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January 19, 2011


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Lowri McNabb

LOVE the sewing pieces!

That completed square album above is STUNNING too - would love to know who did it!


Wowza! Love the mini chipboard banner oh..and the 1/2 circle banner


OOOH! Love the doilies chipboard and the tiny banners!!!

Nancy B

So many wonderful goodies!

jill brush

The banners with stamps! Awesome! !


Wow! I'm loving all of these new embellies!I can't wait to get my hands on these. So many possibilities!

Laurie R.

Love all those mini items.

Monica B

Love what I'm seeing! My favorites are the How's the Weather & Tiny Banner chipboard sets! sooo cute =)

Sue Turner

I love the sew cute chipboard set, they are sooo cute and I can think of alot of things to do with them.

Andrea MacDonald

How can you expect us to choose? Everything is soooooo stinkin' fabulous! I want everything!

Florence Germono

love the mini's and enjoying the sneak peeks. i would enjoying winning anything from your line.

Andrea MacDonald

oh, and I am a fan on facebook : )


Wow!! I can't wait to get all the new banner goodies! Love the stamps, the new cameo chipboard and the vintage beads!!

Beth Wolfgang

Love all of the chipboard but the sew cute and the vintage cameos are my faves if I had to pick. Absolutely adore the square album with all of the chipboard!


I am already a friend on FB, and I shared the post. :)


It's way to hard to choose :) If I have to pick one I guess the Half Circle Banners are really cute!


oh my goodness.. idie.. seriously. A fav.. I'm torn so torn..between the garden goodies and the sewing.. all to much for a gal to handle

Jean Nielsen

Oh i love the half circle banners!

Steph Mitchell

I love the portrait and cameo chipboards as they remind me of the cameo brooch my late Gran gave me many years ago.


shared on facebook



BE STILL MY HEART! Love all the mini banners and antique pins...but by far my favorite is the little rainboots. I could see them covered in yellow patterened paper or painted yellow with glossy accents. SO CUTE!

Heather B.

Way too hard to choose one thing, I love it all!! Love the tiny banners and the pics/pins with the leaves and stars on them.

Sarah Martina

Wow! LOOOOVE The silhouettes!!! But seriously, it's all amazing! :)


Yes! The banner chipboards and with stamps!

The doilies and flower chipboard - Love them.

Vanessa W

WOW!!! Love all the chipboard pieces! From the tiny bits and the dime size scallopes were to die for!
~Vanessa W
I'm going to share this on my wall too!

jeanie nieva

i love the cameos and the dress form! :)


posted on Scrap Orchard day two


Heather B.

I'm a fan on Facebook and shared this link on my wall!

Sarah Martina

Yay! :) I posted this on my FB Wall! :) So excited about these goodies!

Michelle S.

Loving so many where do I start the pins, the banners, those tiny rain boots and oh projects are so stunning and inspiring!


Love it all...but the Sew Cute is my favorite! ;)


blogged this


jen shears

SQUEAL!!!! So cute! I think the dress form chip is my fave- but I love soooo many of the peeks!!

Michelle S.

Dang I forget I am post on Face book and sharing . . . :0)


I shared this on Facebook


Love it! Designers are great at spiking the creativity. thanks so much!

Kate aka stinkydudette

Lovin' all the bits and pieces. But I really wanna play with the mini clouds and rainbows! Super super cute!!

Sandra L>

Those boots in Garden Thumb are so cute. My day to faves are the antique gems and the mini banners. Loving the sneak peaks!

Steph Mitchell

I've shared it on Chookscraps.com.au, a Western Australian on-line shop and forum. I've also shared this on my fb wall.

ana smith

the dressform.....reminds me of my mom.


I'm nuts about all the products..how do I pick one? The banners are fantastic, the silhouettes are fantastic, the pins, the scallop circles..I'll end up writing the whole post again in the comments!! Good stuff!

ana smith

I shared on FB!

Meaghan "Bonafyde"  V.

Everything is so cool it's hard to pick a favorite... but if hard pressed I'd say the Mini Numbers chipboard set followed very closely by the Banners chipboard set with coordinating stamp set.


Already "Like" you on facebook


wow!! I want all of these!! :)

Deb W

Love all of this today!


Love, love, love the tiny banner chipboard bits!!!


So many yummy things! I love the cameo chipboards and the half circle banners! Too cute!

Limor Webber

I am speechless!!!!! this stuff is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The banners and music words oh my!! Love them all though!! I shared the blog link on my FB wall!!

Christine Johnson

I like all of it, but I love the beads! I see a lot of possibilities there! Thanks for sharing!


LOVE those mini chipboard portraits - perfect for heritage albums

Elizabeth P

1) I love the mini scallops and the cameo chipboards the best, but all of the new stuff is just wonderful !

