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January 13, 2010


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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I love the butterflies....... and that little scallop banner kit....... and those cute kraft scallop envelopes...... and, and, and........... love it all!!! :-)


Those little banners have my name all over them!! I need it all!! :D :D Cant wait to see what else youre bringing out :)

Melanie O

The house keychain and the mini sewing set are my favorites!


OMG drool, that little hanger is too cute. it's all so fun, love the banner too

Maria Moore

OMG! I want them all! I love everyone of these products and can not wait to incorporate them I to my classes.

Renee Blackburn

I love it all.. It seems I finally get all the ones from the last collection that I want and then another comes out and I start again... It's never ending... But I am not complaining... YEAH!!!

Pam of Memphis

OH I love the Chipboard albums, the Elephant is so cute and the Soccer balls, of course there is the hangers and on and on What can I say. Love love Chipboard

Cheri Piles

Love the butterflies and those adorable envelopes, it's all so great!! Can't wait to see more!


these are adorable! i love the sewing ones!


Oh my, I love love love the butterflies and the banners the most. But it is all gorgeous. I need to find a new Maya Road retailer. The one I was buying from went out of business. :(


Oh my goodness, I want them! I love the chipboard shapes along with the sweet craft tickets. Wonderful crafting adventures await! <3


wow! soo much cute stuff all in one post. Love the alphabets, the kraft envelopes, and those gorgeous butterflies! And the DT made some great items! soo much fun!


some real awesomeness in there!!!! can't wait to play with some of these new goodies!

Stephanie Mendoff

Love, love, love it all! Really like those butterflies and the mini sewing kit, oh and those kraft envelopes. You never disappoint!


swoon!!! Love it ALL! The sewing die cuts are most special to me. <3

Helen Roady

I can see the infinite possibilities of all these great pieces on both my scrap layouts as well as my cards...can't wait!

Yvette H

OMG! I want them all!

Can't wait to see more!


I love it all...and think I'm going to be in big trouble!


These goodies are gorgeous, the envelopes and the coasters, I wish I could get these asap, am itching to play with them and have fun :)


LOVE the butterflies, the sewing theme and the mini letters. SO many possibilities!


OMG << what a fabulous reveal! I love the strawberries, the envies, the alphas... the tickets, the butterflies.. OH MY!!! Thank you MAYA ROAD XOXO!


GREAT STUFF!! Love the sports balls and the strawberries.


I really love the sewing kit, though it's hard to choose a favorite from so many awesome items!

Monica Blain

Um, yeah, I want one of everything! I love it all. My faves are probably the chipboard butterflies, kraft tags, and elephant coaster book <3


I can't choose between the sewing set (for the scissors) or the mini-banner set. I really LOVE all of them and am excited to see these fabulous products.

Michelle Rosiek

Kudos Maya Road! EVERYTHING you come out with is terrific! Love those kraft envelopes and loving those butterflies too!!!!!


I love mini banner set!!!! Love love love


that banner is amazing! and i love all of the new sewing products!


Well I thought I like the hangers and sewing stuff best, but then there's the envelopes and the strawberry album and the football album and and and.... Best get out to work and earn some pennies!!


Love the mini sewing set.

Vanessa Menhorn

Love the new envelopes and the butterflies best!!! But the banners and the sewing set are so cute, too!

Theresa Loewen

om goodness so much awesomeness to be had here!!! I love the letters, the berries,butterflys and banners and the houses....just so cool!

Michelle K

Love them all..especially the mini sewing and butterflies.


Oh my goodness, all of it is so yummy!

cindy barriga

I can not wait to get my hands on all this new product! <3


I love the elephant! It could not have been done any cuter.


I have to chooses a favorite - too hard. Chipboad butterflies, elephant book, sewing set and the kraft tags. That is the best I can do. I love EVERYTHING - but if I have to choose then that is it - in order.


Gorgeous!! :)

Kristi B.

I am loving the little mini banner pieces! :)

Kathleen Stark

Wow, you've done it again! I not only love MR......but nothing is better than MR minis!!! Wow, scissors and hangers.....how cute is that! The banners will make adorable Christmas tree ornaments - or garland if you have enough of them!
Great job on the new stuff......as well as the old standby products that we all can't live without!


LOVE it all, It's all so cute I can't decide which is my favorite!

Helen Lindfield

Oh my Goodness. I want - no need - EVERYTHING. You have really done us proud this time. How can we choose which must-have items to start with. Thanks so much for showing some of the new goodies.


Love the butterflies and the soccer album! And the sewing cute stuff. Need to start making my list now!


I ~~~need~~~ them all! ;o)

Debbie H.

Wow! I love the peeks today! I'm super excited for new coasters. I love the butterflies and the mini banners too! More kraft is yummy!

ronda stockton

those are all so cute, I especially love the hangars, you are the best! and can't wait to see more eye candy!!

julie walton

absolutely adorable projects!! I love the kraft tickets the best :)


Between making albums for 2 grandbabes and now a new nephew, I need all these adorable items!! Oh and my own kid's albums in there somewhere too!!


That sewing set is just too cute! The mini banner is a close second! Everything looks fabulous!

charlotte J

Love all the minis, especially the sewing set and the butterflies. It will be so much fun working with all these items.


My favorite is definitely the sewing chipboard set. ADORABLE

scrappe al

The butterflies are my favorite, with the mini banner and townhouse close behind. The minis are so cute!

Heidi Y

Wow! I really like the mini scissors & hangers! Toooo cute! And the tickets are neat, too. I can't wait to see these in the stores : )

gisele julien

wow, amazing embellies:-)))

Janet Ang

You guys have outdone yourselves! WOW! So hard to pick my favorite. I love the butterflies, the elephant book, etc, etc, etc...


Everything is beautiful.


Be still my heart! Love it all!


Sewing themed minis? I SO NEED THESE!!!! Thank you for more fabulous designs!!!

Diana Fisher

OMG, I am in LOVE!!!!! So many great new goodies!! THANKS!!!


Seriously . . . pick our favorite? Simply impossible!


Oh my gosh!! You guys have come up with so many new wonderful products! I want them all.


Oh, butterflies! Oh, dress forms and scissors! How do I love thee???


Oh yeah!! I can't wait for the new minis...especially the banner set! And love the new craft goodies!

Carole Hepburn

Ooooooooooohhhhhhh the goodness of Maya Road - Love all of the new things , really , really, really loving them all !!! The mini banner, the elephant , the butterflys and the sewing pieces - so absolutely wonderful - my mind is already creating !! Thanks for the chance to win too !!!

Donna C

oh my these items are Amazing! If I had to pick one thing..... well I couldn't! I cannot wait to get my hands on these!

Barbara Staradumsky

I love them all! But, if I had to choose only 1..it would be the sewing set! Fabulous!!!
Thank you for inspiration through out the year and can't wait till that sewing set hits the stores!
Barb S.


OMG!! It is all soooo stinking cute!! I want 1 (or 2) of everything!! LOL

Colleen F

Those mini's are just too darn cute. Not sure which ones I like the best, but I know I need at least a set of each.

rosey rodriguez

love it...im gonna need a 2nd job to buy all these

J. Harmon

WOW, I love everything, especially the new kraft envelopes. Can't wait!!

Patti Hutchinson

oohhh!!! How can I pick just ONE favorite? I like EVERYTHING!!! But I can never get enough butterflies. They are SO cute!!


Oh my! How blessed you are to have such great imaginations! God sure did a great job when he entrusted them to you! I love the mini sewing items, the butterflies, the tickets, the envelopes...... I love it all!


Love the stuff...keep it coming!!


OMG!!! Love it all. If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the soccer chipboard album!! I can see myself doing an album for my son of his soccer seasons.


Love the mini-banner set and those kraft envies!!!!

Linda Elbourne

One favorite??? ... are you guys kidding??? ... I can't choose ... that mini house book ... the sewing goodies ... the mini butterflies and then I scroll down further and see the eye candy supplied by your DT ... I neeeeeeeeed the lot ... like ... erm ... now ...
Can't wait for tomorrow!


OMG....the mini sewing set is so stinkin cute!! All of this stuff is stinkin cute!! So excited about these wonderful products. Wish I was going to the tradeshow next week---I would snatch up every stinkin one of these!

jen shears

These are all ridiculously fabulous! I'm trying to decide on a fave, but OOOOOHHHHH! too much cuteness! I guess I'll go with the mini banners- but really love ALL of it!

Jenifer Cowles

I love it all couldnt pick a favorite if you made me great work:)

Linda F.

Oh my! I LOVE the sewing and house sets! And the mini banners and teh elephant...Oh, they're all lovely!

Wanda H

All fabulous!!! But I especially LOVE the butterflies!!!!



Not gonna lie.

I pretty much peed my pants over the mini sewing set!
LOVE the mini banner and envelopes too!

WONDERFUL release as usual!!!!!!


Wow! I love what your team did with the sewing kit. That's a must have for sure. I love, love, love the envelopes. Gotta have them. Thanks for the peak.



I think I *need* at least one of everything!! That mini banner is adorable! Your designers have really outdone themselves with this collection.

Kris D.

Oh those pennants are to die for--my favorite hands down. But I'll have to have those butterflies too. And the envelopes. WOW!!

Anna Sigga

Love these - and I know I am gonna be needing lots of MR stuff!!


These are just THE BEST! I love the sewing minis. Can't wait to see these at my LSS and start playing! Thanks for sharing!


Butterflies, Banners and skinny houses are just too cute!! Can't wait to get them!


OMG...just love the "sewing minis", the "tickets", the "butterflies" and the "envelopes"...i can see a great art journal in my future...cool beans :}


I have to admit I'm not a mini-book kind of gal, but that elephant book is too cute! My favorite, though is the butterflies.


Oh my goodness...the mini sewing set is my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E! The adorable mini album for a "happy child" is perfect! Thanks for the "sneak peaks"---been following on Facebook too! :)

Sheri T

Oooo I love them all! My favs would be the envelopes and the butterflies!


my absolute fave are the butterflies! but i also love the sewing set, kraft tages and elephant coaster book.

cindy b.

Stinkin' cute!! Each. And. Every. One!!!

Suzie Q

OMG!!! Between the mini sewing kit, the butterflies, elephants, and strawberries, I'm gonna go broke!!! My grandmaw and I did sewing together, butterflies represent people you have lost, elephants - good luck, and strawberries with my grandpa! Oh, My Gosh!!!

Kay Robinson

Can't wait for the sewing and butterflies to come out... My mind is already planning!


over everything I love alphabets and those wonderful butterflies!!!!


I am in so much love! I absolutely ADORE the Sewing Minis! LOVE THEM!!!! I also really like the mini banners....but those envelopes are fabulous, too!!!!


The mini sewing set - too cute! I know I need those scissors!

Molly Joly

Love the new chipboard - especially the mini banners and the butterflies.

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