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January 15, 2010


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Debbie Ivester

I love all the flowers - you can never have enough flowers - the brown and turquoise pins are a must have too.

Beth Warren

Love the new vintage crochet trims, they look awesome and can't wait to try them out.


Every day always has temptations, love the new medallion flowers and new trims, two of my favorite embellishments to use.

Jackie Hyland

Splash of Color... More like a waterfall in Hawaii.


Very pretty! ALL of it!

Tanisha Long

The heavens have opened and the scrap angels are singing! I NEED it ALL! Great sneaks!

Janene M

Pick just onefavortie? Nope - can't do. Love them all!!!

lee i

Everything is beautiful. Love 'em all.


I love all the flowers and especially love the pins! I have been wanting to get some pins for my projects!
Love, Jess


Oh yum, love those Country Home flowers!


Awesome new things! I'm going to have to get a job!

Heather G

Oh the felt pearl flowers are adorable!


I'd love to see a sense of scale with the pictures, like a coin, or a small ruler, something to tell me a size. I love the chandelier drops!


As always everything is beautiful!!! However, the thing I am SO excited about is the Vintage Crochet Trims! Love, love love...

Michelle Rosiek

Felt pearl flowers are TO DIE FOR!!!! You are KILLING me Maya Road AND my pocketbook!!!! Fabulous job....must have one of everything!

Sindy Wong

It gets better and better! It has been an eye candy treat for us these 3 days!

Wendy Costanzo

Flowers and ribbon, lovin it! That dotted ribbon is some of the cutest ribbon I've ever seen!


I love, love, love the Dangling Chandelier Beads! Being able to color the with Copics (I only have 8) is an added bonus!


Beautiful, just can't wait to get to use all of these fabulous flowers and ribbons! So many ideas are already popping into my head, the chandelier beads, the ribbons, the flowers....luv luv luv it!

jeanie nieva

felt blossoms!

Katarina Damm-Blomberg

I loved loved loved the trinket pins, the chandelier beads, and the scallop dot ribbons... gorgeous!!!

tammy b

are those heart stick pins? fingers crossed. fingers crossed. today i am in love with the trims, it's a small addiction of mine ;)

scrapper al

The felt flowers, scalloped dotted ribbon, and ruffled edged ribbon are lovely! Great stuff!


Fabulous ribbons and flowers! Love the new goodies!


Love those two inch flowers!

Helen Roady

I am so excited about having these new items because I am wanting to start designing my pages "outside the box".

Elaine Allen

Oh my! I already love all your trinkets, its an addiction, can't help myself. Your new ones are just gorgeous! My very favorite is the scalloped dotted ribbon, it is so sweet. Oh heck, I love all the ribbons, adore those felted flowers.

Elaine Allen


Oh, my! Especially the felt!


The trim, the beads, the rufles, oh my! Thanks for the fun!


I am loving all of the flowers, I can't pick just one!!


Pick one thing? You are kidding, right? I loved the flowers and LOVED all the ribbons. Just wonderful.

Liza Bermudez

colors! colors! colors! love the different hues. and that chandelier bead is just divine!


mmm, the flowers and the crystals and the trims... so yummy!


Ohhhhhhhhhh,,,,,, lots more yummy goodies!!! I'm a sucker for your stick pins! Loving the flowers too!! Ohhh, just all of it is fantastic!!


OOOH the hanging crystals are wonderful (and thanks for making them so affordable!) Did I see some pearls in there too? Love the crochet and ribbon trims too!

Heather Ippolito

Love your new flowers and the leaf pins are daring! I've never used pins on my creations, but I just might have to try those :)


I love the flowers and trims! I have been looking for flowers like these and have resorted to making my own. But MR prices beat what I can do, and So cute!!

Tami B.

Oh, those chandelier beads hold so many lovely possibilities. As always you have the best sneak peeks.

Kathy - in Westminster CA

OMGosh....it's all AMAZING! The flowers, the trims.... I especially love the felt flowers and that sweet little baby on the "work of art" layout is just precious!


The felt pearl blossoms are just gorgeous!!!!


love the medallion flowers and the scallop polka dot ribbon

Beth W

All of it-the felt flowers are a definite must have but I'll have ALL of the new ribbons, trims, and we can't forget the chandelier beads either. Ms Lisa has turned me into a Maya Road junkie for sure.


Oh man, the flowers are AWESOME, and matching ribbon! whoohoo! Loving the chandelier pieces, great price, too!


I'm just going to be generic and say the flowers!!!

Ann Cicilie

I'm in love with EVERYTHING! The medallion flowers knocked me out though, they are fantastic! Love the shapes, the material and the colors of all the flowers <3

And the ribbons... Yum yum...

Aaand I must say, I'm stunned by the design team inspiration, so much pretty eyecandy! Thanks alot :)


I want all of the country flowers and the ribbons and trims are AWESOME!!!!!


I can't wait until all the new products are out there! They will be so much fun to work with--and I love thos new felt flowers!

Karen M.

Loving those leaf pins!!!