Elizabeth P

2) I've been your fan on Facebook for awhile now, and I shared the link on my FB page


Love the doilies!!


The beads are my favorite of the day!

Elizabeth P

3) Shared this on Splitcoast Stampers (http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/announcements-f13/maya-road-release-day-2-a-t517931.html#post17839227)


so much wonderful yummy goodness!!! love the antique bead stickpins! thanks for the chance! *hugs* steph :)


Oh. My. Goodness. I NEED everything!!!! My favorite thing from this post is the Vintage Beads. The have so many possiblities!

Elizabeth P

4) Posted this Day 2 reveal/giveaway on my blog: StampinOnThePrairie.blogspot.com


omg!! having heart palpitations here!! can't wait to see you at CHA!!!

Meredith Treloar

I have posted some of my favourites on my blog ... www.mycuttingandcreating.blogspot.com


here is the link to my blog post about all the amazing new things!


Erica Hettwer

I love the antique gem pins. So perfect for so many things!


Cameos - what a fantabulous idea! Already like and a big fan! Also sharing on my wall.

Becs Attwood

As a card-maker I love all the mini stuff - especially the clouds & rainbows & the teeny tiny banners!


The portrait and cameo chipboard is beyond, beyond amazing! I must have that and the stamps. Thank you so much for the chance to win.


i love the pins and bottle caps and also the canvas album!

Heather Leopard

How do you choose a favorite? Might be the How's the weather but still deciding. Great job!!!! Going to share now on FB and Twitter too.


Ohh! Thanks for the chance to win! I love the antique looking pins and the sewing chipboard. Hard to say which is my fav, cause I also like the mini banners, too! I'm already your friend on Facebook and I've shared this on my Wall, too!

Malin Scheier

Now your are on my blog:

Malin Scheier

Ireally love it all! Choose a favorite? Must be the dimonds:)


Goodness, so many choices!! The Tiny Banner is my favourite - so many ideas to use the other tiny chip shapes with it!


Favorite? The cameos!


the doilie flower set is awesome! love it.....


Oh so much to love! But those Tiny Banner Chipboard Bits are one of my favorites.


lovin the Green Thumb minis. need this!


So cool...I shared this with my Fleur De Lis News Group at Bella Creations (ning) ~ They will love it!


Shared all this cuteness on facebook!

Crystal Schaar

The portrait and cameo chipboard are my favorites but it was a hard choice. They are all amazing! I am giddy awaiting the arrival in stores. Great Job!


Really drooling over the Kraft Doilies that work with the Doilie Flower Set!


My favorites are the portrait and cameo chipboard pieces. Can't wait to get them!!


Shared on my FB page.

Crystal Schaar

I am your "friend" on facebook. Amazing sneak peaks...


I love the vintage beads in both sizes!


The cameo pieces are just delightful! Can't wait to play with those.


Posted on Scrappy Jo's at http://scrappyjoscrapbooksupplies.ning.com/profiles/blogs/awesome-new-products-from-maya

Maria Kennedy

Oooohhh, ssoooo pretty... I love the chipboard hangers, the photo keyfob chips, the hat pins and, and, and.... Oohh, so many things to choose from. Love them all.

Nicole Mullen

Only one fav from today, hmmm. Probably the cute cameos then! Everything looks so cute though!!

Nicole Mullen

Oh and its been shared on my facebook wall!!


Those half circle banner kits and oh my gosh, the stamps for the mini banners. HELLOOOooo...coming home to me the second I see one available. :)


I shared the day 2 scrappy goodness on FB!


I love all chip board!!! Awesome sneak peak!!!!

Janet Ang

I'm already friend on fb and loving a bunch of the new chip boards! My fave has always been the bottle caps!


Where do I begin to say what I love today?! The half circle banners are adorable as are the mini scallop accents, and the kraft doilies, See???? I love them all!!! Can't wait to have them in my hands!!

Victoria kerba

Omg soo much to love!! The gems on the pins the large n small flat back gems to put in my wedding scrapbook. Oh the chipboard scissors!!! I'm in love!!! Again!!!!

sheena rowlands

just loving the cameos xxx

Victoria k

I became a friend of Maya Road.... Don't know why it's taken me this long!!!!

Ann-Marie Löfberg

My favourites are the Craft Dooleys and I had actually linked to Your blog before I saw this competion, now it seems I will do everything to win but no. I just thought it was kind of fun that I already did half the things to take part.

Well to see this You has to enter www.jozebelle.se I also have the gif-animated badge in the sidebar, cause I like that little friend. It has a special meaning for me this little fellow. (My dh pretend he is an ape sometimes and play with the children and his face goes looks like an ape too, soo...)And I also love Your stuff that is the mainreason Why I put there

There is a googletranslator on the page)


Ann UK

Loving ALL of these sneaks, but my fave for today has to be the mini chipboard banner and matching stamp set

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