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January 19, 2010


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Monica B

Those felt badges are ADORABLE! I want one of each package =) Love the canvas stuff too!


everything is just fabulous, I want it all! the felt, the canvas. and the dt work is just wonderful, great inspiration there for all the new stuff.

linda trapp

Must have at least 2 of the 5x5 canvas albums! the possibilities are endless. tomorrow sounds so exciting; can't wait!

linda t:0)

emily cossins

I love those felt badges, my favorite is the nature lover set. The canvas triangle banner album is right up my alley too.

Maria Moore

Loving the whole canvas line. Can't wait to try working with them.

Marlie Anderson

Wicked cool retro 70's/ Just love it!


I love the felt badges! So cute :)

Kathleen Ford

I love the canvas albums and everything looks great!!

Janet Ang

Wow! I would have to sell body parts to feed my addiction for Maya Road Products! Just kidding! Love your stuff!


I am just floored by the creativity, it makes my heart happy.


Oh my gosh, I want the felt, I want the canvas, I want it all!!!!

Sindy Wong

The albums are so versatile, great for creating and record all the memories!


felt badges, oh my! love the canvas goodies too!


I am lovin all that canvas! FUN!!


Ok, I so want that canvas binder...and those felt badges, well hello, they are just the cutest little things. The DT did a smashing job on the project displays! Awesome work!


Those are adorable and so reasonable! WOW!

I love the pocket on the canvas! Also need a banner or two or three!


Wow, once again, great job! Love the canvas items in particular. And your design team did an awesome job with the products. I love that last project with triangle banner (to my sweet mother). Cute ideas.

Kay O'Brion

I see a lot of stuff I really like. Darn you.


Love all the felt badges!! So cute!

Jackie Hyland

Texture Texture and more Texture

Kim Lyon

Love all of this! Thanks for giving me something to spend my money on!!!


I am really loving all your canvas products- I can't believe how inexpensive they are! SO cool!

Your design team is incredible. Love seeing all the examples!


Oh my...CANVAS!! Love it!! And that owl felt badge...I need about 10 of him alone! And of everything else, of course ;)

Dawn M.

WOW! Love the acrylic albums and all the new canvas & felt embellies

Wendy C

I've been checking all day for the new sneak peeks. The wait was worth it. You guys get better and better every year.

Linda H.

Wow! What awesome stuff! I am loving it all!

Stacy Caddy

WoW!!! I love the new products and WOW again, your design team rocks these products...


Gorgeous stuff!!! Love the canvas album! :)


Omgosh....i love the canvas tags, and wacky over the little feather friends felt tags, and the wavy acrylic book is sooooo awesome. All this inspiration, the art is awesome


Oh I love the canvas album and Banner!!!I want to play now!!

Thanks for bring so many awesome products to us all!!!

Jenn Richardson

YUM YUM YUM I could just eat all this good stuff up! This is by far the best collection Maya Road has done to date, thank you for giving us so much to get creatively inspired with :)


love the canvas binder and the felt badges! YUM! :D

Angela L.

How do you keeping coming up with such beautiful and unique products? These are gorgeous and I can't wait to use them!

Helen Lindfield

I love the new products - all of them. but the wave album (both versions) are awesome.

jan metcalf

What fun to see the new products! And I love anything Wendy puts her signature on!

Nancy K

Loving all the new goodies.


love those felty items!


Fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of creative ideas!!

Erika M

Again all of these are must haves - so loving all the canvas products and the felt badges are awesome!

Wendy Gilbertson

Absolutely stunning! How wonderfully creative a canvas album will be! I can hardly wait to try one out!

Debbie H.

The felt badges ROCK! I need all of them. I also LOVE the new wavy albums. The canvas albums are awesome too!

Jennifer Hansen

Love the felt badges!

Jessica Canham

I love those felt badges and I'm in awe of your DT's creativity!

Becs Attwood

So much more awesome stuff. I especially love the fruit basket felt set- too cute!

Clare H

Love the felt badges, so cute!! cant wait for tomorrows big reveal.


Oh my...the budget has just left the building LOL


By far the cutest felt cupcakes ever!


Loved the canvas binder and the fruit basket embellishments

Melinda Wilson

I love the new items and the designers did an awesome job with their projects.

V Reed

Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! I love the new canvas items. I can't wait until I can get these in my hands!


The canvas binder is amazing! I am really getting ideas for that little beauty :)

Marlene Moore

I love the canvas, yay thanks for giving us so much choice :)

Susan Kesselman

Canvas, felt, acrylic - wow! I'm on sensory overload; my head is absolutely spinning out of control with all these peaks. It's mind-boggling how you keep coming up with fresh new ideas as fast as you do. Keep it up! Pretty please!?!?!

