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July 20, 2010


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I love it all!!! The ribbon is FANTASTIC and I can't wait to get my hands on some!!!


So much goodness! Those resin flowers are very cool!

Sue A

I can think of so many things I would love to do with the shadow box. You come up with the neatest things to create.

Susan Kesselman

Love the calendars but all will be finding a place in my art room asap!


LOVE everything--REALLY! :)

Nancy B

Lovin the trinket box-so many possibilities!


omg! it is all so cute and usable! i love the envelopes, the pleated ribbon and the shadow box and......what can i say, i love it all. i'm going to tell everyone on fb to check it out. hugs!


Shared it on facebook!


Love the ribbon pleats and the kraft doilies!!!


The shadow box is fabulous!


the ribbon!! I love the ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kathryn young

I'm loving the ribbon flowers and the chipboard!

Kelly Massman

The resin flowers are my favorite! followed closely by Satin Pleat Ribbon! :-)


The chipboard trinket box is amazing. I have to have several of those.


Posted on my favorite online store message board!


OMG! I need it all! Fabulous new things...

Linda Trzos

Very pretty stuff! Love Maya Road.


Love it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim M

I am so into the pleated stuff at the moment and that pleated ribbon looks absolutely divine!! I also love the big scallop pieces that you can punch and make your own album with, totally cool!

Erica Hettwer

Love the flower made of the pleated ribbon!


My favorite is the Kraft doilies!


I shared this with my girls over at ScrapGal.com!!!

Jessica Canham

I love the pleated ribbons, the kraft purse envelopes and the resin flowers! Beautiful projects, as always.

Sheri L

My fave is the satin pleated ribbon!!! I need to find some of that here!!!! :)


Love the shadow box, imagine the possibilites!


Love the tray and mixed media albums! Can't wait for them to hit our sunny shores!


My faves are the pleated satin ribbon and the kraft envelopes, but of course it's all good!


Oh so hard to pick a favorite...but the new ribbons are extraordinary! Thank you for the opportunity to win!


Shared this on my facebook!


Love these especially the shadow box. ;)

Linda F.

Oh be still my heart...so many delights! I love the trinkets shadowbox and can already see it decorated for Halloween and Christmas and....

Janet S

Oh my tickets are everywhere and I do love these and WOW that ribbon is to die for. That is the cutest flower with that ribbon. Also like those envelopes with the tie clasps, everything is good.

Rosann Santos-Elliott

love love love the scalloped ribbon and the kraft frilly envelopes

Carole Gatza

Absolutely love and have to have the Trinket Shadow box. Also the flower made from the pleated ribbon. So cute!

Donna E.

omg wow!! love everything!

Donna E.

shared on my blog :)

susan stringfellow

wow! Great stuff, but I think my fave is the doilies! sooo cute

The Gypsy Magpie

Love it all BUT the shadow box is extra fabulous!!!


SQUEEEEEEEAL for the shadow box! Love it!

Kerry G

Love the pleat ribbon!!


Gorgeous! Love everything about the all the new products!

Shannon H.

All of it! I can't just pick one thing. I really love the kraft dollies and the tickets, oh and the ribbon. Oh my!


Loving the dollies again, beautiful, and the pleated ribbon is too pretty as well!!!

Alysse McDaniel

I lovvve the calendar chipboard and the resin flowers. My mind is racing with possibilities!

Shirley Kramer

I just loved all of today's sneaks, but I think my fav. is the new envelopes! I've never seen anything like them!


Oh I have to pick a favorite? That is so hard, I LOVE the ribbon and the Shadow box but I also love those envelopes!


I'll be checking for the ribbon at my LSS. Hope you'll be adding more colors!

Patti Hutchinson

OMG!!! How can I pick one thing? ? I just love all of the Kraft selections. They are perfect for any project!!!

Shelley W.

Kraft doilies and pleated ribbon are my faves!

Janet Zeppa

I am in love with the ribbon!! WOW!!


IN LOVE!!! Totally, insanely crazy for kraft here and you guys totally nailed it! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Loving every little bit of this sneak peek! But, hands down, my fave would have to be the kraft doilies! Gorgeous!

Sharing on my blog:



The shadow box is supercute! And of course, so is everything else too.


Great - I love the shadow box and can see so many uses for it.


