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July 20, 2010


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That ribbon is delightful!

Janet Ang

I'm loving those pleated ribbons!

Ashley Anthony

Ohhh wow!! I love love LOVE that shadow box!



I gasped and choked when I saw the ribbon... way too excited right. I love them & of course being the kraft girl that I am LOVE the calendars & my favorite envelopes

Ashley Anthony

I shared on Facebook :D

Julie W

ummmmm I have 3 favs, the kraft doilys, the pleated ribbon and the shadow box!!


The pleated ribbon is awesome! I can see using this in many different ways.


Shadow box - hands down my favorite. Now don't be jealous other supplies - you're all coming to live with me. :)

Jennifer Priest

OMG I love the tray, the pleated ribbon, the resin flowers....I'll take one of everything please! LOL

Jennifer Priest

Shared on Facebook!!


I love, love, love the pleated ribbon and the calendar doillies :)


As always Maya Road has the cutest new things! I always want more MR!

Anna D.

The tray/shadowbox is awesome but so is everything else.

Veronica L.

Love the satin pleated ribbons--perfect colors!!! I also think the kraft envelopes are pretty nifty...lots of inking and stamping I could do!

Anna D.

Shared on FB


I am so in love.....with all of it!

Angie (mommiextwo)

Love it all! Can't wait to get my hands on it! lol


Okay, it's really hard to pick a favorite today. That ribbon is to die for!I do love all things craft though too. If I'm forced to choose I guess it will have to be the ribbon.

Nancy K

Love the satin pleated ribbons, the kraft envelopes and ..well...everything.

Nancy K

shared on facebook.


I'm mad for the shadow box!

Jeanne Wynhoff

I am LOVING the pleated ribbons they are amazing! I do love it all tho!

Jeanne Wynhoff

Shared on Facebook


The Satin Pleated Ribbon is AMAZING! I love all of your sneak peeks and my brain is working overtime thinking of all the things I can create with the new releases!

Becky Olsen

Love everything!
Can't wait to get that shadow box to play with!!


Lagene Sands

I love the trinket shadow box! That is perfect for soo many things!

Heather H.

I love that pleated ribbon and those resin flowers!!!! Fabulous!!!


I will always look forward to the kraft envelopes and tickets.
yay for the shadowboxes :D

Kelley Forrester

WOW I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shadow box! Its gorgeous!! I want one to play with soooo bad!!!!

Jenn Claar

Lots of yumminess! Can't wait to get my hands on the goodness!


I love the shadow box and the ribbon! beautiful projects from the designers as well! have a good CHA!

Fleur Smith

I love the ribbon and the envelopes - cute cute cute!

Ann Cicilie

The resin flowers and the shadow box are my favourites! COME TO MAMA! *LOL*

Oh, and the DT has done a great job as usual, I must say I think you have one of the most talented and inspiring designteams in the whole scrapbooking world (and yes, I do mean that, I'm stunned every time they make something!)


Love the kraft calendars. But the kraft doilies and the ribbon are also gorgeous!


that ribbon................................yards and yards of it please......not that I have a ribbon fettish at all!!!

Ann Cicilie

I've shared the love on Facebook :)

Oh, and forgot to tell that the kraft doilis are favourites as well!


oh my gosh...i love those kraft tickets! i love the pleated ribbon! love the resin flowers, shadow box, and kraft envelopes! i can't wait to buy some! thanks for sharing :)! have a great day! *hugs* steph :)


Oh I love the new products... the printer's tray/shadow box is awesome


The kraft calendar is my favourite! My Christmas presents are ready (at least in my mind)!


I think that trinket chipboard box is such a clever idea. Everyone's so into printers trays these days and this looks like an affordabel alternative. I like that there's a little chipboard square included as well.

Christine Schmidt

Oh man.......I am sooooo in love with the shadow box!!!! So many possibilities!! FABULOUS peeks!!!

Christine Schmidt



Love the satin pleat ribbon and scallop albums - divine!

Marilyn Weyman Kegg

Oh I have to have some pleated satin ribbon!

M- C Graves

All the new products are great! Choose a favorite? Do I have to?


Love the Satin Pleat Ribbons. :)

La zaz

wow, i love the kraft doilies, the mini tickets ... everything;

Vitoria B

How can I resist! so beautiful stuff.
I must have the shadow box, cool project


I adore kraft, so all this is perfect for me... The doilies are so awesome!


