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January 24, 2011


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The acrylic keys are so cute, love the flowers too.

Sandy Davis

I am loving the new flowers, lace and acrylic keys.
The flowers and lace are so beautiful!

Amber Scurlock

I love the Botanical Blooms! They're gorgeous!!

Lara Carson

Love the vintage lace blooms...they look so awesome misted! And the acrylics are wonderful too!


Love the blooms with the sparkle in the middle.

Agnus Kasprzak

Everything looks fabulous and I simply adore the resin flowers ♥

Laura Cox

LOVE the lace flowers!! Course I really love it all!!

Angela Bowie

I love everything, however my favourite would have to be the acrylic keys!

Laura C

So pretty! I'm already a fan too and I shared on FB


I don't think I can pick a favorite. I love so many of the flowers!

Jacquie D.

I love those sheer alterable flowers! I see lots of misting in my future!


I can't choose a favorite! I want (need) it all!!!! Gorgeous products!

Linh C

I love everything, but one of my favorites from today's peek is the satin pleat ribbon.


Just shared on Facebook


My list of "must-haves" just keeps growing! Fantastic stuff you guys are revealing and I can't wait to see it all in person!

I am already your friend on facebook.

I've shared day 4 reveals on my blog: www.MemorablePages.blogspot.com.

I've also shared this on facebook!

christy a

Love the satin pleated ribbon!! Gorgeous!!

Angela Prieto

I love the Alterable Vintage Lace Flowers and Blooms! So cool how you can mist them!!

Nancy Furtney

again you have out done yourselves. These are great. I am a flower junkie so I love them all!!!!

Angela Prieto

I'm already a friend on Facebook too! :)

Sandy Liles

Wow, those flowers are gorgeous, but honestly I am loving those acrylic keys! They have so many possibilities.


I love the lace trim and the candy stripe ribbon and flowers.

Nancy B

Very pretty! My favorites are the candy stripe flowers and ribbon-very cool!

Sandy Liles

I shared this on Cookin' Up Scrapbook Creations. It's one of my favorite message boards:



i'm not really a flower person but love the projects you showed


I love the acrylic houses and keys, but all the blooms including the resin have my attention too!

Florida Nancy

I am torn between the acrylic mini houses and the Vintage Flowers. I love them both. In fact, I love all the new releases-really anything Maya Road!


Im in awe...seriously ...the trims, the resin flowers

Patty Taylor

I am a facebook fan and shared your post!

Lisa C.

Wow! Everything is so beautiful. I love the vintage lace flowers!

Patty Taylor

I totally love the Ornate Botanical Blooms, so vintage and fem!

Jen Barkdull

Wow!!! It's a toss up between the flowers (seriously can't pick one I like more) and the pleated ribbons (love those colors!!!).


I love the lace trim..I never thought of misting them to change colors! Loving all these sneak peeks so fa!


I posted this on my facebook wall. :)


I absolutely love the resin flowers!

Michelle H.

LOVE the acrylic houses and keys! VERY cute stuff!

Jenny Alfonso

I love all the flowers!


I am in love with the ornate botanical blooms. So happy there's more pleated ribbon to play with. Love the acrylic keys and houses too! As always, the DT really knows how to make your products shine.

Elizabeth P

I can't decide between the acrylic keys and houses and those sweet white flowers..misting them just makes them prettier !

Phyllis M.

Love the vintage lace trim and also all the pretty flowers. Wonderful.

Elizabeth P

Posted this on my blog : StampinOnThePrairie.blogspot.com

Elizabeth P

Already a FAN !

Lisa P

Holy cow! I love the gingham and the ribbon flowers. I love the lace too!! These are fabulous new pieces.

Lisa P

Like on Facebook!


There is so much to love! My absolute favorite thing you've shown today is the Botanical Blooms - they are so beautiful and truly elegant


Oh my, LOVE the alterable flowers!!

Lizz Schwartzkopf

Well this peek was certainly jam packed with goodies! Each one I thought that's my favorite and then along came the next one. I think I like the resin flowers best just because of the memories they evoke.,,,,,, but of course I need all the rest to go with them.

malin scheier

I just love satin pleat ribbon.

Holly T.

I love those alterable lace flowers and blooms. They could go with everything!

malin scheier

I have you on a sidebar in my blog; http://scraptrion.blogspot.com/


These are all beautiful and look like fun to use, especially the Alterable vintage Lace flowers and blooms and the Resin flowers. The Satin pleats to make the flowers are beautiful colors too. However, I think my favorite are the acrylic keys and houses. They would be fun to alter and use on layouts. Thanks for sharing all those great ideas.