The shadow box is amazing!!!


The pleated ribbons are to die for!!


OMG that shadow box is to die for!!


The ribbon and the trinket box are really awesome, as is the basic chipboard, great idea! Love all these!

Dale P

Loving the new window kraft envelopes. Exciting to see all the new products.

Miss Cooper

OMG!! The pleated ribbon is amazing!!


Everyday gets better, I love it all and want it all!


How can I choose just one thing!!! I'm gonna go with the shadow box!


I love kraft!! Yummy goodies!!


Loving all of this, but especially the ribbon and kraft calendars.


Oh, lovey! I allready know what to do with the Chipboard Trinket Shadow Box... a memoryboard for my children. You no, some of their favethings they have to save...


Miss McBride

Okay so I'm totally freaking over that pleated ribbon!!!


The shadow box really rocks my socks!!

Ilene Tell

Love this stuff! Love all of it, so hard to choose. The box is awesome, and the flowers are so cute, and the little calendars are perfect to make a Holiday calendar gift!


Love kraft! those tickets are some of my new favs for sure.

Ilene Tell

Posted about it on my blog here: http://whatabunchofscrap.blogspot.com/2010/07/new-maya-road.html

tammy k

The resin flowers, the ribbon, the trinket shadow box...okay, I will stop now! LOVE this collection!


I like the kraft envelopes with the windows


your link is in my blog candy jar on my blog sidebar

tammy k

posted to my blog here: http://alwaystheapprenticehandicrafter.blogspot.com/2010/07/another-sneak.html

Carole Hepburn

Totally fabulous pleated ribbon - satin , pleated and gorgeous !!! The sneak peeks are amazing , my mind is on over load !!!

Monica Blain

Lots to love! My favorites are the kraft calendars, kraft doilies, & new mini albums!

Monica Blain

I shared this blog post on my facebook!


Love these peeks!! I love the ribbons. I hoard all of them - always so unique and beautiful!

Vicki J. Wade

Love the ribbon and the scallop edge album. Good work, MR! See you at CHA next week!

Nadine Palmer

I ADORE kraft items, so you've made my heart sing today!! Everything MR does is so cool and unique and affordable - thank you. Nadine


the resin flowers are to die for!


I'm with the majority here! LOVING the pleated ribbon and the flowers using the ribbon!! That's a must have!!

Laurie R.

Love the Kraft Calendars and flowers. The shadow box also.

Jodie Ruiz

AWESOME!! I love everything! Maya Road makes the best chipboard albums, but the rest is just icing on the cake! Again, AWESOME!!

Etta Thomas

Loved the sneak peeks today. All the new products are fun, fun, fun. My favorite...the PRICE BREAKS are the BEST!!! Thanks you, Maya Road, for thinking about your customers need to try and keep our "addictions" economical!


I bought a shadow box and just love what you have done with yours thanks for sharing

Linda Ash

The pleated ribbon is outstanding, but I love all MR products!

Kathryn in Benicia by the Bay

Wow! those resin flowers are TO DIE FOR!


I love all things kraft.


Ooooh, I gotta get some of the kraft windows envelopes . . . and pleated ribbon . . . and mini ticket strips!
Great work by the design team - love it all :)

Rea Custer

The ribbon is gorgeous, it would make such beautiful flowers, and be an awesome trim for so many projects. Thanks for the opportunity.


Love it all, but especially the pleated ribbon, resin flowers and the shadow box! Can't wait to get my hands on some!!

Renee L

My favorite would have to be the Kraft Envelopes.

Rea Custer

Can't wait to share with my friends, about the new products.


Those kraft doilies are fabulous!!!
Can't wait to get some of those!!!


The calendar dollies are AWESOME and I love the kraft envelopes and the shadowbox is great too. I guess I can't pick one fav.

Debbie O'Neal

That CB Box with the inserts is Genius so that is my fav. I am also really really liking those resin flowers. The ribbon as always is a must have too !

Debbie O'Neal

I am so sharing this yummy goodness on FB too !

Lexi Bridges

the resin flowers and kraft doilies are MUST HAVES!!!


Love the Kraft envelopes, & ribbon!!!! Everything looks so delish!!

jennifer taylor

omg! i love it all!!!! jen t

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