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January 18, 2010


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Molly Joly

Oh my, I HAVE to get that onesie album for a friend who has a baby due this month! Love it! The stamps are adorable, too. Will the small banner ones fit the mini chipboard banners?

Lindsey A.

Oh my! I want the dress form chipboard so bad!!!! I adore it! I cannot wait to make a banner for my craft room!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!! I love your products!!!!


I don't know what I like best! Everything is just awesome!!!

tammy g

First I wanted the owl stamp, then I saw the dress form, then I wanted the build a forrest but then... I saw the banner.What is a girl to do but hope she wins something for free so I can appease my husband when I tell him I didn't buy everything!


WOW!!! Love everything but my fave is the smarty pants owl. Adorable!

scrapper al

The create a forest, geometric designs, and mini banner stamps are awesome. I'm not really a stamper, but these could convert me.

Kay O'Brion

Love the owl. Lots of other great stuff, too.

Sylvia Arnoldus



Oh my goodness ladies, I would give anything to be in your meetings. The creativity must just pour out from everywhere. <3

Erika M

I'm going to go into debt because I've got to have it all - really love the stamps and chipboard albums especially the onesie, owl, and birdcage. It's a good thing my husband is not reading this!

Cindy Christoffel

Oh boy! Today's teasers are wonderful!! I think I love them all!!

V Reed

Oh my gosh! I love the little onesie coaster book! The wave book and the mini scroll layer book are must haves in my book!

Maria Rodrigues Pereira

I think the mini albums are my favorites especially the bird cage!!!

cindy barriga

Where do I begin. Love the new stamps, love the geometric circles they remind me of that drawing circle toy I had growing up. Love the new chipboard albums. I must have one of each. These new products are going to blow up my crafting budget. Thank you ladies!! You rock!! <3


oohhhh, loving the peeks today - love all the chipboard albums, but I think the dressform is my fave. and that onesie one is way too cute for baby stuff!

Anna Sigga

Ohh my - so much I gotta have!! Love the stamps and the dress form album!!! ;D


Oh wow the baby book, the owl, the.............oh darn it everything!! Love it all!!

Kimberlee P

Love the stamps!


I adore all the little owls... they're too cute!


I love all these. I can't wait to try the new scalloped album.


It is overwhelming! So many great new things to play with. Love the bird cage book with all the little birds, and the stamp with the sewing theme. Can't wait to get them all!


Hooray for adorable mini albums! :D

Karin R.

the bird cage album is SOOOOOO cute!

Pam of Memphis

The stamps are the best and I never have to much chipboard. Love all the sewing designs that are coming out. So retro

jeanie nieva

i love the birdcage and dressform chipboard album. :)

Scrappin Cheryl

I can't choose either - they are all great!!!

Maria Moore

OMG! I can not wait to get my hands on all these products. Just love them all. You are putting me in such a creative mind set.


As I scrolled down on your blog... each frame became better and better! My eyes were popping with excitement!! I can not wait until they hit the store shelves!Awesome!!


You're killing me with these adorable new products!! The mini banner stamp set is a *MUST* for me.

Becky T.

each peak is better than the last! I can't stand it.. I WANT IT ALL!!!!! :-)

Amanda Stowers

So cute! So many projects I have already forming in my head!


OMG! Love the banner stamps so much!


Creative overload! Going to have to take a second job so I can buy at least one of each! But then how to have the time to use them all! Oh the dilemma! LOVE LOVE LOVE the birdcage! And those little house stamps are adorable!


These keep getting better and better. Every time I check the sneak peeks I can not wait to get my hands on these. The stamps - the chipboard and the way you used them in the samples is amazing!!!!!


WOW, super projects!! I love the dressform and the birdcage.


I love the birdcage and the birds, but mostly I love the fact that your stamps are made in the USA!
Thanks for that.


Ahhhhhhhh, I'm jumping up and down with giddiness cause I love it all and can't wait to get my hands on all you new stuff!!! My favs are the dress form and bird cage chipboard albums!


well, i really do like everything...but that tiny onesie album is a must! and just in time for my cousin's baby shower this spring :)

Janet S

You always say pick your favorite but how can we do that when everything is so exciting and beautiful? That bird cage you made is awesome. Those geometric stamped flowers are great and that wave album is stunning but I simply fell in love with that sewing machine in the stamp set! Thanks for all the exciting new products.

