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January 14, 2010


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LOVE! The metallic looks AWESOME !


OH i am loving the new colors of the mists. The canvas banners are sooo cool. And the flower? I am going to have to get all of it! Thanks for the peeks!


My imagination go's on, an, on, an ,on, y rock, Maya!!


Once again, wonderful! Love the masking liqued. I can think of many great uses for that!


The resist seems to be very interesting....looks like with practice it could create very cool results! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

Debbie Ivester

I love Maya Road mists - I love working with them - the bottlecaps will be cute to use with all of your new products

Michelle Rosiek

The resist looks like fun....I just LOVE the metallics...that blue is SUPER pretty....cooking chipboard is DELISH! Where's my wallet...anybody see my wallet?

Donna E.

eeeekk!! lovin' all the sneak peeks!!! can't wait to have the maya resist and metallic ink pads!! **drooling**

Jennifer Hansen

Would love to try inks!

Cathy La Hay

Love the new stuff!!


The resist is going to be my new fave. How in the world could I not want to use that stuff on ever project. I hope that the bottle is available soon it want to use it now!! <3


Metallic inks are going to be my go to pads! Thanks!!


I love, love,loveeeeeeeeeee everything!!!! The metallic is beautiful!!!!

Vicki b

I am so excited about all of the new product. I can hardly wait to find these in my store.


Wow! smart idea of using "masquepen" and calling it Maya Resist. Masquepen has been around for years and you can find it at any art store it will be interesting to see how much you charge for it. Love your products so please don't think I'm hating cuz I'm not.

cindy barriga

Hey roadies you are going to make it so difficult for me to stay within my crafting budget with these awesome must have items. How can one not want every shade of metallic inks and the resist bottle. The resist has some many uses and will make me feel like a crafting Diva. Thanks for the sneak peeks, love them.! :D

Nancy C

The new inks are very cool - but the Resist? WOW! Love it!! Should be very fun to play with!


Love the mini-banner chipboard...ca-ute!!!

Carol A.

WOW....these are just fabulous!!! My list just keeping growing and growing. You have knocked another one out of the park MR!


I'm in love with your chipboard pieces!! Those metallic inks are just plain awesome and I can't wait to try them along with the mists!!!!


Wow, I love the metallic ink pads!! Awesome!!! And the possibilities of that Resist - cool!!!


Really liking the new mists and the resist. Cant wait for this stuff to get to the store!!


I really thought yesterday was it for me...LOVED all of the goodies show and had already talked to the owner of my LSS. Looks like more pennies (nickels and dimes too!) to be saved and another call made! These are amazing...flowers, resist, inks...OH MY!

Mosipi Ella

Awesome, I can't wait for the CHA, everything is beautiful, I love it!!

Michelle Salazar

Loving the new inks. . . OMJ so cooool and the bottle caps what fun to had with them!


this is so cool!


LOVE the resist!

Angela L

I am in love with the resist. Lots of cool things I'm sure can be done with that

Carole Toppen

I am loving these new inks and all of the possiblities--

Anne Brooks

all of the products are cool, but I love the resist.


Love the masking product! Very cool.

catherine sanicki

Wow, love all the metalic inks and also the resist - what a fantastic idea!!!! Thanks for giving us these sneak peaks.


love the portability and affordability of your ink pads...
love the resist and using it as a "mask"...really makes your designs limitless...and of course love your "mists"


Love the metallic mists and ink and the owl bottle cap is so cute - you have an amzing design team :)

Colleen F

Love the metallic look on the chipboard. The resist looks like so much fun to play with and then there is the bottle caps. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the larger bottle caps. So many possiblities with those.


Another wonderful sneak peek...thank you for bring the bottle caps back!!


I love everything and can not wait to get my hands on some.



Jamie Dougherty

I really like the resist What a cool idea!!! Also the mega bottle caps PH MY WOW!!!!! :D


There are no other sneaks that make my heart skip a beat when I go to look at them. Love all things Maya Road!




Brenda Quam

Wowzers!!! The new mist colors are awesome!!! Very rich looking. I haven't seen those little cooking chipboards before. They are ADORABLE!! They will look great on the recipe card stand I'm working on!!

Carole Hepburn

Lovin the metalic inks. Your ideas are so cute and the ~~~~~ SUPER MEGA BOTTLE CAPS ARE FABULOUS....Thanks for sharing with us your CHA sneaks - my list is getting pretty long of must haves !!!

Cheri Piles

Oh my ever lovin' goodness, I can't wait to get my hands on that resist!!! So KEWL!!!

scrappe al

The metallc ink pads are the perfect size!

Kathy R

Love the new inks, soft colors with a bit of sparkle! The mini cooking set is a must have, I can't wait to add them to my projects.

Carolyn Lomeo

Ill hardly be able to resist the new resist!


OMG the little bottle cap owl is the CUTEST! Thinking the "resist" has definite possibilities!!


I must have the little Kitchen-y chipboards! Too cute. And the resist is so cool. Love the ability to make any custom design.


Definitely the big bottle tops I think would be my fave today although I am loving all the banner looks.


LOVE the new Maya Mist colors & the new Bottle Cap size :)

Heather Robertson

love the metallics too and the giant bottle cap is neat too


wow, the new mist colours look amazing but I am a huge fan of the trinket blossom

Diana Fisher

Wow! I have so many ideas just floating around in my head right now! The new products are just amazing and have so much potential!!


