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January 18, 2011


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Kathy Roscoe

My favorite is the mason jar. It is just too cute.


I posted it on Two Peas in the pub forum.

Azura Alyssa

the spools......im loving them... wowzersssss


Seriously, you want me to pick one item? These are all amazing! I adore the mini spools, but also know that I'm in love with all of the mini books too!


Oh, my! You've totally done it again! I love them all! If I have to pick one it would be the awsome crown coaster! You rock!


I'm a MR Facebook Friend!


I posted on Svensk Scrapbooking (Swedish scrapbooking) http://www.svenskscrapbooking.se/forum/


I shared your post on facebook too. =)

Diane Hover

Love the teapot, mason jar and that wonderful shadow box...but really any of them are great!

Diane Hover

Left a comment on facebook as well!!!

Rachel C

Seriously - you want me to pick just one favourite??? I can't they are all fabulous and I think one of each will be making it's way into my shopping cart! First one I would probably use though would be the beach pail (we have summer year round here in Malaysia!). Love the DT samples too - just beautiful.


Final task: I blogged about it! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


love it all...but the wood buttons have stolen my heart completely!


Love the kraft doilies and the little spools.


Not sure I can pick as I love,love, love them all! Sand Pails are pretty darn cute though!


I also shared this link on FB!

kimberly bishop

love all the new albums and buttons and wooden spoons are so cute great job!!


Kraft doilies !!!!

Vitoria B

OMG, love the buttons and the kraft doilies too... thanks for the sneaks and the giveaway

Deb L

Love the new kraft doilies and the shipping tags - can't wait tot get my hands on them!

Deb L

I posted a link at The Mosy Scrapper:


I love the spools!

Deb L

And I shared on FB (I was already your fan!)

Peggy Freedman

I love, love, love the Tea Pot. I collect them and finally have something that makes sense to scrap my photo's of my collection. When are these available, I'm going crazy!


Love it all, but I think my fav is the binder. It is so versatile!


I love everthing!! Maybe the shadow box and then the wooden buttons. Too hard to choose! AJ - queenofmynest(at)gmail(dot)com


I am already a fan "like" the facebook page. Thanks for the chance to win! AJ- queenofmynest(at)gmail(dot)com


Love the beach pail!!

Joanne D.

Love all your new embellies. I became your friend on Facebook.


i am so loving those sweet tiny spools. Must have them! Thank you for sharing.
good luck to all.


LOVE those buttons and tags...AND the pail album... can't pick a fav!!
Kathy SKou

Kate Nolan-Denham

I love it all but my favorite of this batch are the Scroll Fram Journaling Tags.


OH my! The buttons and spools are just awesome!!


I love all the new items but the dollies are my fav!


Beautiful...!!! I love all of it, but the wooden buttons are my favourite!

Diane S.,

I love the mason jar, birdhouse and teakettle chipboard sets! Actually love them all! I am sharing this post on FB and leaving a note on my blog crazeediscreations.blogspot.com


WOWSERS! It's all so awesome, I think the shovel and pail & Mason jar cb books are my Fav and the wooden buttons and kraft doilies are right up there with the albums for me. Thanks for the peeky.


My favorite item are the buttons and the Mason Jar!

Debbie Samac

How can I even pick a favorite. I love the home tweet home album, the kraft doilies and the mini spools are great!


Beautiful products, I love them all but want to play with the shadow box and the shipping tags.

Kim B

Awesome!!! I Iove the new chipboard albums!!!


So hard to pick a favorite. I love the mason jar and the teapot albums and can't live without the kraft doilys.

Laura C

I love the ATC Alterable Box!


Oh my God ! It's absolutely marvelous ! I love them all.


Oh Boy! I love it all. My favorite has got to be the teapot chipboard. I already have an idea for a mini album about my Mom. My Mom is ALL about a "cup of tea" for what ails ya. LOL! I can't wait for this stuff to be available!


Love all the chipboard albums as well as the wood buttons and kraft doilies.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Laura C

I shared on Facebook - I already "liked" you

louise #3903  cafelouise blogspot.com

love that tea pot!!

Jean Marmo

Just LOVE those doilies!! Very cute albums too!

mary t

wow all I can say!! can't wait to play!!!
mary t

andrea smith

I love that tea pot album. My grandma started a teapot collection, for me, before she passed away. This will be perfect to put pictures of all of them!!

