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July 15, 2010


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LOVE all of them! I love Maya Road! Thanks so much for putting these up and for the chance to win!

My fave has to be a toss-up between the doily stamps and the doily transparencies. =)

Here's my blog post about this:



shared on FB page!!!

Account Deleted

Love the new stamps and the mists.... and the new glitter...love you guys!


I am personally loving those doily border stamps!!! How neat! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ann in PA

The new doilies and matching stamps look like winners. Can't wait to see them in my LSS!!

Svala, Iceland

Love the peaks so much. This will be ordered in bucketloads for my store www.skrappoggaman.is The doilie transparencies are so beautiful!!!

Svala, Iceland

And of course I shared on FB!!! Everyone has to know about this stuff!!! Have a fantastic CHA, wish I was there!!!!


I love the doily transparencies, but I must have the doily border stamps! They are adorable!

Johanne C

Love the doilies! cause they can be so versatile!!! Way to go MR!

Johanne C

Definetely shared on Facebook!


I love all your products but especially the doilies! Just beautiful. Can't wait to see all of it at CHA:) Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy....
- DebbieK


As usual, I love it all, but the colors of the glitters are my favorite. I love the way they pop! Can't wait to get some!


Awesome new products! Can't wait to try them out.

Karen Whitney

Love it all...the transparent doilies look great! Shared on Facebook too!

Charity Donaldson

Seriously fabulous!! I haven't tried the stamps yet (sorry) but LOVE your chipboard, transparencies and I have some lovely a couple of sets of "crystals" that I use...Thanks for everything Maya Road!!

Diana Fisher

Love the stamps!!!! :)


glitter and flower...what else would any girl need? loving the sneaks and thanks for the giveaway!


Those glitter colors are really pretty -- but the OWL is wonderful! My sister's totem is an owl so I'd love to know how that was created!


Nice eye candy, thanks! Especially loving the transparent doilies ... so many uses!!

Sally  Cain

The button stamps and doily transparencies are an absolute must!!! Very excited!!

Nancy C

It's all wonderful! My favorite ... hmmm ... the trims! (Though, seriously? choosing just one? lol)

Debbie Samac

I love the owl box. There are so many great things though, it's hard to pick a favorite.

Cathy S

I think the maya mist sampler sets are a great idea for mist novices like me.

Danee Kaplan

Absolutely love the Owl project and the cool rose ribbon. Can't wait to check out the doilies.


I am totally wowed by the doilies. So versatile. I love that you make stamps that are simple enough to use many ways. The owl project totally rocks!


Pick a favorite? Hmmm, other than all of it I think what stands out the most to me is the metallic mist. Maya Mist is the best out there already and now with the addition of more bling---well that just puts it over the top!


Wow I love it all!!! I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!!! Thanks for the chance to win these yummy goodies!!!

ruth tacoma

Be still my heart......I adore those new mists & glitters!!!




I love the laundry day stamps, can't wait to get them!


Maya Road never ceases to get me excited for new product. Love that some Maya mists will be coming in sampler packs ( w/iridescent, too!). And I teh msall pots of ( made in the USA)of ultrafine glitter - the perfect size for those who only use glitter occasionally. Terrific sneak peek!!!


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, so much Maya Road goodness!!! :-)


I'm sharing on FB too!

Dana K

I love the new Maya Mist colors. Especially the red.


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO----I love it all!!!!!!!


I love the doilie border, the doilie transperencies, the ribbon rose trim and the glitter... how fun!


definately the button stamps!


How can I choose just one as a favorite? What I love the most about your products is that they're fun, inexpensive, and made in the USA. I'm definitely putting the transparent doilies on my shopping list. I also like that the Mists come in minis. And that's an awesome price on the acrylic stamp sets.


I've shared the news by posting this on my blog sidebar.

Laina Millson

<3 I'm in love...


I fell in love with the OWL box. All my favorite colors. I can't wait to get my hands on some of those doily transparencies! Oh and the new mists as well.

Erika M

All of the stamps are awesome especially the darling clothes!

Erika M

I shared on Facebook - Erika Coleman Michaels!


Great stuff! The new colors of Mist are way cool! Love the new stamps and the doilies, especially!


I love the Doilies...saving my money now


Amazingly yummy! Can't wait to get my hands on it all.


The doily transparencies are super awesome! Definitely can't wait to get my hands on them!

Melinda Wilson

Wow! Love it all but my favorites are the transparent doilies and new mist with Christmas colors!

Dale P

Love the new dolies!! Can't wait to get my hands on them.


