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January 24, 2011


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I love all of the new flowers. esp. the new resins!!


Loving the vintage lace flowers and blooms!! The acrylic journal stand is oh so cute too!


I am already your friend on FB and I am sharing this on my page! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

Melissa Graham

I love the vintage lace flowers :) They are so stunning with color on them! Amazingly beautiful!

Melissa Graham

I am already a fan on FB and sharing this on my page :) thank you for the giveaways!

Vanessa W

Besides...everything! I truly love the acrylic keys and houses!!
~Vanessa W


My fave has got to be the Alterable Vintage Lace Flowers and Blooms. Love that you can mist them to whatever color you need and they're gorgeous too! :-)


Loving the new trims! And the mini acrylic keys/houses. Great products, as always!


I already "liked" you on fb, so I shared this post on my wall on FB


Oh my gosh these new collections are all just so amazing can't wait to ve able to play with all these goodies!


LOVE the vintage lace!!


Thank you for the chance to win :) I am a fan of your page!!


i like the half round book, how lovely with the flowers!


i've ut it on my facebook!


i also put it on my blog!


Vanessa Behymer

Country Gingham Posies and the Candy Stripe Blossoms are my favs today! Thanks for chance to win!

Marilyn Weyman Kegg

So much goodness from which to choose! But I just LOVE the Vintage Alterable Lace Flowers and Blooms!

Sheila I

I love seeing all the cute things I use to find in my mom's sewing box as a girl coming back in my hobby. It use to be very hard to find daisy lace, 10 years ago. and th elitle lace flowers! haven't seen them since the 80's being used and that was for doll and Barbie clothes. I'm loving this stuff.


Love the gingham and the candy stripes! The acrylic keys and houses are too cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lynda H

Favorite today is the Vintage Flowers and Blooms. I love anything you can use Maya Mist on.

Becs Attwood

Hard to pick a favourite today - love those beautiful vintage lace flowers - how great is it that you can color them to match whatever project you want?! The resin flowers are also cool. Thanks for sharing.


I love all of the flowers & trims. What a great variety!!

Ann Tamimi

Love those satin pleat ribbons

Ann Tamimi

shared on FB


Laura Gilfoy

I love the lace flowers with the mist on them!


Thanks for the peeks. My fav for today would have to be the Acrylic houses. They are so cute.

Crystal Schaar

I can't choose a favorite. I love everything. Flowers galore. WOW! Stunning. So excited...

Ann Cicilie

Shared on Facebook :)

Ann Cicilie

My favourites are the resin flowers, the acrylic houses and the wonderful satin pleat ribbons :)


loving the resin flowers! :)

Rebekah Montague

How can I choose my favourite? I love all of it x

Rebekah Montague

Shared on facebook x

Rebekah Montague

Shared at ScrapaGoGo x

Rebekah Montague

Shared at ScrapaGoGO.co.uk clubhouse (forum) x


ooooooooooh TOO many to choose from, love them all :D Will share via Facebook right now :)

Rebekah Montague

Shared on my blog x


oh, love the resin flower...


love all these new products!


I'm already your friend on facebook, and I've now shared this post on my wall!


I think my fave items today are the mini acrylic keys and pad locks, they're so cute!

Vitoria B

Just incredible, love all these flowers !

Rachel C

Everything looks lovely :-) The resin flowers are fab - can't wait to purchase some of them.


Love the new flowers and the
ribbons are so sweet.

Anna Sigga

Ohh my - MR does it again, I need it all!!! :D

Adele Chalker

oooh yummy new line of products !!


I love the ribbon!

Deb Long

Drool... I just can't wait for these to be available!!! LOVE the new flowers!

Deb Long

I shared on The Mosy Scrapper:


Deb Long

And I have followed you on FB for quite a while, and shared today's post!


I just shared on FB


I am already a fan who is going to need a second job with all the new goodies :)


I think my all time fav is the acrylic HOUSES!!! LOVE THEM MUST HAVE !!!!


WOW! So many beautiful things! I love the vintage alterable flowers & blooms. That acrylic journal stand is way cool, too!