Robin H

(Wiping the drool off my chin) I think my favorite today are those little canvas triangles. Such potential, such potential! Can't wait to get my hands on all this stuff!

Helen Roady

You definitely can't go wrong with anything acrylic. I had quite a bit of fun with them...maybe its time to now incorporate in some canvas and felt....hhmm the mind is clicking.


love the canvas!!!! and the felts!!! wow I cant wait to get my hands on it and start creating! thanks for all of the sneak peaks :)

Laura Buckingham

Gorgeous gorgeous! Loves the canvas albums!!! Whoop!

Lynne MacFarlane

It keeps getting better each day, I guess I'd better get my paints out next the canvas stuff is genius. I love your products, you make creating so much fun.

Jennifer Allen

Oooh la la!!! That sheer album is a must have!!! So many ideas on how to use this new stuff!! ***JENN***

Ann from London

I could quite happily eat, breathe, sleep Maya Rd!!! Such a great range of new products which have topped my CHA wish list! Loving it all and can't wait for more DT projects tomorrow!

Eileen Velez

Everything is so pretty!!! Thanks for a chance to win!


The new collection is stunning! Can't wait to get my hands on some of the books!

Jodi  (jodinjaz)


lynne H

Wow am loving the canvas, the owl badges, the ...wait a minute...all of it is gorgeous.

Vanessa Menhorn

This canvas stuff is amazing! And I love the felt embellies!!

Summer Braxton

AMAZING! Love it all... especially birds of a feather


Great new additions to your fabulous company! Love the banner (of course!) and the new badges! And the acrylics...and the canvas book...all of it!!!


Love the felt badges! They are so cute and the perfect colours for my albums!!

Kristine B

Oh! Look at those super cute felt badges!!!


i am loving those felties and that canvas....yum


wowsers love the canvas and felt!

Donna Wilson Irwin

I'm so blown away by the creativity and talent....wow for 2010

Brigid Christianson

SHut up with all that freaking awesomeness!!!!! I love EVERYTHING ON HERE!!!!! You totally kicked butt with everything. I am most in love with the canvas book and the triangle banner. But who could not love all those badges!!!! Those little felt creations are beyond cute!!!!

Elaine Allen

I love the canvas binder, the felt badges, that sheer wave album! I love everything and the projects the DT have made are outstanding!

Elaine Allen

Ally White

Bestill my heart...i can't handle all these awesome sneaks!! The felt badges and all those canvas albums are making me giddy like a school girl!!!

Debbie Ivester

I love the canvas tags and the acrylic stand - ok - actually I love it all


WOW, no doubt about it, you didn't disappoint. Canvas and felt, be still my heart.

Ann Cicilie

Love the canvas stuff! And the felt badges! My goodness, you've really done a great job this year!

Can't wait to see the full reveal tomorrow, even though I have a strange feeling my wallet is NOT going to like it :D

Thanks for all the wonderful peeks and inspiration!


I love the felt embellishments! Great release overall!


The canvas is amazing!
Great projects!!!

Molly Joly

Love the canvas and acrylic albums!


The canvas is fantastic! I wanna play!

Johanne Cloutier

More yummy candy! You never cease to amaze me Maya Road! Keep it up!!


I love all the great inspiration you brought to us today!! Such beautiful projects that make me want to play with your products so badly!!! Thanks!!

Birute P

I love it all, but I think the canvas items are my favourites!! This is an awesome release so far!!


I love the clear acrylic album and the new felt embellishments! Your design team is great!!!

Beth Warren

The new canvas albums look awesome and love the new felt embellies, especially that owl!


The canvas all looks so fun!!! But those felt cupcakes are at the top of my list! May daughter is going to have her birthday party at a local cupcake shop, those will be perfect for her brithday pages!


I love the canvas and am so excited about the felt embellies. I have really enjoyed the sneek peaks...

~ alli ~

Mini canvas album - genius!!!

Erica Hettwer

I can't wait to get my hands on those canvas albums!!!

Colleen F

Love the felt badges.So cute.


oohhh, my fave peek I think - love the canvas!!! and those felties - esp the cupcakes :)

Diana Fisher

I love the natural direction, so fresh and fun!! Great new stuff!!


The design team has outdone themselves. Love the new felt embellishments, they are too cute.


yall are blowing my mind with this canvas goodness! i can't wait to get my hands on these


amazing!! I love the canvas - so many options. When can I buy these!!!!! Soon I hope

Anna Koziarek

love the canvas album!!!


love the nature and bird felties!

Amy Arthur

Everything looks wonderful and I love all the banner items!!

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