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January 21, 2011


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Lisa P

Wow. There are some gorgeous things to play with here! Love it.


LOVE those button jewels and the pleated satin! :)


omg!!! the button jewels..I must have them!!!


Love the organza flowers and the antique buttons...


love the transparencies---saw some stamps that caught my eye too!

Christine Lakin

The organza flowers, ledgers, really all of it, is wonderful.

Vitoria B

The stamps are so pretty, love the transparencies too. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love the flowers and letters with the zipper edge. The lustrous jewel buttons are also awesome...but quite honestly, I like all of it!

Beverly Jordan

Loved everything but HAVE TO HAVE..."Keep Calm and Carry On"!!!! Just trust me on this! Coming to see you at CHA! Loved the projects as well! The zipper Play album is awesome!


The transparencies are pretty cool! I wondered what the heck I would do with a zipper and then I saw that flower..wow! now I know!


I posted this on my facebook wall!


I like it ALL!
I really like the stamps & zipper trim!

Lara Carson

Oh My, my, my, my, m(a)ya road, how do I love thee...such wonderful stuff! I cannot wait to find some of this!

Claire S.

So many beautiful things! It's hard to pick a favorite. I really love the lustrous button jewels and the satin trim.


I love the ledger transparencies and stamps! Awesome new releases. Thanks for the chance to win.


I'm loving everything I see!!

Kate aka stinkydudette

I blogged about it here!!


Kate aka stinkydudette

I shared it in my FB page!

(Kate Anne Javier)

Anne Marie B

Wow I just LOVE the zipper look! How unique and amazing is that! WTG!


Your peeks just keep getting better and better!! I love all the trims, the jewel buttons, and those doilie stamps!


I posted at club ck!


So many great things, the stamps, buttons, ribbons. Great ideas, particularly the zippers.

Laura Cox

Oooo, I love vintage, and these all look great! I love the zippers, too....how fun!!


Yep...still your "friend" on FB! Shared your blog post on my FB page and also blogged about it!


Jess Mutty

I am dying over the ribbons and trims.... NEED to make some of those flowers!

Laura C

Zippers and pleated ribbon - wonderful!

Jess Mutty

I also posted on FB!


Love the keep calm and carry on stamp!

Andrea B.

I really like the zipper trim.

Andrea B.

Love the ledger transparencies as well, I can see a lot of cool projects with these.

Andrea B.

The button jewels rock, ;)

robin h

The transparencies are great and the antique jewels are beautiful. Can't wait to include your new products in my projects!


Loving all this trim, favourite for today though has to be the stamps, hard though as the flowers are all so gorgeous too! Can't wait to see more!

Jenny Alfonso

This makes me happy! Love the stamps & pleat ribbon!

Angela Prieto

Love love love the zippers!!!!

Jing-Jing Nickel

ledger transparency, my gosh, another genius idea!! I can't wait to get the stamps too!!!! so pumped!!!!!!


what great stamps - and so many ideas for us! Thanks Caroline! Posting on FB!

Sandra ltb

WOW! Love the stamps .... love it all actually!
Sandra ltb


beautiful, I love the satin trims and the stamps..

Angela Prieto

I am a facebook friend too!! Love Maya Road!

christy a

Love the gray flowers, the 4x4 stamp sets (they are all so adorable, the light bulb, the cameras, the measuring items) and that pleated trim! Amazing!


Ohhhhhh, the organza trims, the zipper trims....LOVE them!!! Oh what am I saying, I love it ALL!!! The stamps - can NOT wait!!!!

Mandy P

Loving those antique button jewels! The stamps are a very close second fav! --and yes, ALL of them!

Megan A

oh I love those zipper!

Megan A

I shared on facebook too


OK...What is there not to LOVE about all the fun and inspiring goodies. I just love the transparency ledgers and the zipper flowers.

Heather I.

oh. my. goodness! I am so in LOVE with the stamps and zippers. I really wish my LSSs would order the entire line of everything!!!! I’m going on a mission today - to convince them!! You all have REALLY outdone yourselves this time. Great stuff - so fun & I can’t wait to play!!!

Heather I.

And, I’ve also just become a follower on Facebook! Can’t believe I didnt think of doing so sooner!!! I {heart} Maya Road!!!

Lisa C.

Wow!! I love the satin and organza flower trims!! It's all so wonderful :)


The Zippers!!!!!
I love them!!!