Janine Rachau

Those mistable flowers rock my world!


Gorgeous flowers. Love them all, especiaaly the lace ones!!

Kathy Skou

OOOHH love those mistable lacy blossoms and the candy stripes are adorable!


The pleated ribbon looks gorgeous :)


The flowers are pretty, but the new acrylics stole my heart!


I love all these new products, but my favorites are the Ornate Botanical Blooms. LOooove the colors!!! *fingers crossed*


I love the new resin flowers! Everything is awesome!!!


the vintage flowers, of course! love to change things up with mists:)


I shared on facebook!


I have been a friend of yours on Facebook for a while and it was my pleasure to share your post with my friends. I'm sure all my scrapbooking buddies will visit to look at your products and enter to win.


LOVE the acrylic pieces! Oh, so can't wait for this to hit stores, even though I'll be broke, broke, broke after it does! :)


I have blogged about your Winter Release on Scrap-Utopia.blogspot.com It's a fairly new blog, but hopefully i add on a few followers because of all your wonderful goodies :)


I love the flowers, especially vintage lace ones. They can be so subtly colored!


Love the flowers. How can I pick just one? They are all so gorgeous! Lucy

Diana B

I love the candy strip flowers and the flowers made from the ruffled ribbon! Once again thanks for the finished sample ideas!

Diana B

I'm already a fan I've shared this on my wall.


Love the Vintage Lace Flowers.


I'm a FB fan and I shared this on my wall.


I shared this link you Scrapshare.com


I am loving the flowers and the flower trims - ready for Spring here in Michigan - so I would love playing with the flowers on a page.

Renee VanEpps

Ahhh!!! So hard to choose! The Country Gingham Posies will have to be my fave!!!!!


I'm not sure which I like more- the candy stripe flowers or the satin stripe ribbon.


I love it all, but those acrylic keys and houses are sooo cute! Love them!

Theresa Grdina

I love that satin ribbon pleat! that stuff looks fantastic!!! (Of course, I also love the rest of the release...like the daisy chain, the acrylics, the resin flowers...what's not to like???) Great stuff!


The resin flowers, the ribbons are my favorites... so beautiful stuff this season.

Beth W

The ornate botanical blooms-oh my they are stunning.

Beth W

Shared this post on my wall-and loved doing it!

Beth W

Posted on the Memorable Season's forum-http://www.memorableseasons.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=7046

Chris Pozzi


Jasmine Ford

Love the Ornate Botanical Blossoms and the Daisy Vintage trims...so pretty!

Robin H

I loved the vintage lace flowers, and then as I scrolled down, I saw the satin flowers with the bling and loved them even more! It's all so gorgeous, but I think those satin flowers are my favorite.

Jasmine Ford

I've shared this link on my Facebook page too, been a "friend" of yours all along!

Jasmine Ford

Shared it with my friends over in the discussion area at www.cropchocolate.com

Jasmine Ford

I blogged about it too, just like I have the last 3 days! Love your guys' stuff! http://wildflowerford.blogspot.com/2011/01/more-from-maya-road-day-4.html

Heather Topich

I love those lace flowers oh so much!

heather i

Again, WOW! I'm absolutely in love w/ the lacey mistable flowers. Just amazing!


I love all those flowers!!! So beautiful!


I posted at Club CK

Jean Marmo

Everything!?! Those candy stripe blossoms are just so cute!!! Such wonderful goodies!!

Jean Marmo

Shared on Facebook for all to see!

Vanessa mcphersone

Oh my goodness... I'm in love!! Alterable (mistable) flowers... Be still my heart!

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy

oh today I am going with the keys and houses! SUPER FUN!

Jean Marmo

Posted on Scrap-Friendzy.com


Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

Loving the sneak peak of the flowers. Wonderful idea to do white so we can mist them.

Jean Marmo

Posted on my blog- Pagesintime.blogspot.com


Anita Mulcahey

I love the striped ribbon flowers and I am already a fan.


Wow!! I am in love with the lace flowers and the resin flowers! So pretty!

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