Jean Marmo

Shared on Facebook.

laura j

love the tiny wooden spools!

andrea smith

Shared on facebook!!!

Jean Marmo

Posted on Scrap-Friendzy.com


Wendy Schoonhoven

OMG just came across this post, hope I'm still in time! Can I choose just one favorite item from all of those gorgeous new things you've posted??? Well, guess I'll choose for the doilies, just love those!!

andrea smith

I blogged it too!

Jean Marmo

Posted on my blog -- Pagesintime.blogspot.com



On my blog



Love the mini albums...but I am swooning over the buttons and the mini spools! :)

Danielle Brown

love the kraft binder, and the scrolled journal tags! and the buttons are super cute!

Vicki J Wade

Love the mini spools and the crown coasters. Looking forward to more peeks this week.


I shared this on facebook (I already have you as a friend)

andrea smith

I posted this on my favorite scrappy forum! Life Preservers Club


I posted about it on my blog:

Wendy Schoonhoven

I just visited your facebook page and left a comment but I'm not sure how to enter your list of friends, sorry. Still figuring out how facebook works. Hope I did it right.

Wendy Schoonhoven

I also put a link to this post on a Dutch forum. It's one of the largest forums in The Netherlands and my favorite. This is the link to the homepage:http://scrappersanonimous.yourbb.nl/index.php

And this is the link to my post overthere:
Still crossing my fingers hoping to win LOL


love them all. love 'em


I **LOVE** the pear album! We have a pear tree in our yard, and it will be so fun to do a book of 3yo DD pear picking! :)

sheena x

loving the mini spools x

Beth Vondran

Love all the chipboard albums, but I think the beach pail is my favorite!

Susan C.

My favorite from today is the Die Cut Kraft Doilies.

It was hard to choose, but I'd use these the most.

Shelley Galvin

I love the school bus, what a great way to display school pictures.

Tina P

The ideas are already flowing!!!! Must get my hands on them!!!!


I am love with the entire new line...If I had to pick one favorite it would have to be the wood buttons!!!

Sandra ltb

I love the wooden buttons - these can be sew much fun!
Sandra ltb

Tami F.

I'm loving those wooden buttons and mini spools!!! I posted this on my FB wall! :D I *heart* Maya Road!!


i love the mini spools, so flippin' cute!

Wendy Schoonhoven

And I just finished the last assignment and put a blogpost on my blog: http://www.frumpiesworld.blogspot.com/ . Thanks for the great amount of opportunities you gave to win some of those gorgeous new goodies!!


I love them all (as I always do) but if I must...the kraft doilies are awesome!

DeeDee Catron

Favorite item of the day.. for SURE the alterable wooden buttons. done and done!


Oh so hard to pick just one favourite. If you're twisting my arm, I'd have to pick the kraft lace doily die cuts ... or the tabbed chipboard album ... or the kraft scroll frame journalling tags ... or the kraft shipping tags ... or ...

Robin B.

Love the kraft doilies and the kraft tags. And the mini wood spools are awesome.


I so love all of your product and the play book with the zippers is just our of this world cute!!

Theresa Grdina

The new books are fabulous!! and the spools are too cute. I can think of a million ways to use those cute little things!!!!

Cathy S

love all the chipboard -- can't decide if my favorite is the sand pail or the teapot

Heather H.

I love the shadowbox and the chipboard bus album!!!


\its all about the brackets..gott'a love them..

Celeste B.

My favorite is the kraft doilies.

I posted a link at Scrapdango



I love everything...especially those sweet kraft doilies!!!


I am a chipboard fanatic, so this is right up my alley!


Wow, I am so excited about these releases. Didn't see anything I didn't like! The chipboard pail really made me smile. And I just loved the chipboard binder and kraft doilies. Both are so practical and cute to boot.


I love all the new Kraft lines!


Just shared these peeks on my Facebook. :-)


I need that scroll edge chipboard book

Anna Maria Leader

I love it all. The beach pail is my favorite!

Diana B

Oh my goodness...how to pick a favorite...impossible...BUT the altered box and those little thread spools are really adorable!


How can anyone pick just one favorite!! They are all great, but I have to say I love the watermelon with the bite out of it.

Diana B

I'm already a fan on facebook!!

Sharon V.

What a great collection.I love the new chipboard mini albums,the mason jar-cute and the zippers on the play mini-ingenious.I love everything Mya Road!Thanks to your design team for always inspiring me.

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