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July 22, 2010


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I want it ALL!!!!

Nancy B

Beautiful-it's all beautiful! I'm loving the beehive & the Christmas shapes,

Erica Lasham

I think it all looks wonderful, can't wait to find it in the shops :-)

Nancy K


Jona Panesa

I want them all!!! wow, I want to try your mists!

Heather H.

There is so much to love in this release!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait to play :)

Lisa A

Love everything!! The trim, the doilies, the glitter, the mists, the decorative scrolls....yep, EVERYTHING! :D

jeanie nieva

love it all!

Marsha Kent in Kansas City Ks

Oh MANNNN, does "ALL" count as "A" favorite? lol. If not, then I guess I would say (ummmm...decisions!!) The new floral ribbons. (But I also love glitter & Shimmer...and....all of it!) You all are awesome and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of your products.

Amy Bender

Yes please!!!

Marsha Kent in Kansas City Ks

hee hee hee hee - I already shared the link and commented on FB before I even got to put my comment here! Love it and could not wait to share your awesome line with everyone on my FB! love you all and hope I get to play with some of your new products soon!!!!!! :~)

Lynda H

Wow so many great items to choose from... I want them all!!!

Love ya Maya Rd


Ooooh! I love everything! I have a shopping list started though...
*Flower Edge Layer Book
*Picket Fence Album
*Bee Hive Album
*Leaf Coaster
*Purse Envelopes
*Resin Blossoms

Oh...who am I kidding? Get me into a store and I'd NEVER stop! shhh...don't tell my husband because then he'll never let me go shopping!


Love it all, esp the beehive album, the resin blooms, & those doily stamps!


LOVE all the new stuff!! My favs gotta be the canvas albums!! :)

Shannon H.

I must have all the stamps and the kraft doilies, oh and some yummy ribbon!

Monica Blain

What is there NOT to love?? I want one of everything =) The chipboard is amazing, as usual. I can't wait to try a canvas album. The doilies are super cute! I'm definitely going to have to get some of the pleated ribbon & rose ribbons. And the new colors of Maya Mist are awesome. Love love it all!!


I will forever love the kraft envelopes and tickets! :D


Can I have 1 of each please! So exciting!

tammy k

(wiping the drool off my chin)...there is no way possible to pick a favorite! SO awesome!


As always the chip board and ribbon is awesome :)

tammy k

shared on my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/tammy.kist

Donna Muir

I'm so looking forward to getting all the new Maya Road into my LSS. Really loving the resin flowers, ribbon, new chipboard albums and as always, your fantastic, creative design team! Have a great show!


love the resin flowers and tbe new mists!!!

Erin Glee

Those clear star pins are my favorite, but everything is GREAT!


Love it all! Favs are the Jeans Pocket Album, Maya Mists, Pleat Ribbon & the Mini Ticket Strips!!!

Linda B.

Well, let me see! Milk Cap Stamps, Tree Pins, Crown Chipboard, Doilies, and oh yeah...ALL THE RIBBON (that's it for now. I don't want to be too greedy). :)

Andrea MacDonald

I love everything but I am so in love with the Kraft Dollies! That will be my very first buy post CHA : )

Christine Schmidt

Wow! So much to love! I'll start with the new mist colors--gorgeous..absolutely gorgeous!! Very excited and cannot wait to use these. Next is that yummy flower edge layer book!! With five girls, I see lots of possibilities with this one! The Christmas chipboard is soooo cute and looks like lots of fun...especially that stocking coaster...ORNAMENTS...ooohhh I can already see my tree covered with these with lots of the new MR glitter all over them!! And last but not at all least, the RIBBONS...which I will need for all the ornaments I plan to make!!

This truly has been a FANTASTIC release!! You ladies deserve a huge round of applause!! AND those beautiful DT projects...very very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ideas. I can hardly wait to get mine & start creating!!!

Christine Schmidt


Dianne Yamada

wow! your new products are just as amzing as all your previous stuffs! The possibilities are endless,your imagination & creativity are inspiring! keep up the good work!