Heather H

Love the stamps and the chipboard mini albums!

Susan Kesselman

OMG, what's NOT to like about all these sneak peeks???? If I had all these new toys in my hands right now I wouldn't know where to start playing? So many cool offerings! Thank you!

Elaine Allen

Oh My God! These are just fabulous! I want the birdcage albumn, the torso album, etc., etc. Such lovely things.

Elaine Allen

heather garl

Wow...I love it all! All the new stamps are great, especially the banner and trees! I love the new coaster sets...Oh I see a big bill for me in the near future!


Love it all! Esp. the owl and dress form albums. Too cute!!

Johanne Cloutier

Maya Road, you never cease to amaze me with your awesome creativities... I will definetly have to get me the birds and cages, and the mini-albums! Keep up the awesome work!


Pretty much loved it all, but for sure the dressform chipboard album and sewing stamps. Will also have to have the wave album!

Sarah Pearson

Maya road has the best albums! Love them all!!!! Can't wait!


I love it all! Especially the dress form banner. I have recently started collecting dress forms and I don't even sew! I just love them!

Lorraine M.

I am smitten with the birdcage and all of the mini albums! So much fun!

Tami B.

Oh, those spirograph designs are wonderful! Love them.


Omgosh! I loved all the chipboard albums & the forest & sewing stamps are to die for!! I can't wait until these hit the stores!!!!


HA HA HA!! At first glance, and it being winter in S. Ontario and all, I thought the bird cage was a toque!! :D A toque album would be AWESOME to go with mittens! :D Lovin' all the shares :)

Ann Cicilie

Even though I've said it before, I must say again that the design team work impresses me BIG TIME!

Well, what did I like about today's post... Everything that had to do with owls, hit my heart :D The stamp kit with a sewing theme was sooo incredibly cute, so was the stamp set with the houses, aaand the birdcage is a musthave!

Thanks for sharing, both products and design team inspiration :)


Thanks for the peeks! You have some great stuff coming out and I will have to be patient until I can get my hands on it... . Love the peeks but not the waiting. I see at least one bird cage in my future!


Everything is so wonderful...sewing is extra special!!


I'm just so in love with Maya road I just can't stand it!! No local store so I will have to wait to order :o(


I'm having heart palpitations! I have to have all of these! Maya Road, you certainly know how to get those creative juices flowing!


I need it all! Love those stamps, and The albums are just adorable!


Oh my OH MY OH MY... I don't know what I need first! Love it all :)

Dianne Yamada

There goes my New Years Resolution ,of not shopping so much,right out the window!! Your stuffs get cuter and cuter as the years go buy! I can't help but want it all!The new geometric stamps remind me of spirogh when i was a kid and the edge stamps are adorable! And of course I love all the chpboard from all the days!

Kristi B.

The stamps are adorable, the chipboard is a ton of fun & the projects...OH MY! I think this is my favorite peek so far. :)

Abby W

Oh my goodness!! Love it!! I could go broke buying y'alls stuff because I never want just one thing!


I want it all...seriously...how do you come up with thsi stuff...I LOVE it!


OY! You all are killin' me with all those peeks!!
So on my list, I'm including: dress form & onesie and for stamps: Our Town, Create-A-Tree & Mini Triangle Banner...to go with the mists, resist, dangle beads, ribbons....OMG, this list is neverending! LOL!! Thanks...I think ;0P

Erica Hettwer

The albums are so cool but I LOVE those stamps!!!! Great job!

Beth Warren

So excited by today's sneak peeks, love the 'all mixed up album' and owl album, can't wait to try them out.


Love the little house stamps - so sweet and really useful for lots of different cards. Could be used over brayered hills etc


Love everything, especially the samples created by DT members, that birdcage piece is adorable, and without seeing it, would have had no idea how to use it.

