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January 21, 2011


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Love the bicycle stamps (I wonder why? ;), as well as the "Keep Calm and ____" - I can see a zillion uses for those in my art journal!

Bronny B, New Zealand

wow, just absolutely mouth watering. Love hte use of the zip trim, oh and the stamps...... just delicious :)

Karen siegfried

love the satin pleated trim


I love that zipper trim and all of those zipper flowers you can make with it. So cool!!

Michelle S.

You guys rock love the ribbon and the buttons. .. the zipper trim is to die for (does anyone say that these days?) and the Ledger transparencies oh my goodness. . .


WOW.. With every peek I am in love a little more! Off to post on my FB page :)

Glenda Hart

I am so in love with all the new stuff. I had a suspicion that it was stamps that we got a peek at yesterday. thanks for sharing.

Christine Johnson

I love the stamps! It'is all wonderful. I can't wait to get my hands on some!

Katherine Nguyen

Oh Oh Oh! I love the zippers! I have been seeing people use zippers, and I cant wait to try these! Love them on the "play" album!

Jean Nielsen

The Organza flower trims are lovely...

Katherine Nguyen

posted on my wall on facebook!

Katherine Nguyen

Posted on my blog


Love love the stamps.


Posted this on my FB page.

Katherine Nguyen

Left a post about this at www.acherryontop.com


Loving the glam jewels in the ruffly ribbon flower - beautiful!


I have fallen in LOVE with the zipper trim! And the stamps are great. Can't wait for more!


there are so many beautiful things :)


I couldn't choose just one favorite today. I love the small organza trims, zippers, & buttons!

Vanessa W

I love the stamps!!! Ledger Transparencies!!! The satin trims and zipper Play album. I'm curious as to how you did that:)
~Vanessa W


Love the button jewels and pleated trims!


I like you on facebook already and I shared :)

Debbie Painter

I love, love, love the zippers!! Have been seeing these in fashion over the last year, so love the way the flowers look made with them!!

Debbie Painter

I also shared this on FB!!


I love the transparencies and the trims. Gorgeous Organza Trim! Can't wait to see these in stores & online!


i love the flowers you made with the zipper! I am going to take out all our zippers from my old clothes! *lol*


I also posted about it here:


Those antique button jewels are stunning!!!!
Y'all just keep coming up with things that make my heart smile! Thanks!


Oh wow, those Lustrous Button Jewels are stunning, absolutely my favorite!!


I have shared all of the yummy new products above on my facebook wall too!


Oh how I am in love with the zippers!!!! I will be having some or all of those colors! Maya Road is rockin!!

Becs Attwood

Love, love, love those button jewels - so gorgeous!


Pretty fabulous new items!


It's all fabulous. I do love that zipper trim though. Oh and the satin trim, and those ledger transparencies. FAbulous stuff!


I love the jewel buttons and the doily stamps!


ths zippers...so yummie... they are my fav today!!

Shannon Sawyer

The small organza ribbon is so awesome. That's my first fav from today. There are other ones like these out there from different companies that are bigger in size, but I like Maya Roads size so much better, it's so much easier to work with. The new colors rock!!

Shannon Sawyer

Love the "Satin Pleat Edging!" Of course I've always been such a huge fan of all your ribbon lines. You guys are so on top of what the market needs and when we need it. Maya Road is so innovative.

Shannon Sawyer

"Antique Button Jewels" look like something I'd find in my Grandmother's jewelry drawer. Those are absolutely amazing!! They look so antique.
I predict that those will literally fly off the shelves.

Shannon Sawyer

My fourth favorite are the new stamps. I believe these are your best thus far. Such great new products! Love the new doily stamp, especially since I can't get enough of anything doily right now thanks to you guys.


I love the small organza rose ribbon, so pretty! I'm so glad there'll be new colors!


You've got so amazing goodies!! I just want it all! The zippers and the stamps and and and...! Slam dunk!


I posted at the Swedish forum www.svenskcrapbooking.se


On my facebook too! =)

Kate aka stinkydudette

Those Ledger transparencies are cute! Oh, and thsoe stamp sets are super fun!! I'm already brimming with ideas..

Jean Marmo

LOVE the transparencies and those zippers!! Such cool stuff!

Ann Cicilie

I love you... SO much :D

The "Keep calm and..." singleton stamp is so cool, I can think of tons of different ways to use them... Especially "Keep calm and eat chocolate", now THAT's a good advice :D

I also adore eveything else shown here;)

Ann Cicilie

I've shared a link on my Facebook wall :)

Margareta at Paper Pile Kitten

So many gorgeous and amazing new products! I'll say, you just made me a Maya Road fan! :)

Kerrie Gurney

you bet i am still with you ... i can't wait to get home from work each day to see your new sneak peeks .... now what can i say about day 3 OMG!!!! where to start i am loving it all and those zippers!!!! you certainly have out done yourselves with this sneak peek .... i am sharing with my peeps on my blog and fb ♥

Ann Cicilie

I've updater with your newest sneaks:


Margareta at Paper Pile Kitten

Had to share these wonderful news with the other Peas at the forum of Two Peas in a Bucket. :)

Kate aka stinkydudette

I posted here!!