Angie (mommiextwo)

Love all of it, but the Medallion flowers and the shabby white ones have to be my most coveted!


what do i not love is an easier question?

i need the crowns, the keys.... the lil bees
stamps!!pleat ribbons, bingo markers and mists of course
and those to die for doilies

Cathy Handcock

Oh Yummmo - this would last me for months so much inspiration!

Fleur Smith

Another great collection - can't wait for it to hit stores!

Rachel C

I honestly don't know which I'd choose first as they are all so lovely. Roses trim, all your new albums, laundry stamps :-) All beautiful.


I love all the doilies and ribbons! Such great stuff!


If I have to choose iit has to be the ribbon................I cant decide on one particular ribbon................I want it all!!!!

Marie Phillips

The new ribbons and the doilies re my fvourite, but I love it all!

Anna Koziarek

gorgeousness!!!!!!!!! so many beauties took my breath away...


Awww, it's over?? It was so fun seeing a sneak peek every day and the awesome projects from the DT were definitely inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!

Waaah, I see LOTS of faves, especially from the past few days, such as the sewing machine chipboard album, the pleated ribbon (winner!), and, of course, my absolute must-have ---> the doilies stamp set! Gorgeous, everything is just absolutely gorgeous!

Have tons of fun at CHA and don't forget to share some behind-the-scene pics and videos! =)

Oh and I posted this on my blog too:

Maya Road and DT, you are all just awesome! =)



The Kraft collection is awesome, but everything is great really. You sure did it this time!

Lydia W.

i really couldn't pick a favorite because I love it all! I hope someday soon that it all comes to live with me! : ) Love the flowered chipbiard album, organza ribbons, kraft envelopes, mists....ok yep that proves it. "ALL" is my favorite!!!

Lydia W.

Just shared the love!! : )

La zaz

love EVERYTHING !!! Perfect collection, like usual!

Vitoria B

wow !!! Love all the kraft and chipboard stuff... and all the rest too.


The new mists, the canvas, the stamps...
Thanks for the super chance to win some goodies


I love the doilies and the stamps
Your creative team is incredible... so pretty stuff


My favortite : the canvas album. But all this new collection rocks.
Love to play with all this... soon!


Those glitter looks fantastic. And all the mini albums (canvas, chipboard) are pretty. Thanks for the giveaway.


I'm excited about the doilies (kraft, transparencies, stamps)... love to put doilies everywhere ;-)


WOOOOOOOW !!! Can't wait to play with these !!!


love it all...and want it all!!! Thanks for the sneak peeks. Have fun at CHA

Wendy Crowe

The ribbons and trims are my favorite!! They are so beautiful!! And the chipboard albums!! And the canvas albums!! I can't pick just one!!!

Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway

I need the umm .. EVERYTHING .. love it all


I love it all and want it all!!!!

Jean Marmo

Would love to try the resin flowers. Love the jean pocket album too. Actually, I love pretty much all of it!

Denise Coulter

Love your new black transparencies!

Julia Stainton

I want it all! But I think those doilies are going to make it on almost every project.


Everything is so YUMMY!!!! All of this goodness in one place...you all are totally rockin the new products and I just love LOVE everything. Have a fabulous time at CHA can't wait to see pics and hear about it.

Michelle S.

I love them all you guys rocked it this release! Have a great time at CHA !

Michelle S.

Oh I forgot thanks Lisa Pace for Fresh Milk Pendant instructions . . . so cute!


My faves are the chipboard birds of a feather and the organza roses. :)

angella peardon

TOTALLY AWESOME !!!!!! the trims the flowers the roses
OMG !!!! everything rocks!


I don't really want to pick. I love everything you are doing this season. I think my favorites are the chipboard keyrings, though. They are different and would be a great way for Dad, Grammy, etc to carry just a little showing off around with them.

Sarah A.

I can't pick one thing- I love it all. And I mean ALL!!! :)

sandra m.

Everything looks fab! I think my first purchase will be the chipboard keychains, then some ribbon, then some stamps...