Love the edges singleton stamp, that would be great to combine with border punches.


mmmm i LIKE EVERYTHING...Love the new stamps, and all that chipboard. Amazing, wonderful stuff...so excited about the new Maya Road

Linda Cain

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, everything here! It blows me away!!!!! Your best creations ever!!!!!

Way to Go!

Linda Cain

silvia haynes

WOW!!! The DT did an AMAZING job with all of their creations!!!

Kathy Freeman

Ok, gotta have that varied-edged mini album - how cute is that!


Be still my beating heart! *SQUEAL* This has got to be my MOST favorite of all your sneak peeks!

How gorgeous is that birdcage chipboard album cover?? Who am I kidding! I LOVE ALL your chipboard albums!!

And 13! 13 perfect little houses to make little rows and little villages with!! Lovely!

Can't wait to see these hit the stores! =)


Jessica Griffin

I love the "CREATE" dressform banner! Simply gorgeous! Of course I love everything else, but the banner was gorgeous, and simple, and BEAUTIFUL!

Jessica Canham

I love the bird cage album and the dress form banner. Of course, I love Lisa's Home Sweet Home project! Love the new stamps, too!


Your designs are the best and most creative! I love the new shape albums, esp the dress form! So cute!!

wendi r

ohhhh sooo yummy!!!! that onesie mini is sooo cute!! and love the sewing and owl stamps!!! adorable

charlotte J

Love all the mini albums, especially the birdcage album.


the tree stamps are on the top of my list! I love everything though, so much to choose from! the DT are just wonderful, fantastic projects from all!


Oh, wow! Love them all!
Thanks for the peeks!


It is all absolutely wonderful! Thanks for making our creating so fun!


I love everything! But the All Mixed Up Album and Banner Stams take the cake for me today! They are FABULOUS!!!!! :)

rebecca keppel

I love ALL of the stamps! The chipboard albums and coasters are awesome as always. Love all the pennants, sewing forms and trees and owls. Oh, truly I love it all :)


Oh, I am so in love with so many things! I am really excited about the house and tree stamps! That dress form is fabulous and I LOVE the critter sheers!!!!


I really love those chandelier crystals! I sure hope you'll give us ideas of where to get these products as unfortunately stores are carrying less and less these days! Have a great week!


Wendy Gilbertson

I love it all! I'm going to have to get the SEW CUTE stamp set for sure, for sure..... The dress form chip board album is also a MUST HAVE!


Love everything but must really get the onesie and dress form!

Bethany C.

Love, love, love the Dressform chipboard album!

Monica Blain

The chipboard albums are always my favorite... love the dress form & onesies chipboards. Super cute!


OMG!!!!! LoVe all these wonderful goodies!! Can't wait to get my hands on all of it!!


Love the mini banner stamps!!

Jackie Lang

Love the wave mini album and the stamps are adorable. Thanks for the sneaks and the chance to win!

Jeanne K

OH, I'm in big trouble! Have to have the birdcage, the dress form, the sewing machine stamps, and the geometric shape stamps. Love the others too, but those will be the first purchases for me!

Christine Schmidt

Leave a comment on what we "liked" about today's peeks?? Oh man I am in LOVE with EVERYTHING!! The new chipboard books are adorable!! I will DEFINETLY be adding these new stamps to my MR stamp collection--too stinkin cute--especially the Sewing set!! The MR DT's projects are always my FAVORITE!! You guys are sooo talented! You all amaze me with the fabulous works of art you create. Thank you so much for sharing!


LOVE the onesie album!!!! MUST...HAVE :)

Michelle Rosiek

Incredible stuff Maya Road! LOVE LOVE LOVE the wave album and the mini chip album. Also love those geo stamps - reminds me of Spirograph as a kid!

Diana Fisher

I absolutely can't live without that dress form chipboard and sew cute stamp set. SWOON!!! Love it all, though!!


Loving the trees stamps, and the owl and the sewing machine and the baby chipboard, hang it, love it all!!!

Kristine B

Beautiful work from the DT! I love the new stamps!

Becs Attwood

Love all the new stamps - the little houses and the sewing machine are adorable. And I'm already planning a mini-album for my M.I.L. with the dress form coasters. Thanks Maya Road for constantly inspiring us with your incredible new products.

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