Wow....I want one of everything!!!!!


Posted to my facebook page....I know my scrappy friends love MR too!


oh my my ...i'm loveing teh stamps!


The new stamps are wonderful! Love the cameo stamps and the doilies, the bicycles, well, all of them! :)


Wow! HOw can I pick just one!!!!??? I love all of it! But I guess I really love the doilie stamps! Seriously, you are making me choose ONE item!!!!???


Woooo. That satin pleated trim and antique jewels are goregous.


Oh My goodness! There is so much yumminess for my eyes to feast on! I can't wait to get my hands on some of this stuff

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

I love the organza flower trim! Yes, please!! I really love it ALL!!

Diana B

Oh love love love all the trims - I can't get enough of the organza flower trims - and want to try the zipper trim and make a flower. So hurry up and release these! A different Diana B than posted before :)

Dana Tatar

It's so hard to pick a favorite! It's a tie between the zipper trim and the button jewels for me. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Jackie O.

Lovely flowers but my favorite are the Singleton Stamps especially "Keep Calm and Carry On" etc!


My fav item today is the ledger transperentcies! so cool!

dee dee

Love new stamps and the antique buttons. Very pretty! :)


i am such a stamp junky. i cannot wait for these to release. this zipper trim is killer too!

Cim Allen

I have to say the zippers :) I love the look of zipper flowers and have been wanting to try them. I love everything coming out, awesome release !!!


bicycles and banners and houses oh my. The stamps are wonderful.

Marjie Kemper

Wow....what incredible eye candy. I can't wait for these releases. The grid acetates and the stamps are at the top of my list.


Just love the button jewels!!


My goodness I truly love it all. Have to say the stamp keep calm is pretty awesome!

Jacquie D.

I absolutely love love LOVE those Keep Calm stamps!!!!


Shared it oN my fb page. ;) already a friend.

Miroslava Jones

My favorite for todays peek is the transparent ledgers and the stamps.......especially the neighborhood stamps!

Heather Robertson

I blogged about your giveaway on my blog Unleashed here

Miroslava Jones

I've shared this info on my blog.

Heather Robertson

I posted about your giveaway at Dixie Pieces here

Miroslava Jones

Already a fan on Facebook.

rebecca keppel

Holy cow it is all fabulous! But if I had to pick one fav it would be the satin pleat trim--GORGEOUS!

Heather Robertson

I'm a FB fan and I posted about the giveaway on my wall

rebecca keppel

I am already a fb fan and I shared the giveaway there :)

rebecca keppel

I shared on 3 Scrappy Boys forum here:

Catherine O.

That Satin Pleat Edging has stolen my heart...I LOVE it!

Kriss Cramer

Do I see something that I like? My wallet would be happy if I saw something I didn't like! My favorite today is another tough choice, but since I love stamping, it will have to be the stamp sets. Which one? Way to difficult to pick just one!

Catherine O.

I shared this post over on my Facebook wall and I'm already your friend!

mary t

gotta have the new ledgers!!wow
mary t

Catherine O.

I shared this post over at Two Peas in a Bucket General Scrappin' forum.


Today, the stamps were my favorite, although I loved the flowers and zippers too.


The satin trims and buttons are gorgeous! Love the ledger pages are cool too.

Catherine O.

You're in the spotlight on my blog today too...


Lots of lovelies again today. I think my fave is the 'Keep Calm' stamp set followed by the 'Measure' set. So many possibilities with those!


Loving the zippers and the pleated ribbon. Wow you guys are amazing!

Cassie T

Wow! everything is so cool but I love those zipper flowers


The zipper trim flowers are so cool!

Cassie T

I posted the giveaway on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1345397609

Robin H

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. My favorite sneaks yet.

Bev Montague

Oh my...I love it! The ledger transparencies, the stamps, and the new colors of the organza flower trim are absolutely wonderful!

Kathy R

How can I pick just one thing as my favorite? I like them all! Can't wait to try the zipper trim, love the "bling" buttons and the flowers on netting and the ledger transparencies and the satin pleated ribbons. Just send me one of everything!

karen aka soccerboyzmom

I love all the flowers and the zipper flowers and can't forget the trim.

Mandie Wade

I need those transparent ledger sheets and the zippers! How fun :)

Mandie Wade

Of course I'm a facebook fan! But I will share this post on my Wall... gotta share the goodies :)


Dang! More stuff to add to my list. Am loving your new stamps!

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