Amanda L.

Gorgeous reveal......love all of it but can't wait to try those chipboard windows!

Jeanne Wynhoff

I want everything!! It is all so YUMMY! I am loving the new chipboard shapes GOODNESS!!!!!!

jennifer hamilton

I LOVE it ALL!! My favorite would have to be the fantastic assortment of GORGEOUS RIBBON!! So excited for you guys!!

Dawn M

Love and want it all!!!! Thanks MR for another great CHA reveal.

Jeanne Wynhoff

Posted a link on my facebook too!

jennifer hamilton

I tweeted about this fantastic reveal here :)
Thanks for sharing with all of us!!


I can always count on Maya Road to come up with the most wonderful things to create with! I can't wait to get my hands on everything!!

Jess (ScrapGoo)

The pleat ribbons, the bee album, and resin flowers are to die for! I can't wait to see this in person at CHA!

Cathy S

Thank you for an exciting week of peeks and samples. I just love seeing how the design team takes these products and creates just gorgeous albums and decor.


So so so very exciting!!! Can't wait for these to hit the stores! awesome products. MR rules.


OMG! What an amazing collection of newbies! Love it!

Maria S

I want it all! But, if I had to choose, the new calendars, chipboards and the banner album are my faves.


You need a little of this and a little of that to make a great project, thus I need it all! The doilies would be fun to try!!

Erika M

I love it all - that's the problem - my pocketbook just can't take it!


Can't WAIT to meet you guys at CHA! It's my 1st time going and I'm SUPER excited!!! I love all of the beautiful trims in this release and would LOVE to add them to my stash :) I'm a Ribbon-aholic!


it's soooo hard to choose just one! Love the jeans pocket album, the stamps, the picket fence, the flowers... oh I can go on.

christy a

Gorgeous! Love it all!!

ruth tacoma

Be still my heart......I so need the chipboard crowns & the new mist colors!!!


I don't even know where to start! I HAVE to see more of that little elephant! and the little picket fence album? i can think of 3 projects for that right off the bat!

Pamela Bennett

There is sooooo much! but I'll start with:
Flower Edge Layer Book,Picket Fence Album, Bee Hive Album, Sewing Machine Album, all the singleton stamps, Maya Mists, the Doilie Transparencies and the Doilie Stamps,and of course the Kraft Collection.

I can`t wait till these products are in my LSS and I can buy them all!

Pamela Bennett

Sharing on Facebook

Keshet Shenkar

Love it all!

Summer Braxton

so many things I love: sewing machine album (yum), crochet trims (gorgeous), resin blooms (unique), bingo markers (so fun!)
Great release, Maya Road!!


wow - so many neat things - for some reason I am looking forward to the new baby stamp set - and the new chipboards ...and the mists ...
thanks for the peeks!

Lisa Kelly

Love the new Christmas shapes and words!

Lara Carson

love the doilies, they are going to be a must-have for me...and the new trinket blossoms, and the mists! (clearly, I could take about 1 of each and it would make me happy)...thanks for great releases!

Heather Lough

Wow, I love it all. The new kraft stuff is fantastic and those transparancy doilies. It's all just fabulous.


Oh my word! LOVE it all!

Heather Lough

I will be sharing this with my friends on my website. http://scrapdango.com/forums/showthread.php?p=126884#post126884

Katie T

It's just all amazing...those green trinket pins are callin my name along with the acrylic letters...so much to take in! Hope that I win!

Susan Kesselman

What is there not to love????? Holy cow, you really went all out with this release of new product!

Vicki H. in Canada

Mmmm, just love that picket fence album, fancy bird coaster, chipboard windows and scrolls, canvas albums, window envelopes, mini ticket strips, pleated ribbons, star pins, ledge, doiley, & 'made with love' stamps, and mists and glitters! Now, just to figure where and when I can get me some! :) Thanks for sharing, and for the opportunity! Have a great CHA! =)


I LOVE IT ALL!!! Hats off ya'll did an awesome job.

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