I especially love the pretty doily! So much possibilities I can see it be played with.. and the baby shirts and buttons are soo adorable. Please pick me. I'm dying to own them!!! Thanks for the chance to play :D


I love those button stamps the doilies and new colors of mist!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Okay lets be honest...I love it all!!!!!


WOW! Can't wait to get my hands on this stuff!

Elaine Allen

Oh Wow! Everything just looks yummy! What wonderful colors and textures. So hard to pick a favorite, but I think it would have to be the Maya Mists, with glitter being next.

Elaine Allen


Those clothes stamps are so fun, and I love those doilies. Thanks for the peeks!


I shared on my face book page!

Laura G.

AWESOME! love it all!

Angela Fisk

I'd love to have all those stamps! Keep it coming.

Michelle S.

OMJ those are wonderful . .. I don't know where to start. . . the mist the dollies the stamps all so cute and I can not wait to get them in my hot little hand and play!


Feels like Christmas in July because so many new items I want on my Christmas list for Santa! Doily banner stamp, doily transparencies, trim... LOVE IT!

Elise Smith-Dewey

Love those doilies and the new colors of Maya Mist-----that Iridescent really blings things up, too! Thanks for the chance to win!!!


oh wow...love these sneaks... can't wait for the real thing.. TFS

Jodi McCormack

The metallic mists are FANTASTIC!! The doilies are so unique too. It's impossible to pick just one product! :)


I love the ribbon and spraying it with the mists! Another great idea from Maya!

Jodi McCormack

Just placed a link on my Facebook page!! Thanks! :)

Corey Wagner

I love the stamps and sheers! and those projects are stunning! sharing on FB now!


....and they say doilies are old-fashioned! Not these doily transparencies. Love them!!!

Brittney A

Look at all of this goodness packed in one place!


Yep, I will take the whole lot too!



Love the new trim and the new mists!

Eileen Velez

Love Maya Road - the doilies are wonderful!!! Love the new stamps too!!!

Nancy B

Awesome! The glitter & doilies are on the top of my list.


Awesome!!! Love the look of the new mists and the doilies are great--i can see them being used in many projects. Keep the peaks coming!


Oh wow this is gorgeous!! I love the stamps with all of the baby stuff! I am going to be a grandma in sept/oct and will be needing them soon! I think, no I KNOW I need it all!!!!! Posting on facebook now!

Pamela Bennett

I love the doilie sheers and the laundry stamps, their just tooooo cute!


My favorite is the iridescent shimmer over the glimmer mists, so pretty. Next would be the doilies, they look like fun to use.

Linda Whitman

love the new sneak peeks-good to know that you are keeping these Made in the USA.


Very nice! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Sue A

Everything is so cute. Love the baby stamps and new glitter.


My favorite so far: transparent doily, wow!!!!!

Carole Gatza

Do I only get 1 pick? I love the doiley transparencies. AND th glitter!


omgosh!!! i am in love!!!!! new mists, yeah!!!!!!

Gail Connor

Absolutely amazing goodies- my mind is whirling with all the possibilities here!!!

Tracy J

I am always so excited to see your new stuff! I think I spy a ledger looking stamp that looks like something I need, as well as those doily transparencies. They rock!


those stamps are DARLING! It's all so wonderful!


Soooo pretty! I need a job! LOL


YUM! Need to add to my list of products to get!

Jodie Ruiz

The Maya Mists are my absolute favorites... OK, I LOVE the doilies...Oh! This is hard. I LOVE it all! I really love the metallic mists. Maya Road Mists are truely the best on the market. I love how they cover so nicely!


oooh..be still my heart..the doilies are amazing!!!

Susan Kesselman

CHA brings out some really interesting ideas and fun things to try with all the new products!

Jodie Ruiz

I just sent an email to my scrapbook buddies to let them know about your sneak peeks.


incredible, definitely the MR release EVER! i love the new stamps, irridescent MM, and the bling bling glitter -- ooh la la :)


Love those new stamps, especially the doily borders. And the Maya Mists sets are a must-have.

Jessica Canham

I love the stamps! I'm curious to see what the ledger type stamps look like that are peeking out.

Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway


Peggy Allen

This is tough but I am a stamps girl so I will say the stamps.
God bless!

Theresa Grdina

OMGOSH! The bling! I am lovin' it!!! And I really love the doilies!!!! The things you could do with these!!!! WAHOO!

Linda Hahn

Glitter! Glitter! Glitter! I love the GLITTER!! Also like the new baby stamps--I'll be a Grandma (for the 1st time) in 3 weeks!! Send out the baby stamps!! Oh Yeah!!1

Kelly Massman

You've got some great new stuff here!


I like the stamps. Looking to see what the ones with lines on it is. Thanks for the peek.


Love these glitters! I need them all. :-D

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