Margareta at Paper Pile Kitten

And I had to spread the news on my blog as well. :)

Rachel C

How funky is that zipper trim! Love it.


I love the Ledger transparencies and the trims are gorgeous :)


ledger, organza and satin...oh my! cannot wait to get my hands on this stuff!


I am a facebook fan and I shared the sneaks!


Well hot dang! I want everything in this peek. In duplicate. Or maybe triplicate!! Can I just send you my tax refund and have you ship it all here directly? LOL! I must have those ledger transparencies and new stamp sets ASAP!


I just loooove the Organza Trim:)


I love what the girls have done with the cameo stamps & chip pieces - the zipper flowers are brilliant too!


What a great way to use the zippers! But I really LOVE the Ledger Transparencies! Greetings, Yvon


I Love the zippers and the gorgeous flowers they were used to make :)

Deb Long

SWOONING!!! I adore tehse trims...and the stamps...and the ledger transparencies!

Deb Long

Shared on The Mosy Scrapper board:


Deb Long

And shared on FB!


Awesome! I'm going to have some fun with that zipper trim!

Charity Donaldson

I am totally split on my favorite thing between those antique button jewels and the AWESOME family sillouette stamps and the keep calm and carry on stamps! Fantastic on all the trims!! WOW your releases this year are blowing me away! Off to make sure all my crafty peeps on FB see all this good stuff!


EVERYTHING is just GORGEOUS!! I am totally gaga for stamps and, eek, I can't wait to see those adorable stamps in the flesh! LOVE the camera stamp and the Keep Calm and Carry On Stamp! EEEK, GORGEOUS!!

Suzanne Bell

My favorite today is the large organza trim. Love the brown and white!

Suzanne Bell

Shared on FB.

Suzanne Bell

Posted at Scrappy Jo's at http://scrappyjoscrapbooksupplies.ning.com/profiles/blogs/awesome-new-products-from-maya?commentId=3880251%3AComment%3A5886&xg_source=msg_com_blogpost

Melissa in SC

Must, must,must have that Keep Calm stamp. Cannot live without it. :)


I shared on facebook!


WOW! I love the stamps and the sheer journal spots :)


I love the zipper trim!

Danielle Brown

love everything! oh my! esp love the jeweled buttons, and the ledgers transparencies.

Danielle Brown

also posted on my facebook page!!!

Theresa Grdina

Everything is lovely!! If I had to pick just one thing, I think I would pick the ledger sheers...I have a "thing" for office supplies!!!! :)


I love the ledger sheers! They're so much fun!

Janie Boots

Wow I am truly loving everything I am seeing.


Wow! What's not to love?! The zippers, the satin roses, the frame stamps, the ledger transparencies... wow!

Janie Boots

Just posted about the sneak peeks over on Scrapbook.com


FB fan

Heather H.

The trim is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it in person :)


OMG... those zipper trim flowers are fabulous!!!and those bling buttons!!!
Kathy Skou

Jan m

The black roses with net, the organza flowers, the zippers, the transparencies, the button jewels.... LOVE it all and want it ALL!! Seriously!


you did it right maya road...everything should just fly off the shelves/...love the trims


Wow, I love it all!!! And most of all, the transparencies and the zippers. Beautiful!!

Chris Pozzi

loving everything! already facebook friend and posting on Scrapbook Heaven website http://www.scrapbookheavenga.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13124


Everything is gorgeous! I really love the transparencies!!

Jasmine Ford

Oh man, Day 3 and it keeps getting better and better!! Loving the stamps sets, that retro bicycle one is just awesome, those zipper flowers are amazing and I love the button jewels too!

Jasmine Ford

Shared the link on my FB page!

Jasmine Ford

Shared it with my fellow CC'ers of at CropChocolate!

Jasmine Ford

I shared this info on my blog too, I just love this stuff so much!! http://wildflowerford.blogspot.com

Erin Lincoln Bassett

Love the stamps!!

Diana B

I love the zipper and ruffle flowers! They are sooo creative! The bicycle stamps are so neat too!

Diana B

I'm already a facebook follower but I have shared this post on my page.


Too much to love today! The zippers!! The ruffle flowers!! The ledger transparency!! The fancy button centers!! And LOVE the demin belt loop with the wee banner and garden trowel!

Lexi Bridges

the antique button jewels are so Pretty! And I love that you did the organza flower trim in gray!

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