beautiful works of art! I love your chipboard galore!!


o xmas tree o xmas tree
much pleasure doth thou bring me!!!
would love to win.. thanks for the chance!

Brenda P

Those mini chipboard alphas look great!


YUMMMMMMMMY!!! I love the new chipboard goodies! And even more so, I love the DT projects...I can tell which one is Lia's! And I also love the snowy one at the end...and the pennant with the "L"...and the pennant with the red/silver snowflakes...omg it's gorgeous! The ladybug is darlin, the calendar stand is groovy and the coupe de gras...the tree!! That little boy is smart to hold on! LOL


you guys do NOT disappoint!! wow, wowww MORE chipboards & love the idea of using the mists on those chandelier beads :)

Cindi T

Oh my it's all so fabulous!

Lydia S

Im loving the banner and the calendar stand!

Janet Ang

Gotta get my hands on that super cute lady bug album!


love all the minis !!!


beautiful, i adore the mini alpha
thanks for the chance


great sneaks!!! loving the Christmas Tree Album!
Curved Edge Scallop Layer Book and the
mini Calendar Stand
have to have those! love the projects of the dt members, those look so great!


the tree album is cute
great new collection


my favourite are all the mini albums
thanks for the chance to win


the projects are fantastic, can't wait to do the same

Rachel M

The mini calendar stand and bethany letters are my favourite today. Thanks for all the peaks.

Kai Lun

Love the ladybug and the calendar, perfect for making xmas presents for the new year. and the script font is to die for, script font just ties everything together


The Christmas tree album is amazing! I know it will adorn thousands of dining tables this December...great product guys!


Hello i still alive, very suprise with the beads, i love them, and its seems to easy to colored them.

And the Calendar Stand acrilyc its wonderfull.

I cant wait it to get it.

Thanks again

jeanie nieva

love the albums.:)

Beverley Cunningham

ooh I love the ladybug and scallop edge mini albums and what a great idea for the beads too!!


Holy cow, that's a lot of chipboard goodness! Absolutely LOVE the tree and the calendar. And the banner. And... =)

Patti R.

Amazing - the tree and the lady bug! Can't wait to start creating.


Love the new chip albums - the scalloped half circle is a must have. Love the cascading tree too!

June Goh

The calendar stand and ladybug album are too cute for words !


Gorgeous...! I love the mini Bethany alpha, and everything else too, of course...!

Anthea Peterson

ohhhh look at those albums, yummo!!

Abby V

The calendar stand & the tree is a definite purchase for me! Love all the sneak peeks-can't wait to order them!!!


fantastic products and projects!!! your ideas are so lovely and inspiring!!!! thank you!


the mixed triangle banner is awesome!


I love all the chipboard!! Can't wait to get my hands on the Christmas tree and scalloped album also the DT did an absolutely wonderful job on these.

Cathy S

I'm with the comments above -- the tree, calendar and bethany alphabet are my favs.


All I can say is WOW! Love the Christmas Tree album and the calendar stand! And those alphas are absolutely to die for!!! Thanks for the pics - and the samples are amazing - great work!!


Those gems have come up beautifully. I love what your DT has done with those albums - so gorgeous.

laura j

Great stuff! Love them all but that calendar stand is calling my name!!!

Julie Bonner

I love it all!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on the mini calender stand & those adorable chipboard alphas!!!

Jennifer Peddicord

The calendar stand is my favorite, but I love all of them! I can't wait to play!!!


Love the two new alphas.


That tree album! WOW! I just love everything! I haven't been disappointed yet!


Oooohhhhh... I'm in chipboard heaven! :)

Kathleen D

What amazing works of art from all of you at MR! The Christmas ones just make me want to pull out my chipboard, ink and sparkles and dig in.

Cindy D

I love all the new stuff!
Can't wait for it to hit my lss!


Seriously...just give me the address and I'm sending you my paycheck. LOL! I loved the crystals when they were just clear...but knowing I can color them to match makes them even more fab! Love, love, love the new mini books. I hope they get to my LSS SOON!!!


I'm still alive, because Maya keeps shocking me!! :) I love the chipboard tree, and the mini calendar stand. I love anything Maya Road- I've "nagged" my LSS to stock Maya Road products and I can't wait to get my hands on the new CHA stuff!!

Dawn M

Oh my goodness! I love it all. I really want the tree album, that is so cute! And those little letters are great. Definitely need those.

Erika M

Simply fabulous - I'm loving all of the peeks from today - can't wait to be able to acquire some of the new Maya Road goodies. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Pauline Solano

Love the Bethany chipboard letters! And the tree chipboard albums!!! Have plans for those along with the mini calendar stand.

Laura Bruynell

Oh my goodness! This is my favorite peak so far. Love all of the chipboard albums. Must have them all!


Well, I am not ashamed to admit that I have nearly EVERY chipboard album Maya Road has ever made, and these will go into my collection when they hit the stores, wonderful products always!

Jenn F.

I'm squealing with delight!! :)

Lynn Judge

wow love the tree album


Oh my! That Christmas tree, and the lady bug are a must have for me! You have gone beyond awesome.


Irene Lenihan

Can't wait to get my hands on all the new stuff. Lots of ideas in my head for putting them to use.


Woohoo, what awesome albums. I really love the scallop triangle one :)

Amy Smith

Wow...love the albums! I can't wait to get my hands on that ladybug!


Once again, you have come up with more great chipboard! Gotta love it!


oh boy...chipboard!! How'd ya know. I just love chipboard and especially those beautiful books! Can't wait to get my paws on some of them.

Meaghan (bonafyde)

It's official...I LOVE it all and need to own all these albums!

Michelle Salazar

THe tree is going to be a big hit and I love the bethany letters oh it is all so cool and I so want it all.. ..

Angela S

What cuteness! I adore the "Snow Day" piece.

Nancy B

Awesome new stuff! I love the scallop tree album, and the calendar stand is a must have. Thanks!


wowza...you guys rock.

Lana Eckel

so cute....I love the tree album and the mini calendar stand - and the bethany letters - so fab!!

Angela Webster

You keep coming out with awesome products! I want it all! OMG! Thank you for your great creativity!


wowee what great eye candy!!!

Dana B

Can't wait to get the new letters and the calendar stand! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer B.

I LOVE the new mini chipboard alphas....especially Bethany, since that's my daughters name!

Pam Makis

I love all the ideas with the the chipboard albums and letters. I am new to chipboard and love any ideas I can get.


I gotta get my hands on that lovely tree and the calendar!! So great!! Love the projects that the DT created!! Way to go!!


I love all the new albums especially the ones with scallops...so pretty! And I can't wait to get my hands on those chandelier dangles!


Be still my heart! I love both chipboard alphas! And the books are all amazing too! I think I'll get the calendar stands for all our grandparent gifts this year!

Vicki H.

I love the ladybug album and the new calendar stand (wow, lots of useful projects can come out of that one!), and the new font is cute! Can't wait to see more! :)

Jennifer B

You have done it again... I love it all!

Susie Lang

Oh my goodness. I'm drooling all over my keyboard. Just like Pokemon . . .gotta get 'em all!

Brook S.

The albums are amazing as usual and I am so excited about the new chipboard fonts!!

Katy Young

I am just loving the calendar book! I must have it! The tree album is pretty cute too!

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