Megan A

love those resin flowers! Im already a fan

Megan A

I shared on my facebook

Katherine Nguyen

Posted on my bloghttp://socksscrapsandotherthings.blogspot.com/2011/01/flowers-i-love-flowers.html

Katherine Nguyen

I Love the vintage lace flowers the best, I love that you can leave them plain or color them!

Jackie O.

So pretty the flowers but I love the delicate Alterable Vintage Lace Flowers best and also the cool Journal Stand.

Heather Robertson

more delicious goodies - LOVE the resin flowers

Katherine Nguyen

posted the link on my facebook wall!

Heather Robertson

I posted about day 4 sneak peeks at Dixie Pieces

Barbara Staradumsky

I need the Alterable Vintage Lace Flowers and Blooms. No wait...let me rephrase that..I must have these!! Must!


Already a facebook fan for Maya Road. Just love all the new pretties! Thanks for the chance to win!

Renee VanEpps

I liked you on FB and shared your post on my wall!!!

Dana Tatar

The lace flowers are so beautiful! These beauties are at the top of my wishlist!

Katie Nolan-Denham

I have two faves today, the resin flowers and the gingham posies. Although, it is all pretty fantastic!

Heather Robertson

I shared day 4 sneak peeks on my FB wall


I like most the hot pink and black flowers together with the laces you can use to make flowers like your yellow flower!!! Can you send me some...
I have posted about them here:

Heather Robertson

I shared DAy sneak peeks on my blog Unleashed


how can anyone choose which is the prettiest or favorite, love them all.
oh such pretty things i can make with them.

Kim M

OMG, the florals, the florals, the florals, they are so stunningly beautiful!!

suzanne bouchard

I am craving for the alterable blooms! A must!

Anne Marie B

Soooo pretty..... I just love those flowers.... gorgeous!!!!!!


I love the acrylic keys and houses. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

Chichi Labamba

I'm very excited about the acrylic keys. So many possibilities....

Janie Boots

Those flowers are gorgeous makes me wish I lived near CHA to attend sigh


These lace and fabric blooms are so pretty and delicate, they're calling my name! Loving the acrylic stand too, so clever!!!!!


Oh my stars! These are just delightful! My mind is reeling with ideas!

D. Evans

Love the flowers. I made some with eyelet lace and ribbon. So cute.

Michelle S.

Wow how pretty and I love the acrylic minis and all the pretty new flowers! You know I am sharing . . .


I love the candy stripe blossoms. So cute and fun to work with!


Love the acrylic keys & mini houses. I seem to be obsessed with houses lately!


I love it all! The organza flowers are fab, as are the resin ones, the vintage lace, etc........


The mini acrylic keys are my fav!

linda munson

I think these lace flowers are your best yet.


love those vintage lace flowers and blooms - they are beautiful!!

Dana K

I love the new acrylic especially the stand with the chipboard pages.

Eileen Velez

I love it all!!!


Wow, I love the mist-able flowers. Great idea. I love that we can customize them. Also love the new acrylics. Terrific new releases.

Gordon Miller

I absolutely adore the vintage lace flowers!! What an inspiration. Those are something I MUST have for some wonderful family photos from a long time ago.

Ashley M

i love the resin flowers!!!! those are sooo perfect for a mini album cover!!! <3

suzanne scott

what fun I can't wait to play!!

Ashley M

posted to facebook!

Elaine Allen

Another fantastic peak at the new goodies. These are all fabulous! My favorites? That would be the mini acrylics, the keys and houses. LOVE THEM!

Elaine Allen

tammy kist

oh my, SO pretty!

Jennie M

mmmm....love those resin flowers!!

Nancy D.

I'm already a fan on FB & shared this post on my wall

Nancy D.

I love it all!...especially the acrylic keys & locks..all the pretty flowers!

Alisa Brandstetter

Gotta say I am loving those Vintage Lace Flowers. Love that you can use your Mist on them.

Stephanie Clapper

Every new item made me say wow, and I have to have it. I love 'em all!


Wow love the lace flowers and trims. All of today's release is so beautiful!

Cathy S

The misted flowers are gorgeous, but I have to say the candy stripe flowers and ribbons were my favorite.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the organza and new acrylics. be still my heart .......

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