I am loving the Maya metallic ink pads and the the super duper reist. They seem to make everything from chipboard to canvas pop. Thank you for thinking and coming up with such cool stuff.


More Maya Metallics Must be MINE!


I am soooooooo very happy that you decided to bring back those bottle caps! Fortunately, I snagged quite a few when you had them but my supply is getting so low. I love the new size and can't wait to get my hands on them!

Thank you!


Love, love, love!!! Can hardly stand the wait :)

Kathy C

Love the metallic inks, but the resist is going to be a must have. So many possibilities there.


WOW that resist is the absolute coolest thing I have seen in a long time! I just cannot wait to get some in my hot little hands!

Beth Watson

Super Mega Bottle Caps - I am in LOVE!


Love the new Mist colors. And the Resist -Wow!!

April W

Wow, these all look amazing! That resist looks super cool. ;)
- April


Ohhh soooo coooool. Love to grab it and get started. Good luck everyone!

Lynne MacFarlane

I love the resist I want it I want it, what a great idea just like batik but better.

Erika M

I'm so excited about all the new products!


Eeek! Missed Day 1! Good thing I'm subscribed to Scrapscene! Hehe.

OMG. EVERYTHING just looks fabulous, fabulous (Okay, too much "High School Musical")!

Seriously, I LOVE YOU Maya Road! You are just so kick-a**!

Can I just say I want that Maya Resist NOW!!

Congrats on another fabulous, fabulous release! Looking forward to what the days ahead will reveal! =)

Elaine Allen

How pretty everything is! I like the canvas banners, but I love, love, love the metallic inks and mists! Adore the colors - so luscious!

Elaine Allen


The metallic ink spots look fun and love the mini chipboard, oh and I love everything!!!

charlotte J

Love all of it, especially the metallic inks.


Those metallic ink pads are so cool! Can't wait to get them!


New inks and mists are just fabulous! Love seeing the bottlecaps coming back1


Those huge bottlecaps look great - ideas are buzzing round my head already!!! Looking forward to seeing these in the shops!!

heather garl

Wow! I like the metallic inks! I think they look great on the chipboard pieces.


that resist looks so fun to play with!! thanks for the peek :)

Ann Cicilie

Thank you so much for the sneak peeks - and for all the fantastic inspiration!

The Maya Resist looks so cool, I imagine it must be SO fun to play with, and I truly love scrapbooking products that are a bit messy and tons of fun to play with (think it reminds me of my childhood!):)

When I saw the picture of the ink pads, I thought "Hm, when can I use them, and for what?", but after the inspiration pictures I understood that I need one of each :D

Have a wonderful weekend:)

Denise Bryant

Love the resist. That looks like lots of fun!


Amazing! Loves, loves, loves!!

Barbara C.

Love the ink on the chipboard. Plus the small size is great for taking to crops. Thanks again!!

Regan Tomlin

How adorable is that OWL!?! I not only loved the new ink colors....especially the blue...but how cool is that Crackle Paint technique? WOW! I cannot wait to get my hands on these!!!!

Anna Koziarek

those mists are tremendous!!! love the effect

Wanda H

Wow!! Love the metallic mists!! The resist is totally awesome!!! The canvas banner is fab!! Lots of great stuff!!!!


I'm a HUGE Maya Road fan, and that resist stuff & the canvas banner have me very pumped up to create! Everything is so awesome!

cindy b.

HOLY MOLY!!! That Maya Resist and Metallic inks...OH MY!!!!

Becs Attwood

Wow - great new colours in the ink & mists. Can't wait to get my fingers grubby!

~ alli ~

The new mist on chipboard!?!?!

Jen Stock

I love the inks and the mist. That Resist is awesome!

cheryl yelverton

OOhhh Aahhh Oohh aahh...so smart! That resist is such a good idea. No learning curve there, ms.cheryl


OHHHHHHH I love the mists, new mists make my heart happy!!!!! AND that resist looks totally cool and exactly like something I would love to death!!!!!!!!!!


Loving all the peaks so far!

Carolyn Summers

Utterly amazing! Can't wait for the extra large bottle caps; and to have ink pads and matching sprays for our chipboard favorites is great news.

Love the new products and the opportunity to get a sneak peek.


Oh my gosh you guys have outdone yourselves again. Love it all and I can't wait to get my hands on it all and play!!! Keep up the great work and thanks for a chance to win some of your goodies!!!

Becky T.

I'm all over the minis!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta have them all!! :-)


I am in love with those bottle caps and the new colors of mists!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

Darjon Gimm

I can't wait for the resist ink, I have been using my Maya Mist a lot lately and am excited to add this to my supply shelf.


Love the new mist colors... NEED the salmon and the cotton candy! Also love the resist (great technique). And the deep teal/blue metallic inks..... I'm getting my order written down, LOL!

Raechelle Bellus

OMG! LOVE everything showcased today! More must-haves.

Donna C

Love the tutorials, but what I love even more are the metallic inks, what an awesome way to treat the fabulous chipboard you guys are coming out with. - So loving this preview!~


I love the cooking set!!!My DD will go nuts for them!!!

Thanks Maya Road!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!

Lisa j

Wow! I can see a whole set of magnets with those ginormous bottle caps! Love the metallic mists!

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