All the projects are amazing, love the mini tickets and the enveloppes.
Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful stuff


Pretty resin flowers and pretty ribbon... love it all!


I love the bee hive book! It is so hard to pick just one thing though...

mADDmartha megan

loving the satin pleat ribbon. definitely my favorite at that price point!!! thanks for the sneak!

Donna Norris

I'm loving these new goodies!


Love those craft doilies!


I love the new kraft doilys and the envelopes and the ribbon! Oh shoot I love it all!!!!!

Wendy Crowe

I LOVE the pleated ribbons! Beautiful!! All the kraft products are yummy!


Love the ribbion can't wait

Michelle S.

THey keep getting better and better!


I love that ribbon! And the resin flowers!


maya road goodness always makes me want to start creating....fabulous stuff


you never cease to amaze us all with the great products. loving what I see. =)


By Far the ribbon...always love the little krafties but that ribbon..


in love with the pleated ribbon!!!


OOOOOO those ribbons are gorgeous- I must have them all!!!! That shadowbox will be so fun to play with!

Linda H.

Lots of fun stuff today! But, I really like the shadow box. It looks like it will be really easy to make a great project with it.


Oh I love everything...the ribbon is A M A Z I N G!!!!! and I love the purse shaped envelopes...anything chipboard drives me wacko (in the best way) with ideas...a favorite??? I would have to pick the ribbon its just so beautiful and unique...



Shared on Facebook...


Donna U

Making the ribbon into a flower is so cute!

Sandy Liles

Oh my goodness, that pleated ribbon and those resin flowers are to die for!!! I can't decide which of those two are my favorites.

Amanda L.

Love the kraft doilies!!!!

Jean Marmo

Pick just one?? I Love that trinket box! What a gorgeous example! The camp mini album gives me a great idea too!

Can't wait to see this at my LSS.

Anna Koziarek

OMG - the doilies, the little tickets, the envelopes - love them all!!!!!!!!!!


How do you choose. I love the ribbon, already pleated for me. And the shadow box is wonderful. And the calendars would be so great for layouts. But, I guess the ribbon is the standout - my absolute fave!

sandra m.

Besides everything!!! I like the pleated ribbon.

Julia Stainton

Gasp! Love all that kraft and the ribbon is to die for. I love the shadow box and the doilies are must haves as well.


ooooh...the resin flowers are delish!!!

Michelle OKeefe

Lots of wonderful things I must have here! Love the kraft envelopes with the scallop edges, the trims are so pretty, and the doily and calendar shapes.
So great.

Erika M

I'm really loving your trinket shadow box and the ribbon.

Brittney A

Those ribbon pleats are to die for!

Erika M

Shared on FB


The envelopes and calendars are my fave!

Amy Smith

Oh my lovely!! I really am liking that shadow box!

Juliana Swanson

Oh My!
I love those new albums...and the envelopes, and the ribbon, and the shadow boxes!!! I have projects flying through my mind, now!

Sarah A.

WOW!! My fave is the calendars, but I am so in love with the rest of it, too! :)

Svala, Iceland

The satin ribbons, resin flowers and the kraft doilies are my favorite of this post. I'm so looking forward to ordering those beauties for my store!

Theresa Grdina

I don't know if I can choose just one thing! However, if I had to....I LOVE those resin flowers! They are lovely!!! Very vintagey and usable! Gotta get those....

Pamela Bennett

I love all the kraft calendars and doilies and envelopes and chipboard albums and those ribbons are delicious.

Cathy S

those tickets are perfect in their simplicity and a must-have for me!

Patty Taylor

Love the chipboard shadow box the resin flowers and pleated ribbon, in that order!!!

Patty Taylor

Shared on facebook


yummy, yummy, yummy!

jennifer hamilton

LOVING all the kraft!!! But, my favorite would have to be the satin pleated ribbon - how adorable is that flower!!!

jennifer hamilton

Shared this post on FB here:
Thanks for the chances to win!!

Aimee K

LOVING that satin pleated ribbon! Makes for some gorgeous flowers and trim work!!


Love the ALL new Kraft products, especially the calendars & the envelopes!!!


Shared on Facebook :)


Resin flowers are fantastic. I got a vintage fleer ring at a fair a whir back. Hot.

Peggy Allen

My favs are the Satin Pleat Ribbon and shadow box.
God bless,
Peggy Allen

Kate Anne

Me wants those yummy pleated trims!!!!

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