Mel H

Love it all, but the felt flowers, country home flowers and those GORGEOUS TRIMS...in LOVE! Getting my checkbook ready....


thud......i think i fainted, the trims are delicious, the pins are amazing and the ribbon flowers....OMGGGGGG

Shannon H.

I love the scallop dot trims. So cute!

Brenda Quam

NIIIIIIICE!!! I can't wait to get my hands on these!! My favorite? Hhhmm, that's tough because I love them all but my favorite are probably the felt pearl flowers. The trims are to die for though!!


Bravo!!!!! Everything is a must have!! Love rthe flowers especially!!


Love the scallop polka dot ribbon. And everything else!!

Janet Ang

One word to describe Maya Road Products ..... YUMMY! Love the flowers!

Amy Smith

I love everything....sooo pretty! My favorites are the trims, pins, and flowers!

Erica Hettwer

I love the new leaf pins!


Loved, loved, loved all the flowers, flowers, flowers!!!

Heather Robertson

awesome projects again.Love, love the polka dot ribbon with scalloped edges, the flowers are really cute too


Man do I love flowers... and ribbon... and gems!


I am SO loving the beads and the pins!!!! Tose trims are amazing, too!

Nancy K

Loveing everything. Such a great release.

Janet S

Everything you showed today was sooo beautiful! However those felt and country flowers were to die for and don't forget those stick pins and that scalloped dotted ribbon. See what I mean- everything was too beautiful, hard to pick a favorite. Thanks

Lorraine M.

I'm loving the pins, the dangle brads (WOW!) and the Country Home Flowers are fabulous!!!!!


Dangling Chandelier Beads are amazing and beauty :)

Debbie H.

The flowers and trims are over the top! I can't wait for these. YUM!

Jessica Canham

I love the ruffled flowers and matching trim!

Jackie Lang

Jaw-dropping, mouthwatering beautiful flowers and ribbons. Can't wait to have them!

Regan Tomlin

That birdcage project and the banner with the flower are ADORABLE! How cute can you be!?


Wow! What's not to love about it ALL!?! wow... the felt flowers and medallion flowers, awesome! The crochet ribbon... beautiful! The chandelier beads will be so fun to play with!


Oh my!! The beauty of it all!!!

Karin R.

The ribbons and trims tickled my fancy.

Carol A.

Everything here is a must have for me.....Fabulous stuff and wonderful creativity!


flowers and ribbons, swoon!!! must have them all!! gorgeous!

Vicki H. in Canada

Love the different textures and distinct look of each of the new flowers, along with the fact that they come in more than 1 color per pack (just like your other stuff, which also comes in more than 1 size per pack!). I have lots of (too much?) flowers already, but I still definitely want to get some of yours when they arrive! :) And the leaf stick pins: what a perfect accompaniment to the flowers, and also to attach them! :) Keep 'em coming! =)


Oh my, I am in love...the colours are just fantastic!!!!

Birute P

Oh my goodness...I cannot WAIT to get my hands on some of those trims!! Gorgeous stuff!!

Cheryl Sue

Everything is so gorgeous! I can't wait! Beautiful pins and flowers and ribbons oh my!

Monica Blain

The medallion flowers are my favorite! They are sooo pretty and I love the bright colors they come in. I am loving all the new ribbons, too <3


I am loving all the sneak peeks but I can't decide what I want first! I'd love to have everything but I will have to prioritize. I love the flowers and ribbon though,just stunning

Vanessa Menhorn

The ruffles flowers and the ruffles ribbon!!! You are soo in style! Love it!


What is it about the bird with the musical note wing? I am drawn to that without question. I am more than ready, ready, ready for Spring! Have a happy weekend and a great time at CHA.


Very difficult to pick just one, they all are beautiful! But a single medallion on a card would look stunning!

Maria Moore

These flowers are just gorgeous, and to have the ribbon to match Wow! I already am totally addicted to your products, I think I may need Maya Road anonymous!

~ alli ~

I can't decide between the felt pearl blossoms or the scallop polka dot ribbon!!!! Love love love it all!

Kathleen Ford

I love the jewels! flowers are awesome!! cant wait!!

Carole Hepburn

LOVE IT ALL !!! So many ideas of upcoming art from my hands made with Maya Road !!!


Wow, these are amazing! I love the flowers, little pins and trim...

Alessandra Loiacono

I love, love, love ALL THE RIBBONS!!!!!! Can't wait...


oh la la...love the flowers...

Maxine Hodges

LOVE all the flowers! Great job! Can't wait to see these goodies in person!


These flowers are so so so sooooooooooooooo gorgeous!

Donna C

Love the leaf pins, and all the flowers are to die for!

Kathy C

The felt flowers are absolutely gorgeous and I love the new pins.


love love loving those blooms! can't wait to snag these up for my spring layouts!


Great stuff. I hope you have great success at CHA!

Jeanne K

I didn't realize there were so many things I was missing and I really need! Can't wait to get my hands on those country flowers..they're so cute!

Bev Montague

I love the Country Home and the Ruffled flowers. I am also really liking the new trims.


There's nothing I don't like!
My faves are the Country Home flowers!


OMG!!! I love all the samples!! Maya Road ROCKS!!

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