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July 15, 2010


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Allie H

I *love* the baby stamps! My sister is expecting next month, and I'll have to get these for her.


I love the birds and bird stamp...into them right now

Mary M.

I love all the new stuff. Can't wait to see it at the stores.


OMG! I am like 'Barbie"- I want it ALL! Those mists and iridescent mists are to 'dye' for!

Tara Burtt

I love everything but I especially love the doily transparencies, I can already thing of a million things to use these on! Thanks for the Sneak peek and a chance to win!

Tara Burtt

I shared on Facebook and my Blog!! Thansk again

Catherine Lippert

Can't wait to use the doilies! Gorgeous!

Sharon Randolph

I love everything, but I especially like the mists!!!

Tara Burtt

Love everything so far but especially love the doilies! Can't wait to use them. Thanks for the sneak peak and a chance to win!

Tara Burtt

Posted on FB and my blog www.capturedmomentsblog.com Thanks!

Vicki J. Wade

Loving what I am seeing so far!!! Those little sampler mist sets are a must!! See you at CHA in Chicago!

Rea Custer

These are some awesome products, that would really help get the creative juices flowing. The laundry stamp set is so cute, and the glitter is divine. Great vibrant colors, and I love that it is made in the USA. I can't wait to tell my friends about these products.


Love everything but the Doily Transparencies are amazing. HAVE TO HAVE THEM! Have to have a lot but need a few packs of these I think. Love the owl sample - very clever.


Oh my!!!! It's so hard to pick a favorite. As usual, I'm going to have to have most of it. But if I must choose only one, it would be the mists. Those are simply amazing. I have tried other brands, but yours are the best!!!!


i love love love those doilies!! my wallet is crying for seeing all this!


I love it all. Can't wait to get my hands on everything.

cindy long

OMGOSH! I just LOVE the doilies - the possibilities I see are endless; but the irridescent mists are amazing too!

Shannon H.

I love all the new stamps- especially the doily border!


oh...everything looks amazing! But since you asked, I'll have to say that my favorite of the peeks are the little clothes stamps! Too cute!

Tanya Rudd

WOW, love the glitter!

Ally White

Great sneaks!! I'm addicted to the mists so i'm loving the new colors of course, and the doily transparancies are fabulous! They will be mine!


love the mists and the glitters. very pretty.


Love them all! Added bonus: Made in the USA!

Susan Tidwell

I love the new Doilies!

Jen Barkdull

Wow!!!!! I shared on FB!

Cynthia B.

Awesome! My faces are the clear stamps and the doily transparencies. Fun stuff!

Christine Schmidt

LOVE the new mist colors...absolutely GORGEOUS!! I was wondering when MR was gonna venture into the world of GLITTER!! FABULOUS colors!! AND the trim is BEAUTIFUL!!

Christine Schmidt

I shared the MR LOVE on my FB!!


i emailed my crafty gals!

Val P

I think I have to choose the doily transparencies --- you can't find anything like these anywhere! Love them.

Kelly O.

love the new stamps they are so cute...


You guys always have the coolest new releases! Love the doilies and the new mists!

Kim M

Lovin the glitter and those stamps are cute too, especially like the button floral ones!


Love Love Love the mists and ribbon, and.. well, pretty much all things Maya.
Thanks for the chance to win.


I love those Maya Mist colors and how well they cover the chipboard. Fantastic sample projects from the team.
xoxo, Christine


The stamps are fabulous and I'm so excited for the doily transparencies!!


The new stamps are my favourite, I love the ledger ones and the alphabet looks great!


Wow!!! I'm really loving the doilies and the new Mists!!!


Love it all, but those doilies are to die for!


OH. WOW. I love the doilie transparencies! I also could use some of the made-in-the-USA ultra fine glitter to give the doilies a little POW!


I love it all!
Love the new colors in the mists and glitters!!
Love the ribbon, and the stamps rock!!


WOW....now that's some FUN stuff....can't wait to play with some of it...


OMG!! I soooo NEED the doilies... love love love them!! :)


I'm loving the new Maya mist colors!

Betty Jasso

I will definetely take one of each. Love the metallic colors. And the doilies are a must. Thank you for the giveaway.


I shared on my fav scrappy kit site!

pam allen

Love the doiles sooooo cute. thanks for sharing and giveaway


I love all the new goodies. Those Maya Mists are a MUST HAVE! The colors are so vibrant - I can see myself using a lot of these during the holidays :)

Julie I.

The mist sampler sets are great, I love the layering with iridescent!


Love the dollies and stamps! Cann't wait to see the other items in this release.

sandra m.

welcome back maya rd! I have missed you. I love the stamps, but the doilies come in a close 2nd.


I love those transparencies - they look like they are sooooo versatile!!!

Tanya Tahir

I love the doilys and new Maya mists!!! Gorgeous stuff!!!!!

Andrea MacDonald

OMG I have to have those doily transparencies!!!!! and in each color : )

Andrea MacDonald

I was so excited that I Tweeted about it

Becky Helwig

I love what I see...can't wait to get my hands on them...lol. The colors of the sprays are so rich. Love them !!!


that owl box is to die for :D

my fave is the baby stamp set :D


Fabulous release! My favorite in this batch is the transparent doilies! Scrumptious!

Jodi Ethington

I can only choose ONE. ONE. That is so wrong. Well dust off the steam trunk and pass me a "dollie". Stamp or transparency I don't care which one.


How to choose just one??! I am in love with your doily transparencies! They are going to rock any page they are on!

kismet art

Ok, those metallic mists are too awesome, really love the shine they give to those chip birdies!

Kerrie Gurney

wow - i am loving the doilies and the new mist colours just gorgeous and as always everything else looks fantastic ☺

Jeanne Kelly

Hooray for Maya Road - I love your new mists and like the glitters too. My plan is to buy one of your canvas albums and mist away!!!

Heather B

Love the transparency doilies! Can't wait for new sneaks tomorrow!


I love the doilies and the new mists...a lot!!

Vicki H. in Canada

I love it all, but especially excited about the new Maya mist sampler packs--that means it'll be all the easier for me to try them out! :) Thanks for the opportunity!


Love everything - The mist in the irridecent - can't wait to play with. The dollies are awesome and the design team work is wonderful.

Sonda T

I am super excited about the doilies and mist. WOW! What a treat you have given us! Thank you!

Susan Schultheis

Love, Love, Love it all, but have to say the doilies peak my interest the most. One of everything please!!

Karen F

Have also shared this on my FB page!

Heidi Smith

That owl is so cute! very clever use of the Wings too!


Love the new Mists--such lovely colors. Also, like the button stamps.

Kerry g

I absolutely LOVE the new products! Especially the doilies and glitter! Super cute!


I like the maya misted paper flowers! Fun!


Shared on facebook. :-)


Looking forward to using the new mists, everything looks great!


My fav...well most of it!! The doilies have a TON of uses... and the mists with the layering....oh yeah!! And the stamps, I can never have too many!! I asked one of my LLS to make sure and stop at your booth at CHA to make an order (they will be a new account for you)! :) Now to post and share to get another chance!

Michele K

Love the doily transparencies.

Michele K

I shared with my scrappy friends through email.

Linda B.

These sneak peeks are all fabulous, but the Maya Mist sampler pack looks amazing!!!

Julie O.

How fun! I love the doilie stamps the most! There is so much you could do with them! The trims come in as a very, very close second!


I love the Doily transparencies!

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