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January 20, 2010


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Melissa Russo

It just gets better and better!! Thanks for all the sneak peeks. The Design Team did an amazing job. I am feeling inspired & can't wait to get my hands on the new products.


LOVE IT All, I can't wait to get my hands on it

DeeDee Roe

How exciting! Such innovative product being released. Can't wait to get it at our LSS. Happiness is MR. :)


I love, love the dress forms. Everything looks fantastic! Have a great week at CHA!

Carol A.

I am already looking for that second job....LOL! Your DT are all just amazing and so talented. I can't wait to see all these wonderful new products start hitting the store shelves. You did it again Maya Road!

Diana Fisher

The sew cute chipboard set has to be my #1 fave!! Can't wait!! Have fun at CHA!


Love all of their creations but my favs have to be the felt badges!!!

Gloria L.

Everything is just great, but I am especially drawn to the mini chipboard butterflies and the house stamps! So many possibilities!

Johanne Cloutier

Absolutely stunning products and DT work!!! Thank you so much for allowing us to be so inspired to be creative! My favs are the birds and trees!!


It's hard to pick just one but I love the wavy layer book, felties and canvas stuff - awesome


WOW it is all so amazing!! Can't wait to get my hands on ALL of it.


All I can say is WOW! The design team has done a simply fabulous job of creating inspiring work with inspiring new products! I can't wait to find some of these goodies! Choosing a favorite is so hard, but I think I am leaning toward the trinket pins! I just love them!


I totally love the tickets and the envelope designs. Those are on my list!


I love trinket pins and the cool kraft envelopes

Becs Attwood

So much eye candy! Thanks for all the peeks and the endless inspiration. Have a great time at the show!

Christine C

Oh gosh you do ask the hard questions, I guess my favourite would be the birdcage album, it is just adorable.


Stunning! I can't wait to play with it all! Thanks for making it so fun.

Jennifer Allen

Thank you for the peeks into what's new! I can't wait to get started!! ***JENN***

Heather Tarrant

Wow! It looks like you all have been quite busy, to say the least!! I'm loving everything I see and I can't wait to start creating with it!! Thanks for sharing.


Oh my gosh!!!! I kept saying "i want that! I want that!" as I was scrolling down!!! the flowers! the ribbons! The felt birds! the bird cage album! the brown and turqoise leaf pins! the big bottle caps, the chipboard butterflies! The dangling crystals, the triangle banner!!!! So much to love!!! But if I had to pick only one thing that I could have it would have to be that canvas book with the env. pages!!! My imagination is running wild.

Penny Grimsley

OH MY LANTA! How cute is all that!!! I love especially the little felties but the new mists and canvas are also wonderful!! You know I'm gonna' be having me some of all of it! ONCE AGAIN, FABULOUS PRODUCT ROLL OUT AND THE DESIGN TEAM REALLY WENT OVER THE TOP AND OUTDID THEMSELVES!!! Ship, ship, ship! THANKS GALS!!!


Wow that sure is a very impressive line up of yummies!!!!



Pick just one? Wow, that's a challenge! I think my absolute favorites are the little canvas triangles. I have some definite plans once I get my hands on those!

Jessica B.

Wow! Such amazing NEW PRODUCTS! I feel my creative wheels starting to spin :) Also- super talented DT! Congrats ladies- your projects are breathtaking!


I can not wait any longer - I want everything!!!!

Colleen K

I love the dress form book and can't wait to create something. All the new products are simple divine!

Linda H.

I am loving ALL of it, but I think my fave is the Wavy Layer book! So cool! Can't wait to get my hands on these new goodies! THANKS for the sneak peeks!

~ alli ~

The little baby onesies are so adorable!

Amy Smith

Awesome peak!! Love the mini albums....super sweet!


Oh my...just love the "dress form" and love how the designer actually has paper w'stitches on hers...woo hoo! Could see this as a prom/first communion/wedding dress album highlighting shopping for the actual dresses :}

Sharlene Piscitelli

Though I love it all, I especially like the Kraft Collection. And those projects look amazing! Such talent!


Love it all!!! If I had to pick a fave it would have to be the Canvas line :P LOVE!!!



Clare H

I am in love with all the dress forms and bird cages in chipboard!! Have a great show


Love it...printing it and going to circle my wish list and send it to my LSS! My favorite product is the mini scallop banner!

Kimberlee P

The new chipboard is my fave!

Kristi B.

Thanks Design Team for all the yummy projects ideas & thanks Maya Road for all the great new products! :)

V Reed

Wow! I think my favorite is a tie between all of the awesome canvas stuff (the rectangle book tops my list) and the awesomely cute onesie coaster set. I can't wait to get some of these in my hot little hands!

Michelle Rosiek

I can't stand it....everything is so yummy!!! Can't wait to try that maya resist, love the cooking minis (cooking stuff hard to find), LOVE ALL THE KRAFT STUFF!!! My pocketbook is going to hurt after this one!


How about my top 3? The canvas binder, butterflies, and the chandelier beads :)


Its hard to choose between the little house stamp set and the felt badges and the ribbon flowers!


It's so hard to pick, I love it all, but forced to pick one, I'd say the canvas albums... SO Cute !


Having a very hard time picking ONE favorite LOL. I love the dress form shapes, the canvas items and the clear stamps (the sewing machine singleton, the trees set and the house set!!)

Too many awesome things to just pick one!

Raeman Marie-Anne

love the new products

Helen Roady

OK, we'll just make this as easy as possible----I want one of each for now. I'll get more later. Can't wait to play with it all.

Elaine Allen

How can you ask us to choose a favorite? Extremely difficult, I love all the trinkets, the felt badges, but if I have to choose I think it would have to be the Dress Form Book. Have fun a CHA and can't wait to start collecting all the new goodies.

Elaine Allen


I am really love the vintage/sewing inspired items in your catalog this go around...but truly I love it all!!!

Sarah Andreotti

Gorgeous projects from your DT!! I am so loving the sewing stuff and the fun banners!

Elizabeth Taylor

Wow, what neat stuff. Can't wait until it's available and I can start playing.

Kim Watkins

OMG!!!! I so have to have the resist. And chipboard,,,,,addicted to it for years and I've got to have it all!!! Can't wait for it to start to arrive in my LSS or on ACOT! Ya'll have a great week at CHA!!!! I know you'll be busy with lots of visitors with all the great new items!

Raechelle Bellus

I could never just pick one favorite... I am really interested in the canvas banner, but i really like the chipboard sets and the banner stamp. The DT is so talented and I am amazed with all the gorgeous ways they used the MR product. So inspiring!

Dorthe Pabst

Wauw... that sure is some cool stuff ... way to go!


I gotta go with the Kraft collection, although I am pretty sure everything is a MUST HAVE! Thanks for the fun this week.

Debbie Ivester

What wonderful stuff - can't wait to get them all

Heather Robertson

gorgeous creations ladies - I really love the metallic inks and the felties


Love what I am seeing. Can't wait to see it in the stores

Meaghan (bonafyde)

AMAZING! Love it all! I need the dressform album, everything Canvas, Everything Envelope, everything Stamps....you get the idea! ;)

Molly Joly

I have to say the onesie chipboard album is my favorite. Have a great time at CHA!

Ally White

You guys have the best design team around!! I really love the felt badges (so stinkin cute) and the sew cute chipboard pieces, but it is all just fabulous!!


I looooooove the dress forms!! How I could do with those!!!
Everything is just gorgeous!!

Erica Lasham

Wow these all look awesome, I particularly love the Birdcage book, can't wait to buy one :-)

scrappe al

So much cute stuff! The mini chipboard keeps calling me, lol.

ruth tacoma

Birdcage book!

Erica Hettwer

I love it all but I really think I'll get a ton of use out of the Ecru pom-pom trims and I think that the Pink Grapefruit Maya Mist is a fantastic color!

Rita B

Oh my - everything is so fantastic ! I have to pick two fav's the felt super cute nature and the totally cool metallic mists!!! I can't wait to get some!!!


Oh, how am I to only pick ONE!? LOL Hmmm... I love almost all of it!!! The wavy boards in both mediums, the felt cupcakes, the ribbons, the metalic missts... the list goes on!!! :) HAVE FUN at CHA -W!! :)

Anna Koziarek

the birdcage rocks!!!!!!!!!! oh my, these are real treasures...


OMG, such fabulous inspiration from the team. I'm lovin' EVERYTHING in the new catalog, but if you're making me pick just one favorite... I'd have to say the canvas binder - a must have. (If you let me pick one or two more faves, I'd say the birdcage chipboard album, followed by the ruffly ribbon... but of course, you asked for just one, tee hee :))

rebecca keppel

Eeek! Pick ONE favorite out of that awesome catalog? I dont think that is possible, but I could narrow it down to a handful of favs lol! Love the chipboard butterflies, the brown and turquoise pins, the Hydrangea mist, the Resist, the library cards and all the canvas!! Cant wait to start shopping :)


well, i already decided i MUST-HAVE each and every one of these :) the "sew cute" ones are my most favorite or a toss-up between the canvas or wavy book, but then there's the felt badges... ahhh, SO hard to choose!!

Robynn McFerren

Everything you do is awesome. I'm only sorry that I won't be at CHA to see for myself in person; but this is the next best thing. Can't wait to have some in my hands ;-)

steph d.

that's a really hard task to pick one fav :)! i love the dress form chipboard mini. that's super unique and no one else has that. love all your new products, can't wait to get my hands on some :)!


I seriously cannot choose on thing as a fav! How about this is my favorite batch of new releases EVER!! The DT work makes me NEED it all♥♥♥

Janet S

All the products were wonderful to look at and the DT had excellent samples especially that bird cage! But I just fell in love with those flowers,can't wait to see them IRL. Also the resist intrigued me and can't wait to try that. Have fun at CHA and will check in when you get back.


I love the canvas album. Thanks for the peaks and inspiration

tammy g

I want to make something, anything with the canvas binder and envelopes! Love all the awesome projects your team created!

Michelle M.

HOly crapola batman I want them all. My fave are definitely the chipboards (all of them) hahaha and all the new letters and mini books and flowers and pins! YIKES I will be broke! So please send me some freebies....ahhahaa

Florida Nancy

I think my favorites are the mini chipboard sets "what's cookin" and "sew cute" I just can't decide. So many possibilities!

wendi r

If I have to pick, I think the felt badges are my FAVE!!!!!


My favorite is the strawberry album, and all the other chipboard albums and all the chipboard pieces, lol.


If I HAD to pick just ONE thing(which is nearly impossible), I would have to pick the Sew Cute mini chipboard set. Mainly because I already have a project in mind to use them on!


Pick just one???? But I do like the mini chipboard Deborah letters because that is my proper name. Really I just want all of it.


Wow! Everything is so incredible... It is impossible to choose just one most favorite! I do love the sewing, cooking & pennant mini's, birds of a feather felt & felt pearl blossoms, ok so that's my top 5! :)


Just so much goodness! I think the trinket pins are a fav, although I also love the new felt, country flowers and canvas albums.

linda trapp

wow! it's absolutely incredible to see everything at once. love the mini alphabets, the square canvas binder, the chandelier drops....I could go on and on;but, if i have to choose one thing, i think it would be the butterfly minis. the possibilities with those babies are endless. the maya DT rocks! thanks for all the inspiration!

linda t :0)


I don't know. There is so much to love! The felt badges, the Maya Mists, the Maya resist, the chipboard shapes....everything! I lvoe it all!!

Barbara S.

Love the crochet trims and ribbon. And all the new chipboard pieces. I want it all! Have a great show!

Jennifer Hansen

Love the felt stickers and the trims!


My absolute fave out of all of this (now this is a big call!) is the Sew Cute mini chipboard set. I cannot wait!! Thanks for all the sneaks - the DT have done a marvellous job.

tammy b

it's all amazing, but i'm really diggin' the canvas albums and the ENTIRE kraft collection! you guys rock!

Erika M

I love it all - am anxious to try out the Maya Resist!


i think it is impossible to pick one fav. Talk about a challenge. I love the dress form and the bird cage. Those are quite unique. So if I went to the store I would have to choose one, but then I would have so much fun picking out the embellishments, mists, etc. The DT has done a fab job showcasing the new items. Thank you for the inspiration.

Heather H.

Oh goodness, how do I pick just one thing? I love it all, but if I had to pick just one I'd say the Create A Forest stamp set and the Smarty Owl and the chipboards .... wait, that's more than one. Oh I love it all!!!!

Jessica Canham

I love the ruffle blossoms and the medallion flowers! Just gorgeous. Your designers have outdone themselves. I especially love the strawberry banner and the dress form book.


Wow - so much terrific stuff!! I love the new felt badges!! So cute!!


I know where all my scrappy money is going this year! :0


I cannot decide on a favorite, they are all favorites and beautiful and wonderful!!

Andrea MacDonald

ummm, I don't think I can pick just 1. I love the birdcage chipboard book, the new mists, the Maya Resist, the decorative envelopes and much much more. I am counting down the days until I can get all of this goodness!!!


I'm all about the canvas books! And what a design team! Lucky, lucky (talented) girls!!


I love everything but my fav is the new envelopes